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Benefits of Palo Alto PCNSE Certification

PCNSE Certification l Cover

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer PCNSE Certification verifies that an individual can design, deploy, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot most Palo Alto Networks security operating platform implementations. PCNSE is an expert-level certification that validates your knowledge of the security operating platform, ensuring you can use its full functionality to benefit your company and demonstrate your expertise. 

  • Successful projects on the first try:

    Nobody has time to deal with outages from failed implementations or poorly planned upgrades and cutovers. Whether an organization is moving to a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, installing TrapsTM Advanced Endpoint Security, or enabling URL filtering, well-trained people are more likely to get tasks done. Certified individuals understand architecture and cutover plans and can manage changes and anticipate problems.

  • Application Moldability:

    Palo Alto certification validates a collective understanding of best practices for configuration, policy definition, and management of security operating platforms, leading to clear network architectures and rule sets. Certified individuals understand how to enable and manage the platform’s feature sets, such as App-ID™, User-ID™, and Content-ID™ technologies, meaning their organizations can use capabilities already purchased with the platform. . Consistent implementation speeds troubleshooting problems and reduces the investigation required to identify problems. Keeping configuration and implementation best practices consistent across the network helps new team members better understand how the system is designed.

  • Improve team performance and increase productivity:

    Consistency in implementation is reflected in team productivity. Members of Palo Alto Networks certified units can work on shared platform knowledge and best practices for configuration and tuning. They become more productive, shortening project timelines and allowing more time to review the system’s overall health. Individuals and teams can discover ways to use the security operating platform to meet additional business requirements. They use tools more effectively, creating a more secure and efficient security infrastructure.

  • Paloalto Networks PCNSE Exam Summary:

    The Palo Alto Network Security Engineer (PCNSE PAN-OS 9) exam is an 80-minute assessment of 75 questions. Similarly, the Paloalto Networks PCNSE Paloalto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer certification exam verifies a candidate’s familiarity and fundamental understanding of network security, security solutions, and systems administration. The Palo Alto Networks 9 Certified Network Security Engineer (PAN-OS 9) exam is equivalent to the Paloalto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer certification. 


Eligibility for PCNSE Certification Exam

You have three to five years of experience working in the networking or security industry and the equivalent of 6 months of experience working full-time with the Palo Alto Network Security Platform.

Exam Structure

  • Domain 1: Plan
  • Domain 2: Deploy and Configure 
  • Domain 3: Operate
  • Domain 4: Configuration Troubleshooting
  • Domain 5: Core Concepts


PCNSE recognizes individuals with in-depth knowledge and the ability to design, install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot most implementations based on the Palo Alto Networks platform. Anyone who uses Palo Alto Networks products, including value-added resellers, pre-sales system engineers, system integrators, and support staff who want to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Palo Alto Networks technology, should take the PCNSE exam.


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