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Attaining the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84


In the fast-paced digital world, cyber threats are pervasive. Organizations in all sectors require critical network security. Safeguarding data, protecting infrastructure, and preserving user privacy are top priorities. This leads to high demand for proficient network security professionals. Among certifications, the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 stands out prominently.

Aruba Certification offers the Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 certification. It affirms expertise in network security. This guide supports your journey towards HPE6-A84 certification. It explains the certification’s significance, prerequisites, detailed exam information, and how to advance your Aruba network security skills.

Join us on an insightful exploration of Aruba’s Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84. Together, we will navigate its intricacies, providing valuable insights, practical advice, and trusted resources. Let us embark on this path together, unlocking doors to a rewarding career in network security.


The Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 certification is essential in today’s dynamic digital landscape. It is a strong validation of expertise in network security using Aruba technology, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of securing Aruba networks and protecting critical information assets.

This certification is widely recognized and respected in the industry, providing certified professionals with a competitive edge in the job market. It opens doors to exciting career opportunities and demonstrates dedication to industry best practices.

Earning this certification instils confidence in the abilities of network security professionals, demonstrating their readiness to address security challenges and protect sensitive data effectively. It showcases their commitment to ongoing learning and professional development, providing access to valuable resources and networking opportunities.


Meeting the prerequisites is crucial before embarking on the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 certification journey. Candidates must possess a firm grasp of networking fundamentals, encompassing TCP/IP, subnetting, VLANs, routing, and switching. Furthermore, familiarity with Aruba technologies, such as ArubaOS, ArubaOS 10, and ClearPass, is highly advised. Gaining practical experience by working with Aruba networks will reinforce and solidify the foundational knowledge needed for success in this certification.

Pathway for the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84

In pursuit of the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 certification, candidates must pass a series of exams successfully. This certification program offers three distinct levels, each denoting varying levels of expertise: Associate, Professional, and Expert. Let’s delve into the details of each level to gain a comprehensive understanding of the certification journey.

Certification Flowchart

Aruba HPE6 A78

Associate Level – ACA-NS

At the associate level, achieving the Aruba Certified Network Security Associate (ACNSA) certification requires passing the ACNSA exam with the code HPE6-A78. This examination assesses your grasp of fundamental network security concepts and evaluates your proficiency in implementing Aruba security solutions effectively. Key topics covered include firewall policies, user authentication, encryption, and network access control.

Aruba Certified Network Security Associate

Aruba Certified Network Security Associate HPE6-A78

To prepare for the ACNSA exam, utilize the official Aruba study guide “Aruba Network Security Fundamentals, Rev. 20.41” for comprehensive coverage. Engage in hands-on practice with Aruba devices and simulation tools. Taking practice exams and joining online forums or study groups can aid understanding and identify areas for improvement.

  • Confirms ability to identify and articulate security risks, showcasing proficiency in securing devices through effective hardening practices.
  • Demonstrates expertise in implementing robust security measures at network edges using AAA, ensuring secure access control, and preventing unauthorized entry.
  • Validates knowledge of establishing fundamental security roles, implementing firewall policies, fortifying network perimeters, and minimizing vulnerabilities.
  • Recognizes understanding and application of dynamic segmentation techniques, creating secure and isolated network segments for enhanced security.
  • Signifies proficiency in classifying endpoints, allowing effective security measures based on endpoint types and associated risks.
  • Acknowledges familiarity with essential threat detection technologies, identifying network threats promptly and applying necessary countermeasures.
  • Confirms ability to collect and analyze system logs and alarms, proactively monitor network activity, detect anomalies, and swiftly respond to security incidents.

Professional Level – ACP-NS

The next stage is the Aruba Certified Network Security Professional (ACNSP) exam. It emphasizes advanced network security topics, including secure design, firewall policies, and security monitoring.

Aruba Certified Network Security Professional

Aruba Certified Network Security Professional HPE7-A02

To excel in the ACNSP exam, enhance your foundational knowledge with advanced network security concepts and technologies. Utilize the official Aruba study guide “Implementing Aruba Network Security, Rev. 22.21” for crucial preparation. Gain practical hands-on experience and utilize Aruba’s online learning resources like webinars, whitepapers, and video tutorials. Participate in relevant industry conferences and workshops to gain valuable insights and networking opportunities.

  • This certification confirms your ability to articulate complex security threats and vulnerabilities, covering device hardening, securing network edges with AAA, and implementing advanced roles and firewall policies.
  • Equips you with skills to deploy Zero Trust Security measures, safeguarding networks from diverse threats.
  • Gains proficiency in configuring Aruba network infrastructure and ClearPass solutions for authenticating and regulating wired and wireless users.
  • Learned to collect contextual information using ClearPass Policy Manager, implementing advanced role mapping and enforcement policies, and leveraging ClearPass Device Insight for enhanced network visibility.
  • Signifies proficiency in classifying network endpoints, enabling effective implementation of security measures based on endpoint types and risks.
  • This certification requires in-depth knowledge of the network security stack, including firewalls, remote access solutions, IDS/IPS, access control systems, Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). Candidates typically have a solid networking foundation with focused security experience.

Expert Level

The highest achievement in the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 is the Expert level, followed by the technical exam Aruba Certified Network Security Expert Practical Exam HPE4-A50. Reaching this prestigious level demonstrates the utmost proficiency in network security using Aruba technologies. To obtain this ACX-NS Badge, you must pass the Aruba Certified Network Security Expert (HPE6-A84 & HPE4-A50) exam. This comprehensive assessment evaluates your capabilities in designing, deploying, and managing intricate network security solutions.

The Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 surpasses foundational knowledge and delves into advanced concepts and practical implementation scenarios. It presents challenges in developing innovative and robust network security architectures, considering scalability, resilience, and the seamless integration of Aruba solutions within a diverse ecosystem.

During the HPE6-A84 Expert exam, your expertise will be assessed in designing comprehensive security policies, identifying and mitigating advanced threats, implementing effective access control mechanisms, and leveraging Aruba technologies to create secure network infrastructures.

Completing the WRITTEN HPE6-A84 Expert exam demonstrates mastery of network security principles, the ability to navigate complex security challenges, and the aptitude for leveraging Aruba technologies to deliver top-notch security solutions.

To prepare for the exam, allocate ample time for study, hands-on practice, and in-depth exploration of advanced network security concepts. Utilize resources such as the official Aruba study guide, advanced training programs, practical exercises, and real-world scenarios to reinforce your knowledge and skills.

Achieving the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 places you in a place where you will be able to proceed for the practical exam to acquire your certification and credit badge.

Requirement 1: Aruba Certified Network Security Expert Written HPE6-A84

Preparing for the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 exam requires a deep understanding of network security principles and extensive hands-on experience with Aruba solutions. Reviewing the official Aruba study guide” Aruba Advanced Network Security Troubleshooting and Solutions, Rev. 22.41” is crucial. To strengthen your preparation, consider participating in advanced training programs offered by Aruba or authorized training partners. Engage in hands-on labs and practical exercises to gain valuable real-world experience. Expand your knowledge base by joining professional forums, attending webinars, and staying updated with industry-leading publications.

  1. This certification validates your advanced knowledge and expertise in effectively utilizing Aruba solutions to enforce Zero Trust Security measures.
  2. The certification demonstrates your proficiency in critical areas. These include designing and implementing role-based access controls, seamlessly integrating Aruba solutions with third-party products, and effectively detecting and mitigating security threats.
  3. This certification showcases your capabilities in developing secure networks through the comprehensive suite of tools Aruba offers.
  4. In this training, you’ll learn how to implement and configure advanced features in ClearPass Policy Manager. This will enable you to leverage the powerful access control tool across multiple Aruba products, including Instant Access Points (IAP), ArubaOS 10 (AOS10), and Aruba Central.
  5. This expertise extends to wired and wireless authentication, ensuring comprehensive network security.

Requirement if you are ACCX: Aruba Certified Network Security Expert

To pursue the Aruba Certified Network Security Certification and already hold a valid Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert (ACCX) certification, you can migrate to the Aruba Certified Expert – Network Security. You must pass the written exam HPE6-A84 administered through Pearson VUE to achieve this. The practical exam requirement is waived for ACCX certification holders. Please note that currently, there are no other upgrade paths available for migrating to the Aruba Certified Network Security certification.


The Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 is vital in network security, offering numerous professional benefits. This esteemed credential validates your expertise in securing Aruba networks, enhancing your credibility and unlocking exciting career prospects.

Equipped with enhanced skills, the HPE6-A84 certification empowers you to secure Aruba networks effectively, safeguarding organizations from evolving cyber threats. Gain a competitive edge in the job market, becoming an asset to employers seeking skilled network security professionals.

As you embark on your Written exam journey, allocate dedicated time for study and hands-on practice. Utilize various resources, including official study guides, practice exams, online forums, and industry events, to deepen your understanding and mastery of the subject matter.

Determined and strategically skilled, the Aruba Certified Network Security Written HPE6-A84 equips you for the ever-changing network security landscape. Embrace exciting opportunities on a fulfilling career path, safeguarding networks, ensuring data integrity, and enhancing security in an interconnected world. You can visit our YouTube channel and learn more about certification. Here is the link: 591cert YouTube.

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