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Fortinet Certification Path for 2024

Fortinet Certification Path for 2024

Cybersecurity is important, and it drives the demand for skilled professionals. Fortinet, a cybersecurity leader, offers a detailed certification program to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills to combat cyber threats. The Fortinet Certification Path offers training for all skill levels, from beginners to experts. It confirms your technical skills and can help advance your career.

This program provides a structured path for achieving professional goals in cybersecurity. Whether you are just starting or moving up, Fortinet certifications prove your expertise in their advanced security technologies. This article covers the Fortinet certification levels, requirements, benefits, and real-world uses. It helps you make smart choices about your career and shows how you can be a valuable asset in the industry.

Fortinet Product Matrix

Fortinet Product Matrix

The Fortinet product matrix provides a strong defense mechanism against today’s threats. Here are some applications of the Fortinet product matrix:

  • FortiGate Firewalls: These are the next-generation firewalls that are the principal conductors. They control traffic and enforce security policies at a higher level.
  • FortiGuard Security Services: These services provide many levels of protection, including web filtering, virus removal, and intrusion blocking. They are well-orchestrated string sections that protect against threats.
  • FortiAP Series: These solutions protect wireless access points. They operate like watchful oboes surrounding a widening wireless frontier.
  • FortiSwitch Series: High-performance routers and switches make up the dependable percussion section. They also anchor your network’s communication system.
  • FortiClient: It offers protection and telemetry programs like brass section patrolling individual instruments.
  • FortiMail: FortiMail is essential for secure electronic messaging solutions. It protects the transmission of health, financial, and other important data, primarily in healthcare and other industries.
  • FortiWeb: Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are the agile woodwind section. They help to guard web applications against complex attacks.
  • FortiSIEM: Security information and event management software. It works as a vigilant assistant by analyzing the logs and finding threats.
  • FortiNAC: Network Access Control, or NAC solutions, are the gatekeeper brass section in this equation. They ensure that only authorized devices connect to your network.
  • FortiDDoS: This solution serves as a loud cymbal crash. It protects the network against DDOS attacks to protect operations.

These individual security solutions function when integrated into the Fortinet product matrix. These tools make managing your site easy and dealing with threats effective. They help you protect your company from current and future dangers.

Fortinet Certification Path and Tracks

Fortinet Certification Path and Tracks.

The Fortinet Certification Program, known as the Network Security Expert (NSE) Certification program, validates the skills and knowledge of cybersecurity professionals in using Fortinet’s security solutions. This program is important in cybersecurity because it prepares professionals to manage new security challenges and technologies. As of October 1, 2023, Fortinet has updated its certification program to include new certifications, replacing the older NSE levels. These updates aim to simplify the certification process and better align with the growing cybersecurity.

Fortinet Certified Fundamentals (FCF)

The Fortinet Certified Fundamentals (FCF) certification is an entry point into cybersecurity for professionals. It validates one’s mastery of the fundamental concepts, threat landscape, and introductory skills required in this field. The FCF curriculum comprises courses that cover the current cyber threat environment and lay the groundwork for understanding essential cybersecurity principles.

This certification is highly recommended for entry-level cybersecurity professionals or individuals looking to start a career in this domain. It is also beneficial for professionals who require a high-level understanding of common cybersecurity concepts, such as those in non-technical roles like sales or executive positions.

To obtain the FCF certification, candidates must successfully complete the core course, “Introduction to the Threat Landscape,” and one elective course within two years. The elective courses include “Getting Started in Cybersecurity” and “Technical Introduction to Cybersecurity,” providing different levels of technical expertise and job roles.

Fortinet Certified Associate (FCA)

The Fortinet Certified Associate (FCA) certification validates an individual’s ability to execute high-level operations on FortiGate devices, Fortinet’s flagship network security product line. This certification is created for cybersecurity professionals who need to perform configuration and monitoring tasks on FortiGate devices, as well as network security administrators in small and medium-sized enterprises.

The FCA curriculum revolves around the “FortiGate Operator” course, which provides practical training on the fundamental operating procedures for common FortiGate features. Candidates must complete this course and pass the associated exam to earn the FCA certification.

By obtaining the FCA certification, professionals demonstrate their proficiency in managing and operating FortiGate devices, enabling them to support and implement corporate network security policies effectively.

Fortinet Certified Professional (FCP)

The Fortinet Certified Professional (FCP) certification validates an individual’s proficiency in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting Fortinet security devices. This certification is tailored for network security administrators responsible for deploying and managing Fortinet’s security solutions within their organizations.

The FCP curriculum offers three distinct tracks:

  1. Network Security
  2. Public Cloud Security
  3. Security Operations

Each track comprises a set of courses that cover advanced configurations, management, and specialized topics relevant to the respective domain.

To earn the FCP certification, candidates must pass the core exam and one elective exam within their chosen track.

  • The core courses provide a detailed understanding of FortiGate administration, security, and infrastructure.
  • The elective courses cover specialized areas such as cloud security, security operations, and advanced network security concepts.

Fortinet Certified Security Specialist (FCSS)

The Fortinet Certified Security Specialist (FCSS) certification validates an individual’s advanced skills in specialized areas of network security. This certification is designed for professionals who require in-depth expertise in specific Fortinet security solutions and domains.

The FCSS curriculum offers five distinct tracks: Network Security, OT Security, Public Cloud Security, Secure Access Service Edge, and Security Operations. Each track comprises a set of courses that cover advanced topics and techniques relevant to the respective specialization.

To earn the FCSS certification, candidates must pass the core exam and one elective exam within their chosen track.

  • The core courses provide a complete understanding of the specialized domain.
  • The elective courses allow candidates to further deepen their knowledge in specific areas of interest.

Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX)

The Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX) in Cybersecurity certification is the highest lvof the Fortinet certification program. It validates a candidate’s complete knowledge of how to design, configure, and troubleshoot complex network security systems. This certification is intended for networking and security experts who use Fortinet solutions extensively and have significant experience with complex network environments.

To achieve the FCX certification, candidates must pass a written exam and a practical exam.

  • The written exam assesses the candidate’s ability to design, configure, and troubleshoot network security using Fortinet products.
  • The practical exam involves hands-on tasks that test the candidate’s real-world skills in managing and securing complex networks.
NSE8 lab topology

Before taking the FCX exams, candidates should complete the required Professional and Solution Specialist certification training and have extensive experience with production experience with Fortinet products. This certification is perfect for professionals who want to demonstrate their highest level of expertise in Fortinet’s cybersecurity solutions and take on advanced projects and leadership roles in the field.

Exam Overview

The NSE 8 practical exam is a rigorous assessment. It requires a candidate to set up. Then, verify an entire network scenario, including the Fortinet solutions.
It takes 15 classroom hours and is divided between Day 1 and Day 2: 9 hours on the first day and 6 on the second.

Exam Structure

  • The exam has 38 tasks. The candidates must solve by configuring and integrating several Fortinet solutions.
  • About 80% of the tasks are assigned to the students on the first day, with the remaining 20% given on the second day.

Exam Delivery

  • The NSE 8 practical exam is online and monitored via ProctorU to provide test security.
  • The exam tasks are in a virtualized lab environment. Candidates can access tasks from home or office.


  • Complete all tasks successfully to earn full credit. Partial credit is not awarded.
  • Candidates receive a pass or fail result without receiving a numerical grade. An Exam Summary report details their performance in each section.

Fortinet NSE Certification and Training Costs

Here’s how to prepare for the Fortinet Network Security Expert certification exams. We will discuss the updated program structure, various costs, and tips.

Preparation for the NSE 8 Exam

The NSE 8 practical exam is another proof of your skills in implementing the Fortinet Security Fabric products. Some devices operating in the Security Fabric ecosystem are:

  • FortiGate firewalls.
  • FortiManager for management.
  • FortiAnalyzer for security analysis.
  • FortiAuthenticator for multi-factor authentication.
  • But, it is impossible to clear this difficult exam without an organized action plan.
    • Rank Practical Experience: The NSE 8 exam focuses on the application. It also deals with the knowledge you have gained in your career. It is crucial to deploy, configure, and solve issues with Fortinet security solutions. Simulate a lab environment by downloading Fortinet’s free virtual applications. Then, apply what you learned.
    • Use NSE 4-7 Fortinet Certifications: Before embarking on the NSE 8 path, it is advised to master the basics. Also, get the NSE 4 through NSE 7 certifications. These Fortinet certifications give overviews of fundamental Fortinet security concepts and solutions.
    • Fortinet Training Resources: Fortinet provides abundant resources to help you succeed. Check out their official training courses, which detail the areas likely to be covered on the NSE 8 exam. Candidates must consider practice in lab manuals and similar environments.

Costs and Validity

The NSE 8 exam is expensive, costing $1600 to write. Such a price corresponds to the level of detail of the practical assessment. The following are some of the advantages of obtaining this prestigious Fortinet certification. NSE 8 Fortinet certification is valid for 2 years from the date of completion. It also proves the candidate’s skill in Fortinet security solutions.

Wrapping Up For the Fortinet Certification Path

The Fortinet certification path provides a clear and detailed way to learn cybersecurity skills, starting from the basics and advancing to expert levels. With certifications like Fortinet Certified Fundamentals (FCF), Fortinet Certified Associate (FCA), Fortinet Certified Professional (FCP), Fortinet Certified Security Specialist (FCSS), and Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX), professionals can validate their expertise and advance their careers. These certifications enhance individual skills and help improve an organization’s overall security. Getting Fortinet certifications makes you a valuable professional in the cybersecurity field, ready to handle today’s security challenges. Start your certification journey today and take a significant step towards becoming a cybersecurity expert.

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