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Being an F5 Network Certified, How to Enrich Your Career ?

Being an F5 network Certified, How to Enrich Your Career

F5 Professional Certification verifies your ability to manipulate the complete application stack, from traditional network knowledge to sophisticated application-layer comprehension, as well as the capacity to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

F5 Network certification is a competitive advantage for your business and differentiation in your F5 career. The F5 Certified Professionals program assists you in gaining career-advancing technical skills and an in-depth understanding of F5 products and solutions, with options focusing on Administration, Sales, Product Specializations, and Strategies such as Cloud and Security. The curriculum is progressive, with higher-level certificates building on earlier certifications’ abilities and knowledge.


Perks of F5 network certification

There are the four certification paths that F5 professional certification offers:

  • Administration.
  • Sales
  • Product Specialization
  • Solutions Engineering

Select the course that best fits your objectives and provides the level of knowledge necessary for your profession or business.

Other perks of having the F5 network certification are:

  • Administrator Track completed the Administrator track verifies that you have the basic knowledge required to administer, maintain, and perform fundamental fault isolation on previously deployed and configured F5 products or solutions.
  • Completing a Technical Professional track verifies that you have the abilities, expertise, and specific knowledge of F5 solutions. Also, allowing you to contribute more effectively to the F5 ecosystem.
  • Although completing a Technical Specialist track verifies that you possess the expert-level knowledge required to develop, install, and diagnose a specific F5 product over part of a more comprehensive solution.
  • The Solution Expert track verifies that you have the expert-level expertise required to construct and create sophisticated, and also integrated solutions using various F5 products and regulatory requirements that meet business and technical needs.

F5 opportunities

Opportunities in the job


The validity of F5 Certifications is two years. Ninety days before the certification expires, you will receive an email notification. Obtaining professional certification is now an essential aspect of your profession; without F5 Certification specialism, finding the most exemplary employment is much more difficult. Learn more about the F5 Networks and expand your vocabulary while increasing your knowledge energy. It will improve your self-study skills, and you will be able to take the F5 Networks test without difficulty convincingly. It also ensures that having F5 certification is a strong chance of getting good grades.

Since its inception in 2011, the program has seen substantial development and recognition in IT certcollection. Its success directs to its constant efforts to communicate to stakeholders, maintain the security and protection of its certification examinations, and discover innovative and dependable ways to assist candidates in growing and becoming more successful in their jobs. F5 Certified Specialists have a lot of credibilities and are desired throughout the business because of the well-known F5 product range and respectable certification procedure.


Why choose the F5 certificate?

F5’s focus is on large network settings. Network engineers, network specialists, network administrators, systems engineers, architects, and consultants are examples of F5-related professions. Reviews of job sites suggest 2,000 to 3,000 opportunities for F5-certified specialists in the United States, depending on the job board, with the potential for higher compensation. Wages in the F5 network are also called competitive.

Although, most businesses have yet to recognize the usefulness of F5 certification in the workplace, additional advantages outside of the VAR community may make this certcommunity series a must-have.


Requirements of an F5 Freshers Network Engineer

Primary responsibility

  • Create software for deployment on various hypervisors and cloud platforms.
  • Check out the F5 software for compatibility with various public/private cloud installations.
  • Develop scripts and automation for repetitive infrastructural work.
  • Manage patches and firmware updates for F5 software and hardware.
  • Stay on top of relevant technology and understand the trends and opportunities to select the right tools and techniques.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities


  • Must be the certified holder of F5 Fist Step (f5-101 or F5-201)
  • Experience writing automation at REST, Python, building systems, and API levels.
  • Experience in designing and developing enterprise-grade infrastructure automation.
  • Must have a working knowledge of virtualization technology including knowledge of data center and network solutions.
  • Linux OS is proficient in internal, administration, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Familiar with OS package installation and configuration, file system, and service management.
  • Experience monitoring servers, applications, and components from various cloud providers like AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Understanding L6, L7 Protocols, IPSec, SSL VPN, Data Center Network Topology, DNAT, SNAT, DHCP, and Firewall
  • CI / CD (perforce / git, Jenkins) system and pipeline deployment experience.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


  • Knowledge of load balancing, networking, storage, and OS security
  • Experience in configuration management using Ansible and/or Puppet
  • Knowledge of dockers and containers.
  • Adaptability to new tools and platforms.
  • Ability to participate in various support technology forums of enterprise software esp. With major virtualization/cloud vendors
  • Experience in agile software development methods.

Requirements of an F5 Senior Network Engineer



  • Must be the certified holder of F5  (F5-201 or F5-301(A, B))
  • Utilize F5 expertise to develop Enterprise network solutions within the F5 network space
  • Design standards include the design for integrating all Lines of Business
  • Technology integration point with other Capital One engineering teams to provide strategic solutions
  • Build custom solutions by thinking outside of the box
  • Feasibility engagements with business groups to ensure integrated VPN strategies are incorporated early in the process
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance to junior personnel
  • Implement engineered designs as applicable
  • Platform and incident management support and root cause analysis
  • Ability to engage and influence team members as well as people external to the team
  • Perform In-depth iRule development and APM customizations
  • Must be proficient with TMSH
  • Knowledge of Hardware and Software troubleshooting
  • Knowledge of Vibration Platforms
  • Experience working in an Agile environment


Basic Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent certification
  • At least 2 years of experience with F5 technologies (LTM, GTM, or APM
  • At least 2 years of experience with Big IP Edge Client


Preferred Qualifications: 

    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • 4+ years of experience with F5 technologies (LTM, GTM, or APM)
    • 3+ years of working knowledge with network solutions (switching, routing, load balancing, and firewalls)
    • 4+ years of scripting experience (BASH, TCL/Tk, iRules, REST, JSON, or Ansible)
    • 2+ years of cloud experience (AWS, Azure, or GCP)
    • 2+ years of experience with Jira

F5 Certcollection & certcommunity

The material for F5 exam preparation is easy to find over the internet. Many certcommunity writers have gone to considerable lengths to fully address all test subjects and essential networking concepts. F5 Certified examinations are designed to produce reliable, repeatable outcomes, ensuring that individuals who pass them attain greatness.

If you operate in the Service Provider (SP) area, such as cloud hosting providers, ISPs, or telecom businesses, or if you are otherwise compensated for being an F5 Certcollection, you may find that becoming F5 Certified has a substantial value.

The F5-CTS is one of the most expensive networking certifications available. It exceeds most Cisco credentials in the United States and ranks first globally in networking certifications. If you work as a consultant or a client, you can see how this qualification will make your life a bit easier.



Shortly, an F5 professional certification can give your F5 career a good boost. It can help you find a better job and get paid higher than other certificates. F5 is committed to addressing the requirements of its candidate certcommunity and staying in touch. Thanks to the practice examinations, F5 has gotten more real-time input on practice exam material. Each practice exam costs F5 a nominal fee, which is re-invested in the program. The addition of a fee increases the perceived worth of the exam and deters applicants from overindulging and taking the exam several times or without being well prepared. That investment is nothing in front of the big salary you might get with an F5 certificate in hand.


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