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CDPSE certification

The CDPSE certification is the first experience-based, technical accreditation of its kind. It assesses a technology professional’s ability to implement privacy by design to enable them to develop privacy technology platforms and products that benefit customers, build trust, and advance data privacy.

The Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) focuses on validating the technical skills and knowledge required to evaluate, build, and implement a comprehensive privacy solution. These CDPSE holders can fill technical privacy skills gaps to ensure your organization has the proper privacy technologists to develop and implement solutions that reduce risk and increase efficiency.

CDPSE certification

CDPSE Certification Exam Details

Exam Name: ISACA Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE)


Fee ISACA Members: $575 (USD)

Fee for ISACA Non-Members: $760 (USD)

Duration: 210 minutes

Number of Questions: 120

Passing Score: 450 / 800

Exam Details

Exam Content:

1: Privacy governance

2: Privacy architecture

3: Data lifecycle

CDPSE Certification exam cost?

The CDPSE exam is a bit tricky as it depends on whether you are a member of ISACA or not. An ISACA membership costs $135, which comes with its perks. Attempting the CDPSE exam costs $575 for ISACA members and $760 for non-members. Once you pass the CDPSE exam, you must pay a $50 application fee to apply to be verified and certified. Even with all that, you still have to pay an annual maintenance fee of $45 for members and $85 for non-members to stay in good standing.

It costs an ISACA member $625 and $45/year to earn CDPSE certification. For non-members, CDPSE costs $810 and $85 per year after that.

Who should take the CDPSE Certification?

CDPSE is a comprehensive certification applicable to IT/IS professionals of various skill sets. Anyone who develops or implements privacy solutions should take the CDPSE. Good candidates for CDPSEs who navigate these data privacy solutions daily include consultants, data analysts and scientists, IT project managers, and privacy engineers.

Is CDPSE worth it for a privacy engineer?

CDPSE is one of the most common certifications for one to earn. This is because there is no better certification to demonstrate your extensive familiarity with privacy design and implementation principles than CDPSE. CDPSE is a practical, competency-focused certification that indicates that your privacy programs and policies are cost-effective, efficient, and beneficial.

Having a CDPSE will reduce friction between you and other cybersecurity personnel as you design or interpret security risk assessment processes for privacy compliance and risk mitigation. Privacy engineers can design network architectures and frameworks supporting data protection principles. But their privacy engineers at CDPSE know how to create them so that their architectures pass inspection with flying colours and respond to updated privacy policies.

Is CDPSE valuable for data analysts and data scientists?

CDPSE is valuable to data analysts and data scientists because many daily tools and software are governed by the practices and principles covered by CDPSE. As time goes on and you navigate more databases that receive data from around the world or retrieve search results from multiple sources, the burden of proving you’re maintaining user security will increase.

Earning a CDPSE is a good idea for data analysts and scientists because it demonstrates that you can maintain IT confidentiality in addition to the more formal parts of your job.

What is CDPSE worth?

CDPSE is an expensive certification. Achieving CDPSE requires you to prove years of work experience and prepare for a challenging exam. But for IT professionals who work with data, this is a very worthwhile certification. Earning a CDPSE is valuable because it demonstrates a commitment to understanding and maintaining complex laws and regulations that companies know they must follow but aren’t sure how.


CDPSE is an advanced, specialized certification. It is ideal for data security professionals with several years of experience who want to prove that they understand how to structure data security policies and manage data security architectures.

The best use of the CDPSE is to put a cap on years of experience, demonstrate what you are capable of and show how much you know about managing data protection policies.

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