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A Helpful Guide to Becoming AWS Certified

AWS cert

According to research that AWS Certified mentioned in a Guardian piece, the IT sector is expanding at an astonishing rate. The industry of AWS cert is allegedly outperforming the rest of the economy three to one.

With this understanding in mind, educating oneself in IT knowledge and skills makes sense. One of the most excellent methods to verify your cloud expertise is through certification. Particularly well-known qualifications that demonstrate your knowledge of the foundational AWS services and proficiency with the AWS Cloud are the AWS Certifications.

This page acknowledges that you’ll thoroughly review AWS cloud training and certification in this post. After reading this, enthusiastic should inform you of the AWS Certified path you want to take.

What Is AWS?

The world’s most comprehensive and popular cloud platform recognizes the initials AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services. From its data service centres worldwide, Amazon Web Services provides over 200 fully functional services to startups, companies, and governmental organizations in various roles.

AWS Certification Learning Path

Learning Paths are the study schedules that will lead you to your goals. Our courses are given by certified AWS experts that have extensive technical knowledge. Courses, hands-on labs, assessments, and final exams are part of each learning route. Learn about Amazon Web Services, put your knowledge to the test, and practice utilizing AWS to solve business challenges in realistic situations to develop your muscle memory. Weekly updates and additions to training and content.

Each course will surely take your AWS cloud expertise to the next level. We will now run through these certification pathways in more detail.

Guide to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

AWS Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Cloud Practitioner pathway is for anyone who is just starting in cloud computing and wants to know the basics. The emphasis is on understanding cloud-computing theory rather than training you with specific skills.

So the foundational aspect acts as an excellent platform to move you into other AWS certifications. And it’s worth studying this AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, even if you are a manager or business owner, to understand the technology you are using.

The Best Guide To AWS Solutions Architect Path

Amazon Solutions Architect

If you are a developer or systems administrator, opting for the AWS Solution Architect pathway could work well. Candidates will gain the expertise to identify services and features to build resilient, secure and highly available IT solutions in the AWS Cloud. Gain insights into best practices using the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

There are two levels of certification in this pathway of learning. You get Associate level, and then you can move on professionally. At the very least, you will learn through this avenue of study how to speak confidently about cloud computing options for clients.

What Is The AWS Systems Operations Path?

Amazon SysOps Administrator

This systems operations pathway intends for system administrators/engineers who plan to understand AWS Well-Architected Framework and AWS networking and security services. If you’re keen to gain expertise to deploy, manage and operate workloads on AWS, then the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate is the certification for you.

With the aid of this credential, businesses can find and nurture talent with the essential abilities needed to carry out cloud initiatives.

What is The Learning Path for AWS Developer?

Amazon Developer

If you are a software developer, this AWS cert pathway is an excellent way to learn more about cloud-based application development. Once more, there are professional and associate training courses that you can undertake.

On the Associate level, you will study how to work with the Amazon API Gateway, IAM, and SDK, for example. Plus, you should know that this pathway aligns with and complements the Architect pathway we mentioned earlier.

The Professional level will make you an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, and with this certification, you can expect a mixture of Developer and Operational pathways.

What Are The Options for AWS Specialty?

Amazon Specialty

There are five Specialty pathways that you can explore and consider. These Specialty certification designs validate your expertise in a specific domain and knowledge area on AWS technologies. AWS currently offers Specialty certifications for:

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking
  • AWS Certified Database Specialty
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics
  • AWS Certified Security
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning
  • AWS Certified SAP on AWS

These options are for cloud professionals who intend to dive deep into specific AWS cert technologies. For instance, the machine learning pathway is ideal for developers and data scientists. The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty certification builds critical skills for building, training, tuning, and deploying machine learning (ML) models on AWS.

On the other hand, the AWS Certified Security Specialty credential provides learners with expertise in securing data and workloads in the AWS Cloud.

Question Examples from Practice tests.

You may test your knowledge in a timed setting by taking practice examinations. The test score and the practice exam score report include details about how well you performed across various categories. This information may help determine a study plan, but it may be different from actual performance on the certification exam. You can register for practice exams by creating a free AWS Certification Account or signing into an existing account. Sample questions and practice exams are not the same things. AWS cert publishes sample questions on the Internet so that you can become accustomed to the structure of questions used on AWS Certification tests.

Before you embark on any AWS training courses to become certified, let’s know the learning timeframe. If you go Foundational in your training, you should look at 6-12 months.

You should know that you can retake your AWS certification exam if you fail the first time. There is only a two-week period where you have to wait before you can retake.

Get Your AWS Cloud Certification

It should be more apparent to you what subjects you can get AWS cloud certification in. There are plenty of options which are also complementary to each other, so it’s worth considering a combination of training courses.

If you want to learn more about getting AWS certified, we recommend you check our website for more advice and access to such training. You can springboard your company to the next level through excellent fluency in AWS cloud technology.

 591Lab is a Renown brand and exciting venture from the 10-year-old company Global Knowledge, which is also an AWS learning partner training provider.

AWS Training for Preparing for the Exam

Following this advice will help you prepare for any of the certifications mentioned above:

  • Information via official page: Many study materials are available on the official certification website. You would have to research that. Additionally, you may discover all relevant FAQs, white papers, and other helpful information.
  • Understanding the format and prerequisite: Learn as much as possible about the certification structure before taking the AWS test. Each sort of AWS certification may have a different system. Finding the requirements and prerequisites needed to take the Exam is also helpful.
  • Free tier account: Activate your free AWS tier account. This account would provide first-hand experience with various AWS services because a practical, functional study is far more critical than a purely academic one.

AWS White Papers

AWS white papers are a collection of technical documents created by the AWS team and the AWS cert community. It would be best if you built your preparation around an overview of a few of these critical whitepapers. Some of the essential white papers you should read include the ones listed below:

  • Analyze Amazon Web Services
  • Well-designed framework for AWS
  • Cloud Architecture: AWS Best Practices
  • Guidelines AWS Security
  • AWS Storage Services Description

Sample Questions & Practice Exams

The website has a set of five example test questions. Because they give an idea of the questions on the Exam, these questions become crucial. Though you might require more practice, this is essential in the Exam. This option should be your first action to start the certification.

The market offers a variety of mock exam preparation tools. These practice exams are much more helpful for preparation than the $20 AWS practice exam, which only has twenty questions and is excellent for practice. You can improve your exam score by taking mock tests.

Mock Tests on All AWS Certifications are available here: 

AWS Traning & Practice Test

These exams for industry professionals would be sufficient to ensure that you are well-prepared for your AWS Exam. 

Practical Application

You will require hands-on experience building directly in the AWS Cert interface in a live working environment to master the certification. Such step-by-step labs are widely available on the market. The level of preparation you have attained will determine by hands-on experience.

Online Discussions & Forums

Obtaining a thorough understanding of how long the preparation would take and how the trial must conduct. It would be preferable if you spoke with some AWS certified individuals who have just passed the certification exam. 591cert also recommends sharing and discussing your exam preparation strategies with another exam taker.

There are numerous online forums and platforms where you may debate AWS certification and other topics. Such involvement would provide you with information and keep you up to date. You can also communicate with industry professionals and prior exam participants.

Watch Video Tutorials

YouTube has numerous AWS cert reinvent videos on VPC, RDS, EC2, and other topics. Visual media will save you time in preparation and clear up any confusion. You could benefit from watching and learning more from these videos.

Certification would urge you to give equal attention to the entire AWS reference architecture and not limit your research to just VPC because it is the critical portion from which most issues arise. EC2, VPC, RDS, S3, Route53, CloudFront, Cloudwatch, ELB, autoscaling, SWF, SQS, and dynamo DB are some of the primary services to cover.

Commit to Learning & Fix a Timeline

You must study current and up-to-date material. AWS-related articles are widely available online. To be well-informed, go through the pieces. In addition, the official AWS website should be your go-to source for any information you require.

The AWS tools and services evolve, and the certification exam reflects this. It is advisable to set a timeframe for your preparation. This guideline would direct your practice while providing a realistic and pragmatic approach to your preparation.

Before the Exam, Amazon requires all candidates to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Exam takers are not permitted to reveal any exam details, such as the number of questions, type of questions, passing score, etc. Amazon also warns that disclosing any of the elements mentioned may result in a candidate’s certification cancellation.

Re-Certification & Validity

The AWS certification has a temporary validity, meaning your job doesn’t end once you achieve your desired certification. It may occur to you after a couple of years that the certificate is of different worth now. AWS cert announces new services now and then. You must remain active and involved in the learning process and stay in tune with the progress in the field so that you can recertify yourself whenever you need it.

The recertification policy of AWS cert allows a certified candidate to reappear for a cheaper and shorter version of the actual Exam or pursue to upgrade the level of certification to a higher level of professional certification. 

The recertification procedure is necessary to maintain accreditation in the IT field. But if you want to study more and become an expert in your industry, it’s best to upgrade your certification level.

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