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Easy Tips for NSE Certification

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Fortinet NSE Certification is designed to help you understand the technologies and benefits of its products to further contribute to your organisation’s IT foundation and develop the proper knowledge and capabilities to address current cyber security threats. Each accreditation level of the NSE program means surveying a precise degree of system administration skills from the establishment to designing. NSE is an objective indicator of a competitor’s specialised knowledge in technical skills, which is an essential asset for individuals and current and future employers.

Benefits of completing the NSE certification program

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) certification program is designed to provide aspiring experts with independent validation of their organisation’s security capabilities and background. It was shipped in 2015, with over 250,000 NCEs accredited. People gain legitimacy within the organisation’s security network by achieving NSE certifications. It is an eight-level training program that includes a wide range of self-directed and instruction-based courses, including activities demonstrating mastery of practical and complex organisation security concepts. In 2019, the Cyber Security Breakthrough Awards program awarded NSE for “Professional Certification Program of the Year”.

Advantages of completing the NSE Certification Program:

  • Security experts are recognised in the business.
  • Organisation security items affect the full scope of Fortinet.
  • Develop integrated systems and eliminate/eliminate hazards.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for current and potential managers.
  • Verify your organisation’s security qualifications and experience.

Eight levels of NSE

  1. Network Security Associate-1
  2. Network Security Associate-2
  3. Network Security Associate-3
  4.  Network Security Professional
  5. Network Security Analyst
  6. Network Security Specialist
  7. Network Security Architect
  8. Network Security Architect
NSE Certification Certs
NSE Certification Certs

About the certification exam

Many applicants want to complete the course and get the certification on their first attempt. One can succeed in the exam by understanding and learning the syllabus and studying the material properly.

  • The exam voucher will be valid for one year (365 days).
  • You can use the exam voucher only once.
  • You can take your Fortinet NSE certification exam at home through the Pearson VUE service, OnVUE Online Administration. A live representative will provide you with a secure test insight via a webcam at your workstation.
  • You can download the course completion certification from the available dashboard.
  • Those who fail the test can retake the test 15 days after the failed attempt, on days including Saturdays and Sundays.


The NSE certification course will help you become recognised in the business of security experts. The authorities will identify technical skills, and they will approve your organisation’s security skills and experience. There are eight levels of certification. You are free to choose and study courses as per individual aptitude. It does not mean you are NSE certified by attending the course. Completing the systems is not mandatory.


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