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A Comprehensive Guide to Check Point Certification

Check Point Certification l Cover

As a top hardware and software security system supplier, Check Point is renowned worldwide. A Check Point security certification verifies an IT professional’s understanding and proficiency in security management while using Check Point products. It is a valuable certification for people looking to develop in IT security. The Check Point certification route is intended to provide IT professionals with the chance to showcase their abilities to safeguard the internet. This certification pathway consists of three levels.

These are the main products of Checkpoint:

  • network security
  • data security
  • mobile security
  • security management
  • document security
  • security endpoint
  • virtual security system

Checkpoint certification Products Company offers different certifications to be proficient in the above. Check Point certification means being an expert in technology that protects your Internet from any security threat. One of the most important benefits of becoming CheckPoint certified is selling Checkpoint products. The company offers secure knowledge base access for two years and advanced product documentation.

Check Point Certification: What is it?

The R77 to R80 transition for the Check Point certification system is underway. There are three levels for R80: CCSA, CCSE, and CCMSE. Those who want to seek CheckPoint certificates in the future should concentrate on the new R80 examinations, even though there may be some misunderstanding between the Checkpoint and Pearson Vue websites.

List of Check Point certifications

  • Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80 (CCSA R80)
  • Check Point Certified Security Expert R80 (CCSE R80)
  • Check Point Certified Master R80 (CCSM R80)
  • Check Point Managed Security Expert R77 (CCMSE R77)
Certification of Check Point

Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80(CCSA R80)

For IT professionals with a fundamental knowledge of Check Point deployments, the Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) R80 certification is recommended. It deals with numerous security administration duties on Check Point hardware and software and is the lowest level of certification available from Check Point.

The CCSA R80 certification validates a candidate’s understanding of these Check Point topics and skills:

  • Check Point Technology Overview
  • Security Policy Management
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Network Address Translations
  • Basic Concepts of VPN
  • Managing User Access
  • Working with ClusterXL
  • Administrator Task Implementation

Check Point Certified Security Expert R80 (CCSE R80)

The CCSE R80 certification is for IT professionals who are familiar with Windows and UNIX servers and have extensive experience supporting Check Point systems. Candidates should be proficient in creating, testing, and troubleshooting various deployment situations. The IT professional will be able to configure gateways, firewalls, VPNs, and content security software after completing the required training for the Check Point Certified Security Expert certification.

The CCSE R80 certification validates a candidate’s understanding of these Check Point topics and skills:

  • Check Point Technology Overview
  • Deployment Platforms and Security Policies
  • Monitoring Traffic and Connections
  • Network Address Translations
  • User Management and Authentication
  • Using SmartUpdate
  • Implementing Identity Awareness
  • Configuring VPN Tunnels
  • Resolving Security Administration Issues

According to Check Point, candidates should have substantial hands-on expertise with Check Point products, vital networking, Windows and UNIX server management abilities, and a solid grasp of security certificate management.


Check Point Certified Master R80 (CCSM R80)

The CCSM R80 certification is intended for IT professionals who have honed their highest levels of management and Check Point products and technologies deployment abilities. The test covers complex subjects such as troubleshooting NAT, configuring VPN tunnels, and command-related issues and challenges. Candidates must be able to approach typical deployment circumstances and use standard troubleshooting techniques.

The CCSM R80 certification validates a candidate’s understanding of these Check Point topics and skills:

  • Policy Changes to Security Implementations
  • UGI Client Connectivity
  • Secure Internal Communications
  • VPN Tunnel Interfaces
  • IPv6 Deployment
  • Check Point Commands
  • Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • ClusterXL Debug File

Check Point Managed Security Expert R77 (CCMSE R77)

Candidates are advised by Check Point to have in-depth practical knowledge of Check Point products, sophisticated networking and server management abilities, and a thorough awareness of network security. The CCMSE R77 certification is for seasoned IT professionals passionate about multi-domain security management. Advanced multi-domain security topics, including installation, setup, and control, are covered on the CCMSE test. Candidates must be competent in managing various deployment circumstances and implementation duties.

The CCMSE R77 certification validates a candidate’s understanding of these Check Point topics and skills:

  • Multi-domain Security Management Installation and Configuration
  • Common Deployment Scenarios
  • Traffic Inspection Process
  • Configuration of Domain Management Server (DMS) High Availability
  • Design and Implementation of Global Policy
  • Common Troubleshooting Practices

Candidates are advised by Check Point to have a strong background in using Check Point products, as well as sophisticated networking and server administration abilities and a thorough grasp of network security.


What does Check Point Certification Cost?

Check Point certification costs may change depending on the exam type, testing program, and location. By entering your Pearson VUE account and choosing the test you’re interested in under “Exam Catalog,” you may get the most recent posts on the Pearson Vue website. During the creation of this guide, a search for American pricing turned up the following costs:

  1. CCSA: $250
  2. CCSE: $250
  3. CCSM: $350

Salary and Career Information for Check Point Certification

Payscale estimates that Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) certified IT workers make around $89,000 (USD) a year. The typical yearly salary for a Check Point CCSE is $103,000 (USD). For CCSM, comparable data is not available. However, one may anticipate much greater numbers. The CCSA is one of the simpler certificates to obtain, according to CBTNuggets, for people looking to enter the information security industry. In addition, the cost of the CCSA certification is also fair compared to other certificates. Given the income possibilities for Check Point-certified IT professionals, it is worth considering.

How this certificate differs from others in terms of security

CCSA-certified engineers are in great demand compared to other security vendor specialists in the IT sector. If you are a Check Point Certified Engineer, let’s say. In such a case, you will be acknowledged as possessing the most sophisticated abilities to apply the most recent network security techniques. The community of Check Point Certified, the most stringent and respected certification in the world, will recognise you.


The most respected and challenging qualifications in the networking field are Check Point Certifications. If you succeed on the Certification Exam, you can be confident that you are an expert at setting up, maintaining, and troubleshooting sophisticated networks and security systems. You may work on all Check Point Networks, solutions, and products thanks to the knowledge and abilities that Check Point offers. You must recertify every two to three years to keep current with technology; therefore, taking the Check Point Certification Exam only once is not sufficient.

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