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Highest Paying Networking Certifications in 2022

Choosing the right computer networking certifications can be confusing. A great place to start is to make sure your IT knowledge and information systems have a solid foundation. Then, you can choose whether vendor-neutral certification or vendor-specific certification is your best option.

Information Technology is among the most profitable employment fields, with opportunities for rapid advancement, high job satisfaction, and international recognition. Because the IT world is always changing, there’s never a bad moment to get certified in new IT skills. An IT certification is one of the most effective methods to demonstrate your competence and earn a good wage.

Earning an IT certification is one approach to demonstrating your ability. It’s never too late to learn new skills or switch careers, regardless of your present level of expertise. There are a plethora of certification programs to choose from, and there are far freer or more low-cost training options than ever before. Furthermore, passing one might result in a large income increase…

Networking Certifications

Highest Paying Networking Certifications Are :



AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

One of the most popular cloud computing services is Amazon Web Services. The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is one of the most highly recommended since it guarantees good pay and job satisfaction. This certification verifies that you have in-depth cloud expertise as well as a solid understanding of AWS. Before taking this test, AWS recommends at least one year of hands-on experience developing systems on AWS and the required coursework. Such Networking Certifications are worthy in the market and have a nice pay scale.

Certified Ethical Hackers

The need for Certified Ethical Hackers is quite high. With high need comes the high pay. This qualification provides excellent job opportunities as well as global recognition. The certification of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is earned by showing the expertise of analyzing the security of computer systems by looking for flaws and vulnerabilities in target systems, using the same information and tools as a malevolent hacker, but lawfully and legitimately.

MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator

This certification, MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator, verifies your understanding of MySQL architecture as well as your ability to install and configure MySQL databases. According to the poll, database administration occupations are predicted to expand by 8%. Therefore this certification may lead to a lot of job satisfaction and professional advancement. MySQL Workbench is a visual data modeling tool that combines SQL development, administration, database design, construction, and maintenance into a single tool. When dealing with VLDB maintenance and recovery activities, such as database reorganizations.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

This credential verifies your ability to properly apply the scrum framework. The Scrum Alliance’s Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification is an entry-level credential targeted at giving professionals an understanding of Scrum’s methodology and principles, such as team performance, transparency, and iterative development. Familiarize yourself with Scrum and fulfill the pre-requisites for completing a CSM certcollection, as recommended by the certcommunity.

Azure Fundamentals: Microsoft Certification

The Azure Fundamentals certification is in high demand, and it may be thought of as a passport to great professions. This certification is for people who are just getting started with cloud-based services. This test assesses your ability to explain ideas such as cloud principles, Azure services, core solutions, and management tools. Several courses and forums are available as a certcollection for this Networking certification. Exam preparation, on the other hand, is not a kid’s game. To put it another way, without useful advice and learning tools, candidates will find it extremely difficult to prepare for the certification test.

Project Management Professional

This credential verifies that you have the necessary skills to manage projects and project teams. It enables you to stand out in a globalized economy. The Project Management Institute (PMI) designed and administers the program, which is perhaps the most well-known project management accreditation accessible today. It displays that you are capable of managing projects, including budgets, objectives, and people.

Certified Information Security Manager

The CISM credential verifies that you have a thorough understanding of information protection and risk management. If you get it, you’ll be in charge of designing and engineering security policies as well as overseeing a company’s overall IT security. You’ll have accessibility to lines of business outside of IT as a CISM, which will bring you in direct contact with company stakeholders. ISACA, the organization that produced the certification, includes extensive study materials. In certcommunity, CISMs are well-paid and well-recognized as professional certifications.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification refers to a group of technical networking certifications for people who have the expertise to design, develop, deploy, and troubleshoot complex internet infrastructure. These certifications are widely recognized as the industry’s most prestigious networking certifications. The CCIE and CCDE communities are frequently deployed into one of the most technically hard network assignments and have earned a great reputation at the forefront for deep technical networking expertise in the networking business.

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The data science domain is one of the fastest expanding disciplines, and data scientists are one of the most in-demand professionals right now. The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is well worth your time and money. The course offers professional guidance, assists in developing significant skills and knowledge, and focuses on what is required to get a competitive advantage in the employment market. It’s also cost-effective, flexible, and available online, with no requirements for participation.


This year, Cloud technologies and security were among the top six certs by salary, up from the top four the year before. Given their great demand among companies, this comes as no surprise. Nonetheless, project management remains a high-paying alternative, which is significant given that it has been a top competitor for more than a decade. IT experts with these talents are in high demand, and their salaries are among the highest in the industry. On the other hand, an IT qualification isn’t a magic wand for an increased salary. Multiple criteria, including your certified abilities and your education, amount of experience, job function, tenure, and simple hard work, will always influence your real-world income.

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