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GCP Certifications Path for 2022

GCP Certifications Path for 2022

Want to get GCP certification? Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a rising star in the cloud services market, and official certifications can help you advance your career. Today, we will discuss the certification pass provided to Google Cloud Platform in 2022, its prerequisites, cost, and other details, as well as excellent training resources to pass this exam for the first time.

GCP Certifications Path for 2022

What Is GCP Certification?

GCP certification is an official Google Cloud Platform certification that demonstrates knowledge and applied skills in various aspects of the cloud service platform. There are many ways to study for the exam, but as long as you meet the exam criteria, the exam itself can be taken remotely or online through an independent exam center around the world. The
certification exam covers all levels and disciplines, from basics to detailed roles such as machine learning engineers and cloud security engineers. Whether you’re new to GCP or you’re old, you’re eligible for certification.

Why Get GCP Certified?

According to Flexera’s State of the Cloud 2021 report, Google achieved the strongest corporate growth in 2020 among the top three public cloud providers, and now has half of its market adoption. If you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, GCP certificates are better than the more common AWS and Azure certifications. These are significant assets, not the niche certifications under your belt, as many well-known brands are working on various GCP projects. Certification helps you to:

  • Apply for a competitive job
  • When to win the promotion
  • If you are aiming for a higher salary
  • Professionally represent your workplace
  • For personal success

With the Google Cloud Certified badge available after passing the exam, you can proudly display it on your resume, LinkedIn, or personal or professional websites.

How Long Does GCP Certification Take?

Each GCP certification takes a different amount of time, and the materials used vary from person to person. For inexperienced basic courses, you can expect 1020 hours of study before taking the exam. For more detailed courses, this can range from a daily preparation period of about one month, or about five hours a week for three months.

Which Google Cloud certification is best for me

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Don’t rush the exam! Make sure you’ve worked to the point where the courseware hardens (and don’t forget the actual application) and complete the practice test to assess your readiness. Google offers practice exams, but there are other online resources with questions.

Career Prospects After GCP Certification

The Google Cloud Platform certification is a great way to gain a little advantage in your career. If you choose role-specific certification, eg B. Professional Machine Learning Engineer. This helps you get into these types of positions. Regardless of the certification, you earn, just having a GCP badge allows you to focus on continuous professional development using popular technologies. This is also attractive to employers.

If you are already in a position, certification will help you secure a promotion or salary increase. All of these badges are working fine, but they are not a panacea for your career. Career progress is becoming more and more important about your experience, motivation, personality, and background, but these little quirks along the way help you stand out from the crowd.

GCP Certification Costs

GCP certification ranges from a minimum certificate of $99 to a professional level of $ 200. This makes it an affordable option, whether you’re developing your own expertise or being sponsored by your job.

How to Choose the Right GCP Certification

I am getting started with GCP
Choose Cloud Digital Leader and/or Associate Cloud Engineer.
I am a developer
Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer, (optionally) Professional Data Engineer, (optionally) Professional Cloud Architect.
I am in DevOps
Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Developer, Professional Cloud DevOps
I am an architect
Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, (optional) Professional Cloud Security Engineer, (optional) Professional Data Engineer.
I am an administrator
Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Collaboration Engineer
I am a data worker
Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Data Engineer, (optional) Professional Machine Learning Engineer, (optional) Professional Cloud Developer, (optional) Professional Cloud Architect.
I am in safety
Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Security Engineer, (optional) Professional Cloud Network Engineer, (optional) Professional Cloud Architect.

GCP Certification Prerequisites

No prior knowledge is required for the GCP basic exam. New entrants are welcome, but more effort is needed to learn the material. Associate certification requires about 6 months of work experience, and professional certification requires about 23 years of industry experience, including one year in the relevant industry. Please note that these are recommendations, not mandatory requirements. There are no fixed rules here.

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