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Guide To The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud

To advance your career on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, develop and showcase your skills. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide thoroughly introduces this widely used, cutting-edge technology and all the resources you need to ace the AWS Certification Exam. Beginning with a description of the AWS cloud and its fundamental global infrastructure and architectural principles, this guide provides a complete and detailed study of all topics included in the test. Other chapters delve deeper into the technical, examining the shared security model, critical security and compliance elements, and the AWS Cloud Platform’s virtual deployment and operation characteristics. Additionally, the text lists where to find documentation or technical support, including white papers and support tickets.

To conclude their coverage, the authors outline the billing, account management, and pricing structures and discuss the AWS Cloud value proposition.

  • Become known as an authority by earning a highly desired certification on a popular site.
  • Whether you work in the technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial fields, you can hone your abilities and learn new information about AWS.
  • Utilize expert content, practical knowledge, fundamental exam requirements, chapter review questions, and other textual resources to prepare for this new exam thoroughly.
  • Take advantage of the online interactive learning environment and test bank provided by Sybex, which includes chapter tests, practice exams, a term dictionary, and electronic flashcards.

Access to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide is essential for any IT professional, anyone working in a field that directly interacts with AWS, an upcoming graduate interested in those fields, or anyone interested in becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is the most basic certification exam that AWS offers. The certification will give candidates a thorough introduction to the AWS cloud computing platform. The credentials and other essential AWS services cover security, network, cloud pricing, and support services. The Big Data and Advanced Networking certification exams require the Amazon Cloud Practitioner certification.

Access to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide is essential for any IT professional, anyone working in a field that directly interacts with AWS, an upcoming graduate interested in those fields, or anyone interested in becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

You must take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test regardless of your decision. Exposing your cloud skills may be advantageous because of the growing popularity of cloud computing.

Regardless of technical roles, the test assesses the abilities and knowledge of those who can do all AWS cloud operations. See what this accreditation means by taking a closer look.

  • The certification proves your understanding of the AWS Cloud and its primary global infrastructure.
  • The certification demonstrates your ability to determine the AWS Cloud and describe AWS’s central global infrastructure.
  • With the help of the certificate, you will better comprehend the most common uses for essential AWS services and how account management, billing, and pricing work.
  • The certification demonstrates your familiarity with various documentation resources, including AWS’s technical white papers, support ticket submission procedures, and more.

Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Pre-requisites

Anyone with a foundational understanding of the AWS platform is eligible to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test. Review the prerequisites listed below before taking the test.

  • Experience with AWS Cloud for six months.
  • Guidelines for Using the Cloud Computing Technology of Amazon Web Services.
  • Recognize AWS’s core offerings and use cases and how they might affect your business.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

The Essentials course should be for anyone interested in learning more about the Amazon Web Services Cloud, not just those looking for specialized technical jobs. To better understand the AWS Cloud, you will research its concepts, services, security, support, architecture, and pricing. This course will benefit students preparing for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

The course level is fundamental because it covers the basic ideas and is only 6 hours long. The intended audience for this course is students from the AWS Academy, IT professionals, salespeople, marketers, lawyers, business analysts, and project managers. General IT technical expertise and business knowledge are the minimum requirements for the Essentials course.

The fundamental definition of AWS, the distinctions between on-premises, hybrid cloud, and all-in-cloud deployments, as well as the advantages and core AWS services, are all covered in this course. These topics are also covered, from developing the fundamental billing, account management, and pricing models to assessing potential solutions based on use cases utilizing AWS Cloud services.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Overview

One of the critical components of the AWS cloud practitioner study guide is an examination of all the vital components of the AWS cert exam. It aids in your understanding of what to anticipate from the certification exam.

The Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam’s fundamental level test costs $100. You will attempt 65 questions during the test’s 90 minutes of administration. The exam is offered in several languages and has a passing score of 700/1000.

Exam NameAWS Cloud Practitioner
Exam CodeCLF-C01
Exam LevelFoundational
Exam Cost100 USD
Exam Duration90 Minutes
Number of Questions65
Question FormatMultiple Choice/Multiple Response
Passing Score700/1000
Passing Percentage70%
Exam Schedule ViaPearson Vue/PSI
Renewal of CertificationEvery three years
LanguageEnglish, French (France), German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Spanish (Latin America), And Simplified Chinese.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification provides a fundamental understanding of AWS Cloud principles, services, and terminology. This place is a fantastic place to start for people in non-technical professions with no prior IT or cloud expertise or those with on-premises IT experience wishing to gain essential AWS Cloud fluency. Candidates may feel more confident taking role-based AWS Certifications after earning this certification.

Who should take this exam?

Candidates for this certification could be:

  • Having no prior experience with IT and considering a career in the AWS Cloud
  • Looking to engage with stakeholders and customers about the AWS Cloud more effectively in sales, marketing, or business analyst positions
  • Need a primer before starting the role-based AWS Certification but are new to the AWS Cloud and have employment in on-premises IT or cloud-related fields.

What will you learn?

The following are the benefits of preparing for and earning this certification:

  • Understanding of how to use the fundamentals of IT services on the AWS Cloud
  • Knowledge of the primary AWS services, use cases, billing, pricing, security, and how the cloud affects your business

Why is AWS Certification a Perfect Certification?

The credential allows organizations to find and develop talent with critical skills related to cloud initiatives. Obtaining AWS cloud practitioner certification authenticates cloud fluency and basic AWS knowledge. 

Learning AWS Cloud widens your job prospects. The certification confirms that you know and understand AWS-specific products and services. It also authenticates your understanding of cloud computing on the cloud market as a whole.

Who is a Cloud Practitioner?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is for individuals who want to improve their knowledge of cloud computing and AWS cloud services. Cloud practitioners deal with the company’s cloud infrastructure and computing. The job involves cloud migration initiatives, guiding the organization to address high-risk issues, and reviewing workload infrastructure. A cloud practitioner also supervises technical decisions made by developers that align with business objectives.

How does one become certified?

You must pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) Exam to earn this certification. The exam also contains multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Additional information provides in the exam guide, such as a comprehensive overview of the exam’s subject matter.

I’m carefully preparing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam Syllabus according to the syllabus. It is the most in-depth section in the AWS Cloud Practitioner Study Guide because of this.

Cloud Practitioners should focus on the following subjects when preparing for the certification exam:

  1. Technology
  2. Cloud
  3. Security
  4. Billing and pricing


Technology makes up about 36% of the exam content, so it is one of the most crucial sections to prepare for the Amazon Cloud Practitioner certification exam. To become an expert in this section, you must thoroughly comprehend the critical services provided by AWS. You’ll need to be familiar with several concepts, including S3, EC2, AWS Lambda, ELB, SNS, Route 53, RDS, and others.


To pass the certification exam, you must fundamentally understand Cloud Computing concepts. Many of the topics covered by questions in this domain, such as scalability, elasticity, fault tolerance, and high availability, call for a more advanced understanding of cloud concepts. Approximately 28% of the exam’s content is related to the cloud.


Before sitting for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification test, you should thoroughly prepare for another crucial topic: security. The exam asks several questions about security, culpable management, and compliance. Cloud logs, DDoS defence, a shared security model, multi-factor authentication, password rules, IAM-managing users, and other topics. 24% of the exam makes up this section.

Billing and Pricing 

The exam’s billing and pricing questions account for up 12% of the total. The exam focuses on AWS business apps, so you must be knowledgeable about this subject. To pass this certification exam, you must be familiar with general accounting, service cost calculation, AWS support, and other topics.

How to Schedule the Exam?

To schedule the certification exam, you must create an AWS Certification Account. Single sign-on (SSO) authentication uses to access your AWS Certification Account from your AWS Training Account. Visit AWS. Training, select the Sign In option in the top right corner, and, if necessary, establish an account. Schedule an exam.

You must enter some demographic data after logging onto your account and choosing certification from the top menu. Check your first and last names twice to ensure they match the terms on this form and the identification you’ll need to provide when you go in for your exam. If the characters are different, you are unable to take the exam.

Currently, two test vendors are offering AWS Certification exams: Pearson VUE and PSI. Candidates can select the best provider based on their preferences for policy, location (online proctoring or testing centre, for example), and chosen provider. You must speak with a proctor to finish an appointment proctored online. Both PSI and Pearson VUE offer online English proctoring. Online proctoring is available in Japanese through Pearson VUE, but English and Mandarin support are through PSI.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Jobs and Salary Structure

Cloud Practitioner

AWS Cloud Practitioner certified professionals are in high demand despite this being the real credential. Top multinational corporations seek experts who thoroughly understand the AWS platform’s fundamentals. Several of the job roles are

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud and Systems Engineer
  • AWS Cloud Engineering Manager
  • Global Account Manager
  • Cloud Optimization Consultant
  • Cloud Security Architect.

According to a Glassdoor review, AWS Cloud Practitioner-certified professionals’ annual salaries range from an average of US$73,997 to US$125,304.

Tips for Preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Preparing for and clearing this certification is not accessible if you’ve not planned well. No matter what, a candidate would put in extra time and effort to pass this exam with respectable grades. Here are some tips for passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner test.

  1. The Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guides give you a thorough comprehension of the exam and a detailed understanding of the essential modules you must master. So, familiarise yourself with a well-curated Exam Guide to guide you through the process. 
  2. Another crucial aspect of passing this certification exam is understanding the syllabus, as the weighting of each section is very important. The entire syllabus should study to pass the certification exam with a high score.
  3. Taking lots of practice exams before the certification exam is essential to determine whether to prepare for the exam. The examination-like practice tests point out the areas on which you should concentrate.
  4. Another method of getting ready for the test is to network and look for people who share your interests. With the help of the best information shared by the group, these aspirants discover the best methods for studying and passing the exam.
  5. Make sure to create a solid study plan in advance. Determine how much time each day you can spend looking for the exam. Consider the number of topics you still need to prepare for, your employment obligations, whether you’ll be doing so full- or part-time, and your other commitments while planning your calendar.
  6. Make sure to create a solid study plan in advance. Determine how much time each day you can spend studying for the exam. Consider the number of topics you still need to prepare for, your employment obligations, whether you’ll be doing so full- or part-time, and your other commitments when planning your schedule.

Become a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner

With some advice on how to study for the certification test, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner study guide is present.

After reading the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner study guide. You may have a clearer idea of the steps to prepare for and pass the test. Enrol in our training program to gain the necessary knowledge and practice for becoming an AWS professional.

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