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CISSP Certification is one of the most respected and sought-after cybersecurity certifications. With the latest update released in May 2021, (ISC) 2 maintains the high standards set to validate the knowledge and skills of senior cyber security managers.CISSP Certification

Many certification roadmaps include (ISC) 2 CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner) as an important cybersecurity certification to consider in your career and training plan. An example is the CompTIA IT Certification Roadmap. It is placed by CISSP in the Expert column of the information security path. The IT-certified CompTIA roadmap is not the only roadmap that recognizes the importance and value of CISSP.

(ISC) 2 claims that as of 2021, there are more than 142,000 CISSP-certified persons in more than 170 countries, and this number is steadily increasing. CISSP-certified companies are employed by Fortune 500 companies, governments, SMEs, and start-ups, many of which are independent contractors.

CISSP is a widely desired indicator of knowledge, experience, and excellence in the history of many IT professionals. The willingness to achieve this remarkable certification is evidenced by the appearance of a significant number of classified ads. Job hunting reveals that applicants need to be CISSP certified for a huge number of IT and cybersecurity jobs.

CISSP certified is also one of the most paid IT professionals, earning between $59,000 and $194,000 (based on data from multiple surveys). Keep in mind that salaries are often based on a wide range of skills and years of work in the field.

According to the Global Knowledge 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report, CISSP-certified professionals have the third highest IT salary in the world ($119,170) and the fifth highest in North America ($138,647). North American salaries for CISSP Professionals in 2020 rose by more than 10% from 2019, and the ranking went from 10th to 5th in just one year. CISSP is also listed as the second most common certification required by IT professionals looking to advance their careers.

A 2020 Certification Magazine survey reveals more insights into the demographics of CISSP certified holders.

  • 96.8% are employed full time
  • CISSP holders are often senior specialists (43.2%), managers (16.7%), directors (14%), senior managers (13%), specialists (6.5%), or executives (3.4%).
  • 72.1% have been involved in cybersecurity for over 10 years

CISSP remains an indicator of cybersecurity expertise and a highly desired certification for many reasons:

  • This is a certification that does more than just pass the exam. Professionals also need to have sufficient cybersecurity and IT security management experience.
  • Expert experience is validated by others in the industry holding the CISSP to ensure that new applicants meet the experience requirements.
  • You need to accumulate more education and experience while earning a CISSP certification. This is achieved by requiring CISSP-certified professionals to earn ongoing professional development credits (called CPEs) each year.
  • (ISC) 2 is governed by a board of directors elected from among CISSP holders.
  • CISSP is one of the original certifications included in DoD Policy 8570.1m (revised by DoD Policy 8140.01) and remains the primary certification used/obtained by many cybersecurity individuals.

With a certification, especially CISSP, IT professionals often get a job or experience an average salary increase of nearly 20%. Therefore, getting a CISSP or other certification is worth the investment in time and money, as it offers high salaries, professional promotion, and ongoing career benefits.


CISSP certification is intended for experienced IT professionals. Full certification requires 5 years of cumulative paid work experience in two or more CISSP subject areas. There are several options for replacing a year’s experience with a recently completed IT or security college degree, or another certification from a list of over 50 qualification options.

Your experience is backed up by another person who keeps the CISSP in good condition. This process is called approval. Complete the approval process and obtain CISSP certification within 9 months of passing the exam. If not confirmed by this date, you will lose your exam status and will need to retake the exam.

Even if you do not have the relevant 5 years of experience, you can take the CISSP exam and then have up to 6 years to gain or complete the required 5 years of experience. The route to this certification is known as the Associate of (ISC) 2. This means taking the same CISSP exam, but the confirmation period will be extended to 6 years.

One of the last questions asked when registering for an exam is whether you are aiming for an Associate of (ISC) 2. If you don’t know your experience, choose the Associate of (ISC) 2 path. You don’t have to wait six years to complete the certification. Also, if you have the relevant 5 years of experience, you can take the exam one week after passing the exam.

This approval requirement focuses on validating a candidate’s actual full-time paid work experience in the IT security arena. As a CISSP candidate, this is an important advantage. Few other certifications test both the ability to pass exams and work experience in advanced IT security operations. Once you have a CISSP certification on your resume, your recruiting organization will automatically become more attractive than non-hiring applicants.

Remember that you need to accumulate educational credits to maintain your certification. To maintain CISSP certification, you must earn 120 Continuing Education (CPE) credits every three years. Details of CPE can also be found in the (ISC) 2 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Handbook.

In addition, we will pay an annual maintenance fee (AMF) of $125 for CISSP certification. The first AMF must be paid immediately after receiving the certification and thereafter on the anniversary of each year.

Once certified, you will have access to the members-only area of the (ISC) ² site. In this area, you can track your CPE earned and pay for AMF. If you do not meet any of the requirements, the certification will be suspended, and if it is not corrected within 2 years, the certification will be terminated.

Maintaining a CISSP certification is a great benefit throughout your IT professional career. Continuing education requirements show that employers are still learning and working to maintain the latest concepts, tools, and progress-related knowledge and skills in IT security.


To prepare for the CISSP exam, there are several resources or paths to consider.

Instructor-led training

We strongly recommend that you attend the CISSP Preparation Training Course. Global Knowledge offers CISSP certification preparation courses that cover all eight areas required to pass the CISSP exam in detail.

Instructor-led classroom or virtual classroom courses allow you to immerse yourself in the concepts and details of CISSP materials. Training courses give you the opportunity to keep an eye on CISSP for the duration of the course, interact with other students and instructors to gain a deeper understanding of the topic, and get answers to your questions.


Another way to prepare is self-study. For those who already have strong core competencies in this area, this may be a good way to prepare for the CISSP exam. However, it is advisable to evaluate your skills and knowledge early on.

If you are unable to acquire the knowledge yourself, plan to attend a formal training course. To evaluate your readiness, you need to complete a mock exam of 100 to 150 questions covering all CISSP topics. If your score is 80% or higher, you can probably study for the exam yourself.


Even if you are taking an instructor-led preparatory course, you still need to supplement it with self-study. In any case, there are some resources I recommend. A good learning guide is always a good starting point. The CISSP Learning Guide 9th Edition is a good choice. This is the book Global Knowledge uses in the CISSP training course and I am one of the three authors of this book.

This includes all the topics listed in the official certification exam overview, as well as many other topics that support, relate to, or complete the knowledge and understanding of key topics. This book contains end-chapter questions that are also available online via the test engine.

Online resources include, in addition to the questions at the end of the chapter, an additional 500 questions grouped into four practice tests of 125 questions, not in the book, a large glossary, and over 1,000 flashcards. It will be.

For additional practice questions, I recommend the following:

  • The CISSP Official Practice Tests 3rd edition
  • The quiz engine at
  • The practice questions from Boson

Regardless of which degree you choose, check the certification exam overview regularly to make sure you fully understand all the points listed. You also need to conclude your preparation by completing a number of full-length mock tests (100-150 questions) and consistently trying to get 80% correct answers. This should indicate that you are ready to take and pass the CISSP exam.


The cybersecurity field is growing rapidly. It’s so fast that there are vacancies waiting to be filled by qualified people. Are you one of those who are ready to change your career for the future?

Cybersecurity is a field of technology, methodology, and practice focused on protecting electronic information and the systems that support it from breaches and attacks. As a society, we all have become heavily dependent on computers, networks, and data storage.

This puts them at risk of loss or breach of these data systems. There is an ever-increasing need for people with knowledge and experience in implementing and managing security.


Just like anyone looking for a new job or job change, the first step is to investigate what opportunities there are. The initial evaluation of the offer will give you a better understanding of the available positions and the minimum requirements for each type of position.

In the summary of available security positions, you can see some commonly required certifications. Among these, it may emphasize the requirements of (ISC) 2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). The CISSP certification has been one of the most sought-after certifications for over 20 years and is still maintained in the security industry today.

Take the time to find out many of the vacancies you have found in your search. After considering, select a position or position that you find attractive to you. B. Quality Assurance for Cyber Security Managers, Database Security Administrators, Security Policy Readers, Security Trainers, or Security Systems.

Then, search again with your selected title or position. Find different organizations requesting applicants for that position and then take note of several items:

  1. Required certifications in addition to CISSP
  2. Required specialty education
  3. Required experience
  4. Starting and potential salary and benefits


Every company has requirements when it comes to selecting potential new hires. To get an overview of common and relevant requirements, you need to know what the market looks like.

Most personal certifications are only part of what a company expects from a new applicant. Therefore, conducting an actual location survey adds a certain sense of reality to your expectations. Having one or two qualifications under your belt is rarely enough to land a new job. And these positions that can be achieved with minimal certification are unlikely to be rewarded at the marquee level.

Over the past year or so, salary surveys have shown that cybersecurity jobs include more than $100,000 a year in salaries and benefits. However, if you don’t read the details of these flashy headlines, a high-paying career may require years of specialized secondary education, dozens of certifications, and often more than 10 years of relevant experience. You may have overlooked the fact.

Be realistic. The highest rewards are paid to those who have the knowledge and skills to solve problems and improve the security system of the organization. You will get higher rewards when you stand out from the crowd with proven achievements of excellence.

Find the position you can get now, and find what you need to climb your company’s ladder towards your dream job. This often involves gaining more knowledge, gaining additional certifications, developing new skills, and challenging the workplace to show management skills.

As a global learning provider, 591Lab offers CISSP certification preparation courses to help senior IT professionals take and pass the CISSP exam. Take courses with the modality that suits your schedule and learning style to achieve your learning and certification goals.

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