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A Comprehensive Guide for CFA CIPM Exam


Investment professionals are working hard to earn certifications to strengthen their resumes as courses are pouring down everywhere. Professionals must make sure they choose the right path in this busy world of socializing if they want to improve their career prospects; certificate programs are an excellent time and money investment strategy. To ensure you ace the course, we provide detailed instructions for each exam in the research sector of these programs. We’ve touched everything we can to help you with the CFA CIPM program, which is the CFA Institute.

Table of contents

  • The Whole Guide for Beginners to the CFA CIPM Exam.
  • Why should investment professionals use CIPM?
  • Concerning the CFA CIPM Program
  • Criteria for CIPM Program Completion
  • Hours of Recommended Study
  • Why go after CIPM?
  • Leading Employers
  • Exam Format for CIPM 
  • Key Highlights
  • Exam Weights for CIPM
  • Level I Exam
  • Level II exams
  • Examination Fees for CIPM
  • Results & Passing Rates for CIPM
  • CIPM Approach
  • CIPM Scholarship Program
  • Exam Deferral Policy
  • Conclusion

Why is CIPM one for Investment Professionals?

  • Employers value employees with the expertise, abilities, and commitment to ethics and professionalism to advance the company. Technical skills and professional competence are developed with the CIPM® certificate, ensuring tremendous prestige and profit for the employer.
  • The practice-based investment performance and risk evaluation abilities taught in the CFA CIPM® program intend to give professionals a competitive edge over their rivals.
  • Ensure that it contains the relevant business topics and trends established by companies in the job market. The course creates and continually updated by specialists in the sector.
  • The CFA CIPM® designation adds credibility to your resume and speaks volumes about the professionalism and commitment to new clients’ best interests and the firm’s success.

About the CFA CIPM Program

The CFA CIPM® program’s investment professionals are renowned worldwide for their performance evaluation and presentation proficiency. A CIPM® credential is a fantastic approach to broadening your perspective and establishing a solid foundation in the financial markets. It teaches the value of achieving greatness in the field with an unequalled enthusiasm and provides professionals with guidance through a set code of ethics. The CFA CIPM certificate module offers an in-depth understanding of project management tools and methodologies and practical skills. The training enables professionals to be more proficient, effective, and result-oriented in all areas of putting their knowledge of hard and soft skills into practice and handling it. They train, Appreciating the finer nuances of meeting quality, time and cost to effectively plan and control risks while addressing issues such as communication, teamwork, motivation and information management.

CIPM Program Completion Criteria

  • Roles: Performance analyst for an accounting firm, a consulting firm for investments and an investment firm.
  • Exam: To become a CFA, you must pass two challenging exams. Both the CIPM® Expert exam and the CIPM Level I Exam. The Level I CIPM® exam gauges a candidate’s understanding of the fundamental ideas underlying performance measurement, attribution, and appraisal. In contrast, the Expert Exam assesses the candidate on presentation and performance evaluation, including using the proper tools and inputs in more challenging circumstances.
  • Exam Dates: This exam conducts two times a year. One of the examination windows is in March and the other in September, which Makes it possible to complete the program within one year.
  • The Deal: Don’t think of exams as a piece of cake because it’s not. CFA CIPM examines essential topics such as attribution analysis of portfolios containing futures, multi-currency attribution analysis, and complex hedge fund risk ratios.
  • Eligibility: A specific test does not require for the CFA CPIM course. The CIPM® Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct is the sole prerequisite. For each exam registration, candidates can sign a “Candidate Professional Conduct Statement.” This test upholds the legitimacy of the certificate and its high standards.

On average, you need to prepare for around 155 hours to clear each exam successfully, which means 310 hours for Tier I and II exams.

What do you earn? A globally respected certification allows you to make a CIPM® designation.

Why pursue CIPM?

The problematic course content for the CFA CIPM focuses on broad subjects, including performance measurement, attribution, and assessment. However, because it is a specialist field with portfolio management at its core, you may develop some priceless abilities in the certificate program that will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of finance. Employers and clients reward these talents, which boosts your confidence in your ability to present fresh investment ideas and deliver verified outcomes. The program is a priceless learning opportunity if your employment involves using these talents.

Leading Employers

In general employees of renowned businesses, including investment banks, investment management and research organizations, GIPS verification companies, plan sponsors, performance measurement companies, and software development companies, include holders of the CFA CIPM certificate.


CIPM Exam Format

CFA CIPM Level I Exam & CFA CIPM Level II Exam

  • There must be 100 multiple-choice questions and 100 answers. 
  • Three alternatives are available ques for queries. 
  • There are 80 total enquiries.
  • Four multiple-choice questions follow a string of 20 occurrences. 
  • Every multiple-choice question has three options.
  • An applicant has three hours to complete the exam. 

The same subjects are covered in detail for Levels I and II examinations, albeit with different weights.

Important Highlights

  • Learning the formulas is essential as both exams have application questions.
  • The exam centre does not provide procedures.
  • The exams are entirely computer-based.

CIPM Exam Weights

Exam Level I

  1. Ethics & Professionalism 15%
  2. Performance Measurement 35%
  3. Performance Presentation 15%
  4. Performance Attribution 25%
  5. Performance Appraisal 10%
  6. Manager Selection 0%

Exam Level II

  1. Ethics & Professionalism 15%
  2. Performance Measurement 10%
  3. Performance Presentation 10%
  4. Performance Attribution 20%
  5. Performance Appraisal 15%
  6. Manager Selection 30%

CIPM Examination Fees

An ebook and a practice exam include the course registration price. The registration fee varies depending on whether the candidate is enrolling as a first-time applicant for a Level I or Level II test.

  • The first-time registration fee for the Level I Exam or the Level II exam is $975*
  • A candidate returning to write for the Level I or the Level II exam again results in a fee of $500*

CIPM Results & Passing Rates

Candidates who take the CFA CIPM examinations (both parts) receive their email with their results within 60 days after the closing window. Results are also released online at the same time. Candidate registration for the next CIPM® exam is not authorized until the results are public (Level I or Level II).

Enthusiastic must pass the CIPM® exams with a minimum passing score to be designated a passing applicant (MPS). As a matter of fact, the CIPM® organization selects the MPS for each exam. Exam results only let applicants know if they “passed” or “failed” the exam. Marks doesn’t give any reports to the contestants. The scores for the individual exam topic areas do not consider the findings. In particular, the candidates’ ratings go through states after each exam window is finished. The CFA CIPM® association, in particular, conducts statistical analysis on the candidate ratings following the conclusion of each exam window. by the CFA CIPM® association, a tical analysis.


CFA CIPM Learning System

  • Learn how to properly utilize calculators and be mindful of the mistakes they can make.
  • Due to the lack of supplied formulas, learn it.
  • The association’s online course has valuable content and is enough for exam preparation. However, don’t be afraid to enrol in coaching if you feel the need.
  • Look at the preparatory courses offered by the Spaulding Group, IEB, and VBA since these help study.
  • Studying requires patience since you cannot consistently master all the ideas. Some illustrations are challenging and need a lot of reading time.
  • Establish a study regimen and try your best to stick to it.

Scholarship Program for CIPM

The CFA institution offers two different scholarship schemes to students who cannot cover the entire cost. The Awareness Scholarship is a merit- or role-based opportunity provided at a discounted rate created explicitly for the CIPM® course. Although there are many other types of awareness scholarships, we’ll focus on the CIPM scholarship.

For eligible applicants, the CFA CIPM scholarship program offers a discounted exam registration price. The following are the requirements for eligibility for the same. However, it’s important to remember that the candidate needs to fulfil one of the following conditions:

A CFA CIPM scholarship applicant must;

  • Be a full-time employee of a college or university that operates a degree-granting program that offers at least a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent and teaches at least six credits every quarter or semester.
  • Be a full-time administrative worker at a college or university that grants a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, and teach a minimum of three credits per quarter or semester.
  • Be a qualified full-time employee of an organization that oversees or controls the practices, behaviour, or standards of the investment management sector.
  • Become a GIPS volunteer (Global Investment Performance Standards). They are enrolled as a qualified graduate or undergraduate student full- or part-time at a CFA Program Partner or University Recognition Program participant.

The candidates’ scholarship program entitles them to a $300 reduction on the cost of the CIPM® test registration. The application deadlines for exams in September 2021 and March 2022 were 15 July 2021 and 7 January 2022, respectively.

Exam Deferral Policy

According to the CFA CIPM course’s test deferral policy, the organization will give a full refund if the applicant changes his mind about taking the exam within two business days after making the payment. The institution does, however, note that owing to the currency rate fluctuation, which is outside of the school’s control, they cannot guarantee a refund of the exam cost paid for registration.

Only in exceptional situations, such as severe or life-threatening illnesses affecting the applicant or their immediate family, natural disasters, or military conscription, will registration fee refund requests be considered. However, it focuses on it and provides the CFA Institute with authority to choose which proposals to approve and which to reject. Candidates who receive a refund are still liable for the total cost of the new curriculum. Candidates anticipate starting the CFA Institute refund request procedure 10 U.S. business days after the exam or before the scheduled exam. CFA CIPM will use the same payment method to sign up for the exam to process all refunds.

Since candidates can reschedule the exam to a different time and location within the same exam timeframe. Particularly, this exam is allowed with a 24-hour notice, and the candidate receives a letter with the revised exam appointment. A candidate cannot reschedule a missed assignment.


Certificate programs help you become one step closer to the success you’ve always wanted, and CFA CIPM® is the best first step. I wish you well as you choose and study for the test.

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