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Project Management

Agile project management professional meeting

Introduction to Agile Project Management- Part 3

This is the final article of the series of Introduction to Agile Project Management. This article will introduce the specific practices, application tools, and some of the misconceptions people have of Agile project management. Software Development Process a. Team role It includes a scrum master, product owner, developer, tester, UI designer, DBA, etc. 1.The responsibility …

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Agile project management professional

Introduction to Agile Project Management- Part 2

Today’s article is the second in a series of articles about  Agile Project Management. The first part was posted yesterday. This article will introduce some theoretical knowledge of the Agile development model and Agile Project Management. Development Model a. Traditional Waterfall Development From requirements to design, from design to coding, from coding to testing, from …

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IT Management

IT Management

1. IT Management Corporate management refers to the responsibilities and practices taken by the managers of the organization To indicate the strategic direction. To ensure that the goals are achieved, the risks are appropriately resolved, and the company’s resources are reasonably used. And its best measure is an organizational strategy. Strategic IT management includes IT …

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Efficient Communication of a Team

The Five Factors of Efficient Communication

Today, we will talk about the five factors of efficient communication. The five factors are 1.purpose, 2.accuracy, 3.guidance, 4.standpoint, and 5.equality. 1. Purpose The purpose of communicating with someone is among these three: delivering a message, expressing feelings, and fixing conflicts. When we communicate with our friends or relatives, the purpose would probably be expressing …

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