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An Essential Guide to CAPM Certification Exam

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If you look up CAPM online, it stands for capital asset pricing model. That’s different from what we will be talking about today in the context of project management. In this 591Cert blog post, I will answer the question: What is PMI‘s CAPM?


Certified Associate in Project Management is the project management Institute’s entry-level qualification certification for project managers. Suppose you want to start a project management career and earn an excellent qualification early with minimal experience but some solid foundational learning. In that case, CAPM is a suitable qualification for you. This exam is designed to demonstrate that its holders have the fundamental knowledge, understanding and skills expected of a “starting project manager” career.


Certification for CAPM is by examination based on below:

1. Project management Institute’s project management body of knowledge, the PMBOK guide 

2. Certification lasts for five years.

After five years, you can either become recertified by retaking an exam or, if you’ve stayed in the project management domain, you may have the experience to take a step up to its premier qualification, the PMP (Project Management Professional).

The requirements before you take the CAPM exam are relatively light. The prerequisites include the educational backgrounds:

1. Secondary education or Diploma level education or the equivalent in your country. 

2. 23 hours of accredited project management education

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CAPM uses the PMBOK guide as an official book, which is the project management body of knowledge, particularly the critical knowledge areas in chapters 1 to 13 of the sixth edition of the PMBOK guide or the current syllabus.

1. The questions are multiple-choice questions 

2. There are 150 questions – 135 Score

3. 3 Hours Exam with no break

4. Exam Available Online

5. No Pass Mark Available

6. Exam available in 13 Languages.

Of 150 Questions, there are 15 ‘trial’ questions, and the answers you give do not carry any points or subtract from your score. In other words, you must complete 135 scoring questions, the exam duration is three hours, and you are not allowed to take a break during those three hours. You can only do that at a centre-based exam if you need a break. However, you can’t take a break if you choose the online approach (remote home exams). 

The PMI doesn’t publish a passing score for the exam, but PMI shall notify you whether you have passed or failed. Finally, it’s worth noting that the examination is available in 13 languages.

Is CAPM Worth it:

If you do not qualify for PMP, is it worth taking the CAPM exam?

The answer to that has to be maybe it depends entirely upon the below criteria: 

1. Your desire to learn and whether you see the learning this gives you as taking you in the right direction. 

2. On the Job market view. 

I. Firstly, the place and the country you work in. Some countries value the qualifications of CAPM as a higher degree.

II. Also, the sector you are working in. Some industries value CAPM qualifications to a greater or lesser degree. If you work in the US jurisdiction or an overseas company with US headquarters, then CAPM will be a valuable qualification at the start of your career.


Whether to do CAPM or PMP is foolish because they aren’t designed for very different types of people. The CAPM is the entry-level qualification people who take CAPM are expected to have little or even real project management experience. In contrast, PMP project management professionals must have substantial field experience and take a much more difficult examination. If you are starting your career or want to build your career in the project management direction, then CAPM can be a great stepping stone. It’s a quick route to gaining a large amount of knowledge and to testing that you gain that knowledge correctly. 

Benefits of CAPM:

It’s a sign that a reputable world-recognized industry-leading professional body has tested you. It also gives you access to PMI membership, which is a huge help because of all the other assets PMI offers you. If you plan to move on to a project management professional when you’ve got enough experience, then the experience of taking the CAPM exam is beneficial. Because the process is very similar, you will also have the experience of studying and a good amount of knowledge which underpins the PMP exam. With the knowledge base you gain from CAPM, you can re-use them when you’re ready to take your PMP exam. 

So, CAPM can be a valuable qualification or certification for many early career professionals. Understand the job market where you are and where you aspire to be, its strengths and weaknesses for the type of career you want. If you do decide to go for it, then CAPM will be an excellent asset to you as a professional and in building your career.

Are you looking to become a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)? PMI’s CAPM certification is one of the most reputable exams for a beginner project management career and can boost your career prospects.

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