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CompTIA Project+ Certification enhances your career

CompTIA Project+ | eBook

CompTIA Project+ certifies professionals’ knowledge and skills in project management. CompTIA certification Project+ verifies the ability to initiate, manage and support a project or business initiative. And it’s not just for IT technicians; Project+ is designed for anyone who wants to validate their project management experience.

Project management is one of the most in-demand skill sets in the business world. Even minor projects can benefit from project management processes. Well-managed projects save time and focus on company goals. CompTIA Project+ certification validates the communication and business skills needed to manage projects, complete projects on time, and provide you stay within budget.

What about the course?

The Project+ certification by CompTIA certification demonstrates that you have shown excellent skills in managing small and medium-sized projects and validates the project management skills you have acquired through this course.

As with all certifications, Project+ certification enables employers to recognise your professional qualifications and skills as a project manager, and your employer may consider you for promotion based on additional certifications. Moreover, if you want to become a project manager, hiring a manager with this certification can help you make an easier decision because CompTIA’s Project+ certification will increase your chances of being hired or promoted as a project manager recognized by leading industry players. The certificate proves that you are capable, skilled and knowledgeable in handling various projects for your organization.

The program covers the entire project management lifecycle and requires candidates to demonstrate the skills necessary to manage a project from scratch to completion. The CompTIA certification Project+ exam also covers business management and interpersonal skills – essential in addition to project management skills to successfully make any business venture or project.

Additionally, we recommend that those wishing to obtain any other professionally recognized project management certification go with Project+ first, as it will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to clear those certifications.

Is this the proper certification for you?

CompTIA Project+ can help you understand project management concepts if your primary goal is to manage projects. That, too, without spending the time and money that major project management certifications demand. Also, it would be ideal for specialists who work on smaller, less complex projects as part of their other job responsibilities but still need basic project management skills.

Also, CompTIA Project+ is more flexible than other CompTIA certifications. Because it encompasses all essential project management concepts beyond the confines of just one methodology or framework, however, it provides a high-level introduction to Agile as part of a domain.

Target Audience for CompTIA Project+

CompTIA Project+ is excellent for entry-level project managers or those looking to succeed on small to large projects. This specialized project management certification addresses multiple frameworks to offer holistic project management skills.

However, Project+ is not only for IT practitioners but also for anyone who wants to test his presentation and business skills:

  1. First, manage the project with determination.
  2. Subsequently, completing work on time and within budget.
  3. Last but not least, effectively initiate, implement, monitor, and close a project.

Furthermore, you can expect to receive more information about the project lifecycle. Further, it includes project constraints, best communication methods, resource management, documentation protocols and organization of stakeholders.

Also, CompTIA Project+ is for business professionals who organize or manage small to medium-sized projects inside and outside the IT world.

Objectives of the CompTIA Project+

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Manage projects and business initiatives.
  2. Gain essential core knowledge of the project lifecycle.
  3. Define the roles and skills required to effectively initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control and close a project.

Preliminary Exam Details

The CompTIA Project+ exam focuses on three critical skill sets for successful IT project management. These include- critical business awareness, project management administration best practices and norms and critical interpersonal skills.

This CompTIA certification tests at least twelve months of project management experience with the ability to collaborate with technical components or execute projects. Also, the test emphasizes projectability on social, business and technical issues.

CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 is a 90-minute exam. This exam consists of a maximum of 95 multiple-choice questions. To qualify, you need to score 710 or above on a scale of 100-900. The test is only available in English and Japanese.

As far as the price of the test is concerned, it is USD329. But. This price may vary depending on different areas of the world. So, check it before applying for the CompTIA certification exam. And finally, CompTIA Project+ certification is granted for life and does not require renewal. So, here is a significant relief. Unlike other certifications, this certification is for life.

What will you learn in CompTIA Project+?

When you successfully pass the CompTIA Project+ exam, you will learn to plan and manage IT-related projects that can benefit your organisation. Also, if you get a certificate to further your career, it will help you in this. Second, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of any task you are allowed to do. You can effectively communicate with different teams simultaneously to ensure sound project management. Third, you can deliver projects on time that will positively impact your organization’s performance and you. Finally, you can quickly satisfy and retain your clients by providing them with their requirements.

Benefits of CompTIA Project+

Because the course is specifically designed for business and IT professionals and has no prerequisites, this CompTIA certification falls into the entry-level certification for project management. This course is best suited for people already supporting an ongoing project in their organization. It covers the entire project lifecycle in one system – from planning to execution and closure – you’re sure to profit. The skills you need to improve your organization’s performance and your career. You must answer about 80 questions in 90 minutes to pass the exam.

However, to pass the exam, you are advised to study using project management books and QuickStart’s comprehensive training guide to pass the CompTIA Project+ exam. By choosing training modules designed by QuickStart, nothing can stand in your way of becoming a successful project manager. CompTIA Project+ improves:

  1. Your ability to lead projects
  2. Your ability to make any project a success
  3. Your communication skills
  4. Your budgeting ability
  5. Your wealth planning and wealth allocation skills


One can conclude that this entry-level project management certification helps you manage small and medium-sized projects better. This eases your path to earning other higher-level project management certifications. CompTIA Project+ is not a replacement for year-long project management certifications, but it does help prepare you for them. Also, if you’re trying to get into project management and want to consider the cost factor, the Project+ certification is your best bet.

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