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Aruba Certified Network Security Certifications for 2024

Aruba Certified Network Security Certifications

Nowadays, Keeping networks safe is more important than ever for companies in every industry. The need to protect sensitive data, defend important systems, and ensure user privacy has increased the demand for experts in network security. The Aruba Certified Network Security certifications are well-recognized in this field. Offered by Aruba, a top networking solutions provider, Aruba Certified Network Security certifications show that someone has the skills and knowledge needed for network security.

This article explores the benefits of obtaining Aruba certifications, from gaining a competitive edge and industry recognition to supporting continuous professional growth. We will also break down the prerequisites, exam structure, and progression pathways across associate, professional, and expert levels. This will give you the knowledge needed to grow your career in network security.

Prerequisites of Aruba Certified Network Security

Before exploring the Aruba Certified Network Security certifications, learning the prerequisites is essential. Candidates should have a solid understanding of networking fundamentals, including TCP/IP, subnetting, VLANs, routing, and switching. Additionally, familiarity with Aruba technologies, such as ArubaOS, ArubaOS 10, and ClearPass, is highly recommended. Gaining practical experience by working with Aruba networks is advisable to strengthen your foundation.

Exam Structure and Progression Pathway

You must pass a series of exams to obtain the Aruba Certified Network Security certifications. The Aruba Certified Network Security offers three certification levels:

  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert

Let’s explore each level in detail:

Certification flowchart
Certification flowchart

Associate Level – ACA-NS

You must pass the Aruba Certified Network Security Associate (ACNSA) exam at the associate level. This exam, numbered HPE6-A78, tests your understanding of basic network security concepts and your ability to implement Aruba security solutions effectively. It covers firewall policies, user authentication, encryption, and network access control.


Aruba Certified Network Security Associate HPE6-A78

To prepare for the ACNSA exam, we recommend starting with the official Aruba study guide titled “Aruba Network Security Fundamentals, Rev. 20.41“. This guide thoroughly covers the exam topics. Additionally, consider hands-on practice using Aruba devices and simulation tools. Taking practice exams and participating in online forums or study groups can also increase your understanding and help you identify areas for improvement.

  • This certification confirms your ability to identify and articulate prevalent security risks. And weaknesses while demonstrating proficiency in securing devices through effective hardening practices.
  • It showcases your expertise in implementing robust security measures at network edges using AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting), ensuring secure access control, and protecting against unauthorized entry.
  • The certification validates your knowledge of establishing fundamental security roles, implementing firewall policies, fortifying network perimeters, and minimizing potential vulnerabilities.
  • It recognizes your understanding and application of dynamic segmentation techniques, enabling the creation of secure and isolated network segments that enhance overall network security.
  • It signifies your proficiency in classifying endpoints within a network, allowing for effective identification and implementation of appropriate security measures based on endpoint types and associated risks.
  • This certification acknowledges your familiarity with essential threat detection technologies, enabling you to identify potential network threats promptly and take necessary countermeasures to mitigate risks effectively.
  • It confirms your ability to collect and analyze system logs and alarms, enabling you to proactively monitor network activity, detect anomalies, and respond swiftly to security incidents.

Professional Level – ACP-NS

The professional level is the next step in the Aruba Certified Network Security certification journey. To achieve this level, you must pass the Aruba Certified Network Security Professional (ACNSP) exam. This exam focuses on advanced network security topics and the deployment of Aruba security solutions. It tests your knowledge of secure network design, progressive firewall policies, and security monitoring.


Aruba Certified Network Security Professional HPE7-A02

To pass the ACNSP exam, consider building on your foundational knowledge by exploring advanced network security concepts and technologies. Review the official Aruba study guide “Implementing Aruba Network Security, Rev. 22.21” for the ACNSP exam. Combine your studies with practical hands-on experience and use Aruba’s online learning resources, such as webinars, whitepapers, and video tutorials. Also, participating in relevant industry conferences and workshops can provide valuable insights and networking opportunities.

  • This certification proves your skill in explaining complex security threats and vulnerabilities, encompassing essential aspects like device hardening, secure implementation at network edges using AAA, and implementation of advanced roles and firewall policies.
  • It gives you the skills to deploy Zero Trust Security measures and protect networks from threats.
  • You will gain proficiency in configuring Aruba network infrastructure and ClearPass solutions to authenticate and regulate both wired and wireless users.
  • You will learn to collect contextual information using ClearPass Policy Manager, implement advanced role mapping and enforcement policies, and leverage ClearPass Device Insight for enhanced network visibility.
  • It shows your skills in classifying endpoints within a network, allowing for effective identification and implementation of appropriate security measures based on endpoint types and associated risks.
  • This certification requires in-depth knowledge of the network security stack, including firewalls, remote access solutions, IDS/IPS, access control systems, Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). These candidates typically have a solid foundation in networking and focused security experience.

Expert Level – ACX-NS

The highest achievement in the Aruba Certified Network Security certification is the Expert level, known as ACX-NS. Earning this high level shows the highest expertise in network security using Aruba technologies.

You must complete the Aruba Certified Network Security Expert (ACX-NS) exam to achieve this certification. This comprehensive assessment tests your ability to design, deploy, and manage complex network security solutions. The ACX-NS Expert exam goes beyond foundational knowledge and delves into advanced concepts and practical implementation scenarios. It challenges your ability to develop innovative and robust network security architectures, considering factors such as scalability, resilience, and integrating Aruba solutions within a diverse ecosystem.

As you prepare for the ACX-NS Expert exam, Give a lot of time to study, do hands-on practice, and understand advanced network security concepts. Use resources such as the official Aruba study guide, advanced training programs, practical exercises, and real-world scenarios to increase your knowledge and skills.

Remember, achieving the Aruba Certified Network Security Expert certification puts you in an elite group of network security professionals. It positions you as an expert advisor who can design and manage advanced security solutions that protect organizations from threats. You can be a professional in the field by demonstrating your expertise through the ACX-NS Expert certification. Further, you get new career opportunities and contribute to advancing network security practices in an increasingly interconnected world.

Requirement 1: Aruba Certified Network Security Expert Written HPE6-A84

Preparing for the ACX-NS written exam (HPE6-A84) requires a deep understanding of network security principles and extensive hands-on experience with Aruba solutions. It is crucial to thoroughly review the official Aruba study guide” Aruba Advanced Network Security Troubleshooting and Solutions, Rev. 22.41″ for the ACX-NS exam. Consider engaging in advanced training programs offered by Aruba or authorized training partners. Moreover, hands-on labs and practical exercises are invaluable in gaining real-world experience. Also, joining professional forums, attending webinars, and reading industry-leading publications can further expand your knowledge base.

  • This certification validates your advanced knowledge and expertise in using Aruba solutions to set up Zero Trust Security.
  • It demonstrates your proficiency in various key areas, including designing and implementing role-based access controls. Smoothly integrate Aruba solutions with other products while detecting and addressing security threats.
  • This certification showcases your capabilities in developing secure networks by using Aruba’s tools.
  • It involves implementing and configuring advanced features within ClearPass Policy Manager. It also allows you to leverage this access control tool across multiple Aruba products, such as Instant Access Points (IAP), ArubaOS 10 (AOS10), and Aruba Central.
  • This expertise covers both wired and wireless authentication, providing complete network security.

Requirement 2: Aruba Certified Network Security Expert Practical HPE4-A50

The ACX-NS Expert level certification includes an extensive 8-hour practical exam that rigorously assesses a candidate’s expert-level abilities in various crucial areas.

The exam tests your skills in the following:

  • Designing, Deploying, and Integrating PKI Solutions: The exam tests your expert ability to design, deploy, integrate, and articulate Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions. You will demonstrate when and how to use PKI and provide recommendations based on specific requirements.
  • Architecting Enterprise-Class Network Design: You will showcase your expertise in architecting an enterprise-class network design that aligns with security policies. This includes developing comprehensive network architectures that address security concerns while meeting the organization’s unique requirements.
  • Designing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Scheme using ClearPass/AOS/AOS-CX: The exam will test your skills in developing a robust and efficient Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) scheme using Aruba’s ClearPass, ArubaOS, and AOS-CX. This involves creating and implementing granular access control policies to ensure appropriate user access based on roles and privileges.
  • Architecting Solutions for Ecosystem Integration: You will show your skills by architecting solutions that integrate ecosystem partners such as identity partners, Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems, firewalls, and endpoint security solutions. This provides a solid and complete security setup that provides maximum protection for all interconnected parts.
  • Architecting Enterprise-Wide Endpoint Classification Policy: The exam will test your expertise in architecting an enterprise-wide endpoint classification policy. This involves designing and implementing a policy that effectively categorizes and classifies endpoints based on user identity, device type, and security posture.
Exam Scoring

Requirement For ACCX – Aruba Certified Network Security Expert Written HPE6-A84

To pursue the ACX-NS Expert level certification, and you already hold a valid Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert (ACCX) certification, you can migrate to the Aruba Certified Expert – Network Security (ACX-NS) certification. To do so, you must pass the written exam administered through Pearson VUE. The practical exam requirement is waived for ACCX certification holders. Please note that currently, there are no other upgrade paths available for migrating to the ACX-NS certification.

Importance of Aruba Certified Network Security

The Aruba Certified Network Security program is a highly valued cybersecurity program. As organizations increasingly rely on technology and interconnected networks, the demand for skilled professionals to protect these systems from cyber threats has increased.

Here’s a closer look at the importance of the Aruba Certified Network Security:

Validating Expertise

Aruba Certified Network Security validates your expertise and skills in network security using Aruba technology. It shows that you deeply understand securing Aruba networks and the necessary skills to protect important information assets.

Competitive Edge

It sets you apart from other candidates in a competitive job market. Employers value credentials as they prove your skills and dedication to staying updated with the latest industry standards. The Aruba Certified Network Security certification improves your resume, making you a preferred choice for network security roles.

Industry Recognition

Aruba is a well-established name in the networking industry known for its innovative solutions. The Aruba Certified Network Security is recognized and respected globally, giving you credibility and recognition among other candidates and potential employers. It shows your dedication to professional growth and alignment with industry best practices.

Enhanced Skills and Knowledge

It provides you with knowledge and skills for securing Aruba networks. Through certification, you gain a deep understanding of network security principles, advanced security technologies, and best practices for deploying Aruba security solutions. This knowledge helps you effectively protect networks against threats and vulnerabilities.

Career Growth

The Aruba Certified Network Security opens doors to exciting career opportunities in network security. With this certification, you can pursue roles such as network security engineer, security analyst, security consultant, or network administrator specializing in network security. These roles often come with higher salaries and increased job responsibilities, propelling your career forward.

Confidence and Trust

Earning the Aruba Certified Network Security certifications creates confidence in your abilities as a network security professional. It shows employers, clients, and colleagues that you have the necessary skills to address network security challenges and protect sensitive data. The certification also shows that you can manage security incidents and reduce risks, which builds customers’ trust and confidence.

Continuous Learning and Growth

The Aruba Certified Network Security certifications are committed to ongoing learning and professional development. As a certified professional, you will be part of a community that encourages knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and continuous improvement. You will have access to updated resources, training, and networking opportunities to stay ahead in network security.

Final Thoughts on Aruba Certified Network Security

Aruba Certified Network Security Certifications are designed to provide network security professionals with the skills, knowledge, and recognition necessary for success. If you want to increase your skills, get recognized, and stay ahead in your career, Aruba’s certification pathway offers a clear path from beginner to expert levels. It’s an investment in your future that opens doors and supports ongoing professional growth.

As you start your career with the Aruba Certified Network Security certifications journey, make sure to study and practice hands-on regularly. Use official study materials, practice tests, and online forums, and attend industry events to improve your skills. You can confidently handle network security challenges with dedication and a thorough understanding gained from the certifications. By obtaining Aruba Certified Network Security Certifications, you are positioning yourself for long-term success in network security.

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