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The certified experts known as Check Point Certified Security Experts are well-versed in managing and assisting Check Point products and services. As security specialists, they have experience in setting up and managing VPN/firewalls as cybersecurity solutions and virtual private networks (VPNs), using encryption techniques to deploy based on the site needs with remote access to VPNs.

They also assist in setting up content security by permitting java blocking and anti-virus inspection. In most cases, the Check Point Security specialist offers information security for the goods and services, including design, planning, and security implementation, training activities, and a security certification program. Today’s market offers more freelance options where independent Check Point Certified Security Experts may use their expertise to advance their companies.


Who should take the CCSE certification exam

The Check Point Certified Security Expert certification is a globally recognized endorsement showing holders’ expertise in system security consulting and server management. Candidate requires more advanced information, abilities, and skills if they want their career to progress significantly. The Check Point Certified Security Expert – CCSE Exam certification proves this superior knowledge and power. The prerequisite Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA R80) Exam must have been completed. The candidate should take this exam to pass the Check Point Certified Security Expert exam.

  • Check Point Technologies
  • Deployment Platforms & Security Policies
  • Monitoring Traffic & Connections
  • Resolving Security Administration Issues

Responsibility and Job Description

A CCSE practitioner in a business setting is accountable for the following:

  1. Firewalls, load balancers, network access controllers, logging software, and other security devices are used to manage security responsibilities.
  2. To create, assess, and respond to complaints about event irregularities.
  3. To help develop and maintain security policies following customer requirements.
  4. Increasing awareness of security guidelines, practices, and company security development.
  5. To provide security capability to the client’s business
  6. The security expert should ensure safe data exchange between the service provider and the company.
  7. To support the execution and oversight of compliance procedures.
  8. To answer and examine security and network-associated alerts with a sense of urgency is essential to finding and eliminating the cyber threat.
  9. To plan and implement training for business security and awareness session.
  10. To define security needs and review procedures to determine if they have been intended to comply with set security criteria. Improve new standards as required by the company.
  11. To analyze business requests, study and recommend solutions.
  12. To create and manage relations with vendors and associated device suppliers.
  13. To perform other related responsibilities subsidiary to the assigned work.
  14. To conduct the security assessment and provide the resolution at the client site.

Check Point Certification Exam

The Check Point Certified Security Expert Certification is connected to the Check Point Certified Security Expert Exam. The GAIA Operating System is used to create, modify, deploy, and troubleshoot Check Point Security Systems. This CCSE certification exam also verifies the candidate’s proficiency in optimizing VPN performance, upgrading management servers, and debugging firewall processes. Candidates can anticipate the same career roles after completing this certification because System Security Consultants and Server Managers typically possess or pursue this certification.

CCSE certification Exam topics

Candidates must know the exam topics before they start preparation. Because it will help them in hitting the core. Our exam dumps will include the following topics:

  • Check Point Technology Overview
  • Deployment Platforms and Security Policies
  • Monitoring Traffic and Connections
  • Network Address Translations
  • Using Smart Update

CCSE certification Exam Details and Cost

  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Length of Examination: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Price: The price of the 156-315.80 exam is $250.

How to book the 156-315.80 Exam

These are the following steps for registering for the 156-315.80 exam. Step 1: Visit Pearson VUE Exam Registration Step 2: Signup/Login to Pearson VUE account Step 3: Search for 156-315.80 exam Certifications Exam Step 4: Select the Date and time and confirm with a payment method

Education and Certification Required for the CCSE Exam

An essential degree in computer science, IT, network technology, or a similar discipline is required to succeed in this industry. You will be a more valuable professional if you have a certification. Several certifications are advantageous for current analysts through continuous training and for other security professionals who want to become security analysts. The CCSE professionals demonstrate a worker’s aptitude for managing and helping Check Point security solutions in an enterprise setup. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a firm with over 20 years of expertise providing hardware, software, and hardware solutions for corporations, consumers, and service providers, founded and oversaw the CCSE certification.

Skills & Job Outlook

The following is the job scope of a CCSE professional:

Typical job roles for CCSE certification holders, as described by significant job boards, include:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Security Administrator
  • Firewall Engineer
  • Security Analyst

The Check Point Certified Security Expert is essential for the network security solution trusted by almost 100% of all fortune 100 companies worldwide. Hence the requirement is in much demand.

Benefits and pay for professionals with CCSE certification

The help in Obtaining the CCSE Certification

  • Gain employer recognition for promotions and raises
  • Score CP job opportunities
  • Capture the attention of recruiters
  • This 156-315.80 exam covers a different technology to meet the needs of varying job roles.


According to Payscale, based on experience in the United States, the typical income for a Check Point Certified Security Expert is roughly $109K per year or more. However, freelance employment may also be gratifying and helpful for advancing your career.


The Check Point Certified Expert certification verifies your proficiency in effectively configuring and administering Check Point Next Generation Firewalls. This certification thoroughly describes the best practices and strategies to fix firewalls, optimize VPN performance, and upgrade the Management Servers. This well-regarded certification may help you develop in-depth abilities to manage systems, automate and orchestrate, comprehend redundancy, acceleration, SmartEvent, and many tools and strategies to avert risks effectively.

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