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Benefits of PMP Certificate in the Organization

PMP Certificates benefit on a office

This article introduces the benefits of PMP (Project Management Professional) certification via a real person and his case.
I am a structural design engineer. With the growth of age and accumulation in the industry, I find that the bottleneck of technology is becoming tighter and tighter. Moreover, in the environment with complex interpersonal relationships, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in career from the perspective of technology. Unless structural technology is a major disruptive breakthrough, it is generally difficult to make achievements recognized by the company.
It is also an accidental opportunity to realize that project management may be a path for technicians to break through the career bottleneck. I passed the PMP exam in September, 2019. If I counted from starting preparing for the exam, it would be exactly two years ago. Speaking of topics, what are the benefits of taking PMP?

1. Learning PMP is a successful and feasible path of technology management;

From preparing for the exam in June 2019 to obtaining the certificate in September 2019, I happened to experience the adjustment of the company’s organizational structure and need to expand external business and expand project management personnel. I seized this opportunity and followed Jim, a senior project manager in the organization, from beginning to end. At the same time, I also communicated with the company’s personnel department about the intention of job transfer. Because I was learning the relevant knowledge of PMP, I achieved a smooth job transfer in the intense internal competition.

2. Learning PMP is a process of sorting out the knowledge of the project system;

In addition to making a smooth breakthrough in their own career development, PMP is also a good practice. The experience summary in the field of project management over the years is the crystallization of the wisdom and hard work of project management in various industries. It is another knowledge world besides technology, broadening their knowledge and re-understanding of the project. It is also an example of cleaning up your knowledge and cognitive blind spots.

3. Learning PMP can see things from the overall situation and look at problems and trends comprehensively;

The five processes groups of PMP are the overall planning of the whole project, which breaks through the one-sided idea of looking at the problem only from the technical perspective, and requires that we must look at the problem from a strategic perspective from the overall situation; Coordinate the resources and forces of all parties, drive and guide the project team to move forward as required.

4. Another advantage of learning PMP is to test your learning ability;

After graduation for many years, I haven’t studied such a systematic body of knowledge for a long time. I took the exam. The exam time is still up to 4 hours. The usual learning task is also very tight. The content is large and the time is tight. It is a big challenge for the middle-aged people far away from the student age. At the same time, the review time is long and spans 3 months, which is also a great test of learning perseverance.

5. PMP is the most mature and well-recognized international certification;

PMP can be said to be the first set of relatively mature project management concepts in the entire world. At present, it is well promoted all over the world and recognized by many countries and enterprises. It has been very popular in China a few years ago and is becoming more and more popular now. Although this management concept has not been generally accepted, its scope is gradually expanding. In practical work, it can be tailored as appropriate, understood and applied to practice, which is still very useful.

6. PMP certificate is not limited by any industry;

The advantage of the PMP certificate is that it is not limited by the industry. Whether it is it, construction, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, or telecommunications, finance, communications, PMP Certificates are widely recognized and applicable. When ordinary technicians want to move towards the high end of their career, such as senior manager, project manager, it architect, business consultant and even start their own business, they can be applied.

7. Lots of organization would give priority to people with PMP certificates;

Having a PMP Certification represents becoming a project management professional and will be valued in many enterprises, including some large domestic enterprises. And even some enterprise consider only having PMP certification to be certified as a “project manager”. In other words, in order to manage project in these enterprises, you must have the qualifications. Some other enterprises recruitment posts related to project management specifies having PMP certificate.

8. Average salary of employees with PMP certificate is significantly higher;

Whereas project management being a wide range of employment worldwide, and increasing demand for project management talents and other factors, the salary of project manager with PMP certificate exceeds the gold collar and becomes a standard high paying profession. According to the recent China report of PMI’s global project manager salary survey, the average annual salary of people with PMP certification issued by PMI is 182807 Yuan. After obtaining PMP certification, the average annual salary of those who have been certified for more than five years is about 231804 Yuan, far ahead of those who have not obtained PMP certified job compensation. According to PMI statistics, the average annual salary of PMP certified positions is higher than that without PMP. The annual salary of certified posts is 16% higher.

In summary, this article introduces and discusses the 8 benefits of obtaining a PMP certification in the organization. And I hope this would help you find the reason for applying a PMP certificate.

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