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Aruba ACSA Certification Benefits and Information

ACSA Certification

What is ACSA Certification

The Aruba Certified Switching Associate or ACSA Certification verifies that you have the knowledge and abilities necessary to operate campus networks and small- to medium-sized company networks using contemporary, open standards-based networking technologies.

By earning the ACSA Certification, you may demonstrate your competence in dealing with Aruba certification OS switches and file structures, including VLANs, secure access, redundancy technologies, and Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework (VSF). Furthermore, you have an entire certification that you are competent to deploy Aruba wireless Access Points and set up Aruba Instant Access Point (IAP) Clustering technology. The Aruba AirWave management solution is used to configure, administer, and monitor network deployments, and this certification attests to your proficiency in these areas.

What Competencies Are Measured by the ACSA Certification?

You must demonstrate the ability to configure and operate contemporary, open standards-based networking solutions for small- to medium-sized organizations. You must review many topics in your ACSA certification preparation to feel secure taking the exam. For further details on this certification, visit the Aruba certification website.  

Describe the ACSA Certification Exam.

The Aruba certification HPE6-A72 Exam certifies that you possess the foundational networking know-how and abilities necessary to design, establish, and configure a fundamental Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) leveraging the V8 software system architecture and features. Credits for SMB Solutions for Engineers toward the Cisco Proctored test for confirming the knowledge. This exam verifies the candidate’s capacity for selling strategically across all technologies. The candidate tested on themes related to borderless networks, collaboration, and data centers. It also covers the ability for business planning and demands generational sales tools, including material and website content.

Additionally, it addresses the capability of creating sales prospects for the IPS Security portfolio, which includes appliance and cloud-based services. The candidate combines pre-sales and pastels functions and is in charge of planning and putting into practice a straightforward customer business portfolio. This credential is typically held by Account Managers, System Engineers, and Cisco Channel Partners, and if completed, you can anticipate the same employment profile. With the help of the V8 software system architecture and features, this certification verifies that you possess the fundamental networking knowledge and abilities needed to design, establish, and configure a primary Aruba certification Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

Exam Details

  1. Exam Name: Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA)
  2. Exam Code: HPE6-A72
  3. Exam Duration: 90 mins
  4. Exam Format: Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
  5. Exam Type: Associate
  6. Number of Questions: 60 Questions
  7. Eligibility/Pre-Requisite: NIL
  8. Exam Fee: USD 230
  9. Exam Language: Latin American Spanish, Japanese, English
  10. Pass Score: 75% and above

ACSA Certification Exam Course Outline

This Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) Exam validates skills including – 

1-Domain 2 – Understand the different functions and features of Aruba products and solutions (17%)

2-Domain 3 – Understand installing, configuring, setting up, and validating Aruba solutions (27%)

3-Domain 4 – Understand the process to tune, optimise, and upgrade Aruba solutions (13%)

4-Domain 5 – Understand to troubleshoot, repair, and replace Aruba solutions (12%)

5-Domain 6 – Understand to manage, monitor, administer and operate Aruba solutions (8%)

Getting ready for the Aruba ACSA Certification Tests

Consider using our 591lab study material while you prepare for the Aruba ACSA certification examinations, which will aid your exam preparation. After finishing, you can register with Pearson VUE, the company that will offer the exam, to create a profile. You will be given real-world examples and Aruba certification exam-relevant questions, which is an excellent approach to studying for the test.

The Advantages of an ACSA Certification

ACSA accreditation has several benefits. Your ability to configure and administer contemporary, open standards-based networking solutions for SMBs and campus networks is validated by this certification. Along with the preceding, this Aruba certification verifies your proficiency with the networking foundations of ArubaOS switches and file structures, including VLANs, secure access, redundancy technologies, and Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework (VSF). Additionally, it confirms your proficiency with setting up Aruba Instant Access Point (IAP) Clustering technology and deploying Aruba wireless Access Points. This certification attests to your ability to configure, manage, and watch over network deployments using the Aruba AirWave management solution. Overall, earning this credential has several advantages.

Jobs with Aruba ACSA Certification

You might become an Aruba Certified Switching Associate with this certification. You will have the chance to operate as a freelance field engineer, giving you numerous options to work for various companies and increase the value of your expertise. Many engineers choose this route over a full-time career because they experience more job satisfaction.

How Much Money Did You Earn After Earning an Aruba ACSA Certification?

Professionals with ACSA certification can earn a range of average salaries. You will receive significantly better fees as a freelancer, especially if you choose to use We assist independent engineers like you in finding employment and increasing their income. An ACSA professional can expect to make about $42,000 a year; you may make twice as freelancer as much as you are paid for every assignment. Thus, it would help if you thought about entering the engineering freelance market. This article should have provided enough information to consider your career possibilities.

Why obtain this certification?

This Aruba certification verifies your knowledge of the file formats, VLANs, secure access, redundancy methods, Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework, and ArubaOS CX switches (VSF) networking foundations. Your capacity to use wired networking technologies from Aruba is validated. By earning this certification, you can demonstrate your proficiency with Aruba management solutions to configure, administer, and monitor network deployments. Become a valuable team player who helps develop, implement, and administer current Aruba Mobile First Network solutions. Grow professionally as an Aruba Certified Switching Associate proficiently in using Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility. A technical certification from Aruba will increase your job happiness.


The ACSA certification will be very beneficial to you as an IT engineer. As an Aruba Certified Switching Associate, you will have the opportunity to advance in your profession because you will be fully certified in Aruba technology. This is the ideal entry-level certification to set an eager and motivated. IT engineers on the proper path to becoming fully qualified.

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