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EC-Council CEH Certification Career in 2022

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Organizations often turn to skilled, certified ethical hackers (CEHs) for assistance due to data breaches and other destructive actions cybercriminals employ to gain unauthorized access and control over sensitive information. These experts break into customers’ systems like evil hackers to find vulnerabilities that could expose or compromise systems and assess the organization’s overall security posture.

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) used the slogan “To beat a hacker, you have to think like one” to promote their vendor-neutral ethical hacker certification. This article will explain precisely how CEHv11 certification offers a wide range of job opportunities, benefits and higher compensation.

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Is this the right time to choose a CEH career?

Although this job is very different from the glamorous, exciting jobs depicted in many movies, if there have the necessary skills, talent and mindset, now is the time to pursue one because, according to research, there is a persistent shortage. CEH talent. The field of ethical hacking is thriving. The demand will continue to increase in the future.

Many ethical hacking positions are made possible by the demand for trained cybersecurity personnel to fight cybercrime, according to CISOMAG. Moreover, it is clear why much IT-related security or cyber security experts are interested in going into the ethical hacking industry, given the vast number of open opportunities right now.

One way to join the ranks of ethical hackers is to take relevant courses and obtain the necessary certifications. A pillar of ethical hacking, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) accreditation from the EC-Council has raised the bar for the sector. It will teach vulnerability assessment and hacking methods through CEHv11 certification. This training will teach the skills to identify, confirm, contain, and eliminate security issues. Those who pursue certification will increase their knowledge in topics such as SQL injection, session hijacking, social engineering, network scanning, system hacking, sniffing, and vulnerability analysis.

According to studies of CEH holders, holding a certification frequently elevates professional prestige and level of job satisfaction, and it offers a competitive edge when applying for employment with high salaries.


CEH Job Rule

What types of jobs are available to CEHv11-certified individuals?

Updates to the CEH Exam Blueprint v4.0 and brand-new study materials for CEH v11 now include more than 500 new threat and vulnerability scenarios. Those who pursue certification will increase their knowledge of various subjects, such as SQL injection, session hijacking, social engineering, network scanning, system hacking, sniffing, and vulnerability analysis.

  • Info Security Manager, average salary $117,528; range $77k to $154k
  • Engineer in cyber security (pay range: $73k-$146k; average: $109,706)
  • Penetration Tester ($61,001 – $149,001; average pay: $94,405)
  • Security Consultant (Computing/Networking/Information Technology) salary range: $67k – $155k/avg. $101,939) Security Analyst (pay range: $53k – $101k/avg. $72,118)

Job titles like “manager” or “engineer” seem to be the most profitable for a CEH. The most in-demand abilities and how they affect pay are also listed below.

  • 8% (on average $89,300/year) of network security management
  • 2% (on average $85,000/year) of IT security and infrastructure

The best geographic locations for CEH jobs

Some of the “hot” cities in the United States for ethical hacker employment and their associated wages as of 2022 are as follows:

  • Washington, DC: $101,219 – $129,445
  • Boston, Massachusetts: $102,447 to $131,015
  • New York, NY: $109,384 – $139,887
  • Chicago, Illinois: $96,463 – $123,362
  • Dallas, Texas: $90,335 to $115,526
  • San Francisco, Carlifonia : $113,658 – $145,352
  • Miami, FL: $88,518 – $113,202

A CEH is likely to make a good living regardless of which large city they choose to work in, with the average ethical hacker income in the United States being $101,934 and a normal compensation range between $90,926 and $116,282.

Which businesses are the greatest for CEH?

More businesses today recognize the value of using highly competent ethical hackers to test systems (computers, networks, or devices) and create corrective, preventative, and defensive countermeasures against possible risks before a compromise or cyberattack happens.

The 18-year-old Certified Ethical Hacker curriculum, which EC-Council introduced in 2003, has gained the respect and backing of the National Security Agency, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. military. Professionals with CEHv11 certification have a lot of great possibilities with these businesses. Nevertheless, many for-profit companies and contractors that work for the government are also among the biggest employers.

Some of the best businesses to work for as a CEH are listed below, along with

  • Ernst & Young: $122,500 Linquest Corporation: $151,425
  • $115,039 Capital One Financial Corp
  • $113,000 The Boeing Company
  • $104,694 General Dynamics Information Technology Inc.
  • $90,227 Booz Allen Hamilton
  • US DoD: $82,500
  • $75,848 US Air Force
  • $71,000 US Navy
  • $67,343 US Army

The private sector seems to provide the CEH positions with the best salaries.

CEH salary

Years of experience for CEH professionals

The overall number of years of work experience a person has, while being a CEH is a significant advantage, also influences employment demand and salary level. PayScale estimates that an entry-level CEH with under a year of experience will make an average total salary of $80,433, whilst an early career CEH with 1-4 years of experience would get an average salary of $82,937. The average pay for a mid-career CEH with 5 to 9 years of experience is $86,476; by contrast, the average total compensation for an experienced CEH with 10 to 19 years of experience is $95,000.

Males predominate over females in the field of ethical hacking, according to PayScale’s study of professionals, with a gender ratio of 85.7% male to 14.3% female.

What is some advice for those with CEHv11 certifications?

Although, People are Considering the next professional move or the best possibility in this field of employment after earning the certificate.

A certification like CEH will help one stand out from the crowd. So, anyone looking to pursue a career in ethical hacking should consider how to highlight it. It also demonstrates how it relates to the job. And they’re going for the company as a whole.

The organization, its mission, and key management should always be thoroughly researched. But it’s also important to be prepared to explain how the certified skills will be valued.

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Is the EC-Council CEH worth it?

Cybercrime Magazine editor’s list of the most popular security certifications for IT professionals in 2022 includes EC-Council CEH. Therefore, those interested in making a name for themselves in this field can use it to prove their knowledge. Also, think expertise in determining the security posture of a target system or systems and carrying out impact risk analyses.

Any IT security expert’s résumé would benefit from adding the CEH, which provides prospects for professional growth. Time and money are both valuable investments.

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