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Five Microsoft Certifications for 2023

Microsoft Certification

IT certifications from the Microsoft Certification Program show a person’s competency in a specific IT function and can result in several professional and non-professional benefits. For instance, according to studies, possessing an IT certification boosts the chances of landing a job (or a promotion). Over 80% of hiring managers agree that doing so is a medium to high priority when making recruiting decisions.

Microsoft’s two most well-known products are Windows and Office productivity systems. However, the company has a much more comprehensive range of products to choose from, including hardware (such as tablets, PCs, keyboards, and mice), video games (like the Xbox 360), and online services (including Bing, MSN, and advertising), and more. Along with its system and application solutions, the company runs a robust certification program producing competent administrators and technicians.

Microsoft has several certification programs to help people advance their careers while learning new skills. These include Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCTS).

Why pursue Microsoft Certifications?

A Microsoft Certification is an internationally recognized indicator of practical skills. A Microsoft Certification demonstrates a dedication to keeping up with quickly evolving technology and qualifies individuals for higher competence, productivity, and financial reward in professional employment.

  • Technical experts who obtained certification reported promotions and a rise in compensation of 35% and 26%, respectively1. On average, IT specialists who earn a relevant, role-based technical certification outperform their non-certified counterparts by 26%2.
  • Team leaders can anticipate a higher-performing workforce if they assist and motivate their teams to pursue certification. A corporation that invests in its employees’ talents through certificates will retain them.
  • A Microsoft Certification is another excellent entry point into the computer sector. Being certified by Microsoft demonstrates knowledge, which is useful for someone entering the field.

Windows Server Administration (WSA)

Anyone interested in operating Windows servers should enrol in the MCSA WSA program. This certification covers managing Windows Server environments using PowerShell, Active Directory, Group Policy, and other technologies. Also, learn how to deploy apps and services over several servers.

IT professionals may demonstrate their technical proficiency with Microsoft certifications by passing tests specific to their sector. The certifications cover various Microsoft concepts, philosophies, and principles. People with Microsoft certifications typically earn higher wages and are well-recognized throughout the broader information technology industry.

Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and 2008 are covered in this course. It aids in test preparation and success for server administration. The unique and comprehensive Microsoft certification course, Windows Server Administration Fundamentals, explains server storage, roles, installation, setup, maintenance, and performance.

The certification should pursue by anybody interested in learning about Microsoft servers’ guiding principles and concepts.

  • Internationally renowned 
  • Microsoft Server management
  • server installation
  • Management of servers 
  • Management of servers 
  • examples from real life

Microsoft Certifications: Azure Solutions Architect (ASA)

Candidate preparation for the Azure Solutions Architect position is the ASA certification’s goal. It is one of three certifications that Microsoft offers that gear at cloud computing solutions. Candidates must pass two tests for the certification. While the second test focuses on creating and deploying private and public clouds, the first exam deals with designing and executing hybrid cloud systems.

To be certified as an Azure Solutions Architect, one must pass the AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams. Before taking them, no Associate-level examinations should pass. Azure technology is the subject of the AZ-300 exam, whereas design is the focus of the AZ-301 test.

AZ-303 Certification Exam

The subjects covered in the AZ-303 test are shown below, along with how heavily each part weighs:

  • Infrastructure Deployment and Configuration (25–30%)
  • Implement security and workloads (20–25%)
  • Develop and Release Apps (5–10%)
  • Authentication and secure data implementation (5–10%)
  • Create for Azure Storage and the Cloud (20–25%)

The first portion is the longest and covers many subjects, including networking, Azure Active Directory, virtual machines, and storage. For the exam, someone must possess in-depth knowledge of these subjects. For instance, in addition to building a virtual machine, one needs to understand how to use Azure Resource Manager to automate VM deployment and make the system highly accessible. Knowing how to link virtual networks in the area is necessary using VNET peering, and virtual network gateways are required. Must understand how to synchronize Azure Active Directory with an on-premises Active Directory server and enable single sign-on in the region of Azure Active Directory.

AZ-304 Certification Exam

The following are the subjects covered in the AZ-304 test:

  • Calculate the required workload (10–15%)
  • Identity and security-related design (20–25%)
  • Solution Design for a Data Platform (15–20%)
  • Make a plan for business continuity (15–20%)
  • Design for Integration, Migration, and Deployment (10–15%)
  • Create a strategy for infrastructure (15–20%)

According to experts, AZ-301 is more complicated than AZ-300 since it requires applying a thorough understanding of IT architecture to Azure solution designs. This is particularly true for the exam’s first portion, which calls for broad knowledge of various topics related to creating IT infrastructures, including capacity planning, governance, and maintainability. Optimizing Azure expenses and making a monitoring plan are the issues in this part that are more specifically related to Azure.

Data Fundamental (DP)

The purpose of the DP certification is to prepare candidates for the position of data platform administrator. Infrastructure services such as storage systems, databases, and other managers manage to store and handle massive volumes of data. To obtain the certification, candidates must pass four tests covering a specific job-related topic. While the second test looks at how to create and implement a SQL Server system, the first exam covers database administration fundamentals. The fourth test covers configuring and maintaining Linux servers, whereas the third exam analyzes managing and troubleshooting Windows Server systems.

This test is a chance to show that one understands fundamental data principles and the associated Microsoft Azure data services. Candidates for this test should be familiar with the self-paced or instructor-led study materials for Exam DP-900.

The target audience for this test is candidates just starting to deal with data in the cloud. Candidates should know relational and non-relational data and various data workloads, such as analytical or transactional workloads.

To be prepared for more Azure role-based certifications, such as Azure Database Administrator Associate or Azure Data Engineer Associate, passionate can use Azure Data Fundamentals. It is not a must for any of them, however.

Skills evaluation

  • Explain fundamental data principles (25–30%)
  • Determine relational data on Azure factors (20–25%)
  • Describe the factors to consider while using non-relational data on Azure (15–20%).
  • Describe a workload for analytics on Azure (25–30%)

Customer Data Platform Specialty(MB-260)

The MB-260 certification is necessary to operate as a database Data Platform Specialist. This one is one of the few certificates that do not require prior experience. Candidates must pass three tests covering a different occupational area to obtain the MB-260 certification. The first exam gauges applicants’ comprehension of data platforms and ideas, while the second examines candidates’ ability to build and implement data-driven solutions. Utilizing data platform tools to investigate performance issues and improve queries is covered in the final test.

Skills evaluation

  • The competencies evaluated on the test for this certification include this list. See the related test specifics page and Obtain the exam skills outline for more information.
  • Create customer insight-based products.
  • Data import into Customer Insights.
  • By combining, create client profiles. Data
  • Use AI forecasts in Customer Insights.
  • Create segments and measurements.
  • Set up external connections.
  • Take care of Customer Insights.

Assume that competence is in implementing technologies that monitor engagement activities, offer insight into customer profiles, and improve customer experiences. This qualification may serve as a badge of expertise and aid employment.

Before applying for this certification, candidates must have hands-on expertise with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Power Query, Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model, Microsoft Power Platform, and one or more Dynamics 365 apps. Additionally, enthusiasm should know first-hand data protection, consent, compliance, and security standards.

It also calls for prior knowledge of KPI processes, data preservation, validation, visualization, planning, matching, segmentation, and augmentation. A fundamental understanding of Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Synapse Analytics would be desirable.

SharePoint Designer (SPD)

SharePoint administrators utilize the online application SharePoint Designer (SPSD) to manage site collections and the sites inside them. This certification covers the fundamentals of SPSD, including setting up new areas and controlling users’ access. Candidates should be able to add site templates and manage site settings and other administration-related activities for site collections.

SharePoint certification credentials

The three levels of SharePoint certification are within the Modern Workplace Microsoft job path.
  • Fundamental. A beginner’s level is for people starting with SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online or considering a career change.
  • Associate. This level presumes two years of complete platform usage experience. Those who choose the Associate level are not required to complete the Fundamental level.
  • Expert. The level demands 2–5 years of extensive technical SharePoint experience. Additionally, obtaining the Associate level is a prerequisite for obtaining the Expert class.

The SharePoint certifications and the examinations needed to achieve them describes here.

Starting Microsoft Certifications journey

The overview of certificates, where People may look through credentials by position or level, is a beautiful place to start. On the explore certificates page, energetic may filter and search if aminated already know the certification wish to pursue.

The certification information page, which includes a list of the tests an action must pass to acquire it, may be accessed by clicking the name of any certification. While some qualifications only need one test, some demand several. Additionally, find links to registration on the details page and specifics on the evaluated abilities. Each test also features a details page with information particular to that exam.

Getting Ready for the Microsoft Certifications Test 

Review the list of competencies on the test information page to get started. Individuals may receive a thorough summary of what will evaluate here. Schedule the test if enthusiastic people already possess the necessary abilities. Check out the certification or test detail sites for further possibilities, such as:

  • Microsoft Learn free online training. 
  • Instructor-led instruction. 
  • Practice questions.
  • Microsoft Press provides additional study resources.
  • Microsoft Learning Partners provides the training.

Visit: for Exam preparation to learn more about these and other strategies to be ready.

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