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A Comprehensive Guide: CompTIA Security+ Vs. Isc2 CC

A Comprehensive Guide To COMPTIA Security + vs ISC2 CC

This article compares and contrasts two well-known cybersecurity certifications: CompTIA Security+ vs. ISC2’s CC. Furthermore, these credentials are the product of esteemed organizations well-known within the cybersecurity community. For professionals who are willing to improve their abilities and marketability, they provide unique benefits and career possibilities. Let us examine the organizations that are in charge of these certifications.

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CompTIA is a well-known international trade group for IT professionals, founded in 1993. It is famous for its vendor-neutral certification programs and has certified over 2 million IT professionals across various industries, including cybersecurity.

ISC2 is a distinct organization that focuses exclusively on cybersecurity. This NGO commits to teaching and advocating for cybersecurity professionals. It also aims to develop a workforce capable of handling present and future cyber threats.

Security+ is one of CompTIA’s most notable certifications. Along with the A+ and Network+, it is part of CompTIA’s core certification series. For those just beginning their cybersecurity careers, the Security+ certification is a popular option because it covers fundamental cybersecurity principles well.

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CompTIA Security+ vs ISC2 CC

When comparing the ISC2 CC with the CompTIA Security+ certification, it’s essential to understand each certification’s unique features and advantages.

ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC)

ISC2 recently announced the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification to equip industry novices with essential cybersecurity information. Moreover, this certification is free of charge, so anyone keen to start a cybersecurity job has an excellent chance. ISC2’s goal to certify one million people in cybersecurity is proof of its dedication to meeting the growing demand for qualified professionals. Those without any cybersecurity expertise are the target audience for the CC certification, giving them a solid platform to pursue employment prospects in the field.

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+( SY0-701) certification, on the other hand, is a well-established credential that focuses specifically on cybersecurity. While ISC2’s CC and Security+ focus on cybersecurity, many see Security+ as a more advanced version of CompTIA’s Network+ certification. Furthermore, Security+ regards the industry as one of the top entry-level certifications for people interested in a career in cybersecurity. Its comprehensive curriculum covers essential cybersecurity concepts, preparing candidates for various roles within the field.

CompTIA Security+ vs. ISC2 CC: Exam Format Comparison

CompTIA Security+ vs. ISC2 CC: Exam Format Comparison

To learn about the distinctions and similarities between the CompTIA Security+ and ISC2 CC test formats, let’s take a closer look.

Length and Number of Questions

The ISC2 CC exam lasts 2 hours, whereas the Security+ exam is slightly shorter, spanning 90 minutes. Regarding the number of questions, both exams present a similar volume. The CC exam comprises 100 questions, while Security+ features slightly fewer, around 90 questions. This equates to roughly one question per minute for Security+.

Format and Question Types

Both exams utilize multiple-choice questions. However, Security+ distinguishes itself by including performance-based questions designed to assess problem-solving abilities in real-world scenarios. These questions can appear as simulations on the test. Moreover, the testing system may place the applicant in simulated surroundings. This method allows for a thorough assessment of their subject-matter competence.

Passing Score and Exam Refresh Dates

To pass the CC test, candidates must first earn 700 points or more out of a possible 1000. They must, however, get at least 750 out of 900 points to be certified with the Security+ credential. On August 29, 2022, the CC Exam was released. Conversely, the Security+ exam underwent its latest refresh on November 7, 2023, ensuring it remains updated with industry standards.

Testing Provider

Exams are only at Pearson VUE testing locations, well-known for providing a highly secure and uniform testing environment. These testing centers, in particular, give the candidates optimal testing settings, ensuring an environment that will support them. With a vast network of testing locations and advanced infrastructure and technology to ensure the integrity and security of the testing process, Pearson VUE is a trusted name in the industry.

CompTIA Security+ vs. ISC2 CC Certification Training

To see how the ISC2 CC and CompTIA Security+ exams differ, let’s look at the certification training courses and their weight for each.

CompTIA Security+ vs. ISC2 CC Certification Training

ISC2 CC Certification Training

The CC exam modules and their weightings are as follows:

  • Security Principles (26%): Covers key concepts like risk management, authentication, the CIA triangle (confidentiality, integrity, and availability), governance procedures, and pertinent legal frameworks like GDPR.
  • Incident Response, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery (10%): Examines incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery’s goals, significance, and constituent parts.
  • Access Control Concepts (22%): focuses on RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), CCTV, gated entry, and least privileges, among other logical and physical access controls.
  • Network Security (18%): Covers topics related to computer networking, including IPv4, IPv6, TCP-IP models, network risks, and overall network security infrastructure.
  • Security Operations (18%): This section discusses system hardening, encryption, data handling, logging and monitoring security events, and best practices for security policies.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

For the SY0-701 exam, the Security+ modules and their weightings are:

  • General Security Concepts (12%): This section includes a range of security measures, foundational ideas, procedures for managing changes, and cryptographic solutions.
  • Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Mitigations (22%): This section covers attack services, vulnerability analysis, threat actors, threat vectors, mitigation strategies, and signs of malicious behavior.
  • Security Architecture (18%): Examines the security implications of various architecture models, data protection tactics, enterprise infrastructure security, resilience, and recovery.
  • Security Operations (28%): This section discusses hardware, software, and data asset management, identity and access management, incident response automation and orchestration, security strategies, alerting and monitoring concepts and tools, and vulnerability management.
  • Security Program Management and Oversight (20%): Includes information on risk management procedures, third-party risk evaluations, audits, assessments, security awareness programs, and security compliance.

CompTIA Security+ vs. ISC2 CC: Career Opportunities

Now, let’s examine the many work options open to individuals who have obtained the CompTIA Security+ certification and the ISC2 CC exam.

Employers highly regard both certifications as reliable measures of your cybersecurity expertise and understanding. You may be sure that having either certification will improve your cybersecurity abilities and lead to various job options.

Certifications in security management require one to take charge of an organization’s security policies and procedures, execute security solutions with utmost diligence, and keep a close eye on security logs. Implementing and maintaining security protocols with utmost efficiency and assertiveness is imperative. Taking all necessary measures to protect the system against potential threats is crucial. These positions include, for instance, network or system administrator, network or cloud engineer, and security engineer or analyst. These positions are but a handful of the numerous options in the cybersecurity industry. Getting certified as either an ISC2 CC or CompTIA Security+ will help your employment prospects if these are the fields you want to work in.

CompTIA Security+ vs ISC2 CC: Considerations for Choosing

There are a few things to consider while choosing between the CompTIA Security+ and ISC2 CC certifications.

Depending on background knowledge and preferred learning methods, each person learns cybersecurity issues uniquely and to varied degrees of ease or difficulty. Regardless of how easy or difficult cybersecurity is, both certificates will provide some challenges as you work through the exam topics. Consequently, choosing which certification best suits your skills and gives you the most chance of success is critical.

It is important to consider the bigger picture of your position. The ISC2 CC test is free now, but you must pay for the Security+ exam. Depending on your budget and goals, this difference in cost may make you change your mind.

Finally, compare the topics covered in each certification test to your existing knowledge, skills, and preferred learning methods to determine which certification will help you reach your job goals.

Watch the video below for an explanation of the CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 exam


If you lack a cybersecurity or information technology background, the ISC2 CC certification is an excellent choice. It caters to newcomers to the field by offering a more beginner-friendly approach and providing more time for addressing inquiries.

CompTIA Security+ does not have official qualifications, so anyone can start. However, those with prior IT knowledge or A-plus/Network-plus credentials will have an advantage.


Is ISC2 CC same as security+?

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is not the same as ISC2 CC. For those new to cybersecurity and with little to no professional experience, the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification is the entry-level qualification. In my opinion, compared to CC, the Security+ exam is harder and covers a lot more domains.

Which is better ISC2 or CompTIA?

Your professional level and goals will determine which ISC2 or CompTIA certification is preferable. CompTIA provides a solid foundation in cybersecurity and IT for those just starting out, while ISC2 is ideal for seasoned workers looking for advanced cybersecurity validation. Based on your professional goals and experience level, make a decision.

What is the difference between CompTIA Security Plus and CC?

The entry-level CompTIA Security+ certification, which focuses on fundamental cybersecurity practices and concepts, can benefit beginners. A more recent entry-level certification from ISC2, the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC), is intended to verify fundamental cybersecurity knowledge and abilities. It can springboard to more complex ISC2 certifications, such as the CISSP. Both serve professionals who are just starting, but separate organizations provide them with different certification pathways.

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