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How to Get Promoted as Project Manager?

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In order to be promoted as project manager, you have to establish some key skills and certain personalities which would let your boss truly believe you could be a great Project Manager. In other words, how to establish that you could be a good project manager?

But what are these key skills or personalities which would lead you into the palace of project management? Well, if we have to sum up into a few phrases, there are at least ten of them: Good temper, Stay calm, Finding solutions, Not to complain, Encouragement, Fairness, Honesty, Sharing, Value, Experience & Certification.

1. Good temper

How to let your boss believe that you could be a good project manager? The first thing to think about is the personality factor. Whether the team members have completed the work on time or the first party is always changing. In short, you have no reason to lose your temper. Especially in front of the team members.

2. Stay calm

Project risks always exist, and various problems also exist. As long as you are calm, solutions will appear. Don’t panic. It’s contagious.

Your panic will only affect your team. Everyone is in a mess and leading to wrong decisions. The consequences of a wrong decision are often serious. Which may be rework, project failure, and other consequences. So, remember to stay calm.

3. Solutions

Often throw problems to the leaders, and then blame the leaders for not supporting your work and solving the problems you encounter. That would be a mistake that many people are prone to make.

Remember, leaders, make decisions, not solutions. When considering how to disguise yourself as a good project manager, think about this aspect. For example, when the project resources are insufficient and it is necessary to apply for resources. Do not directly tell the leaders that the shortage of resources is over. Be sure to tell the leaders what the consequences are in the face of the shortage of resources, and then there are several solutions. Present the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, and then ask the leaders to choose a solution.

4. Not to complain

Please think about it carefully. When did complaining work? If complaining is useful, why is a good project manager is not complaining when something bad happens? If everyone complains casually, his ideal will come true. Do you think his boss will raise his salary if he complains about the low salary?

So, in order to be a good project manager must not be complaining. When you encounter problems, you should always want to solve them. For example, if some team members are backstage, or being like a Prima Donna, they would certainly not listen to you and your complaint. If you complain in front of them, it will only damage your image. It would be better for you to think about the root cause of the problem and practice your communication skills.

5. Encouragement

Criticism is the most taboo in team-building unless there are very serious problems. We should carefully consider whether to criticize or not. Among all kinds of methods of criticism, the most serious one is to criticize by name in public or in a team meeting.

Always remember, everyone has self-esteem.

You have to trust your team members and believe that they are excellent. If they are not excellent, it would be your responsibility to improve them. You have not been able to stimulate their morale and help them improve their work performance. Trust them and encourage them to do the right job.

6. Fairness

This is a good project manager must have the quality, is a kind of professional ethics. How to pretend to be a good project manager? One of the most important is to treat team members equally. We must evaluate their work performance fairly and equally, and reward them appropriately.

7. Honesty

For the project status, it must be disclosed to the relevant parties objectively and truthfully. The more concealment, the higher the risk. People are always afraid of being criticized for making mistakes and hiding the bad side of the project. It is estimated that many people may have done it.

In fact, it’s not terrible to have problems with a project. What’s terrible is not to expose the problems and let everyone help you analyze and solve them together. When the project fails, it’s also the beginning when your career fails.

Project Manager
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The project manager must know that it is difficult to report objectively and truthfully, but it is necessary.

8. Sharing

As a team, the project manager encourages everyone to complete the project objectives, and the final credit is not just the project manager’s, but everyones.

Pretending to a good project manager, you should know how to share. In the process of the project, you can’t take the credit for any idea or solution as your own. Even if it’s really your own idea, you can’t say it’s your own. But to say that is everyone’s wisdom.

Even, it would be best if you do not say the solution from your mouth at all. Instead, you should lead the team members to say it and praise their wisdom.

9. Value

Understanding the value of your work is the premise of being a good project manager.

After pretending to be a good project manager, there must be a lot of trivia, such as writing all kinds of reports, answering all kinds of phone calls, meeting all kinds of people, and dealing with all kinds of issues. As long as you do so many things for the same goal, then your work is valuable, although scattered, but also absolutely tests your ability.

Doing one thing a day doesn’t make you learn time management. Doing 10 things a day makes you learn time management. Only when we find our shortcomings in our work can we make progress. If you regard yourself as a handyman, you can’t enter the role of project managing.

10. Experience & Certification

Experience is the main key to be a Project Manager. You will have to face a lot of problems when you are the decision-maker. And with time and experience, it gets easier. Also, a professional certification says that you are qualified and experience for the promotion.  All the other qualifications matter more than academic acknowledgment. But a piece of paper is proof that you are ready to be a Project Manager.

Each project is unique, so there must be a variety of risks and problems in doing the project. The project manager is a weathervane, and all team members watch the weathervane sailing.

When there are problems in the project, the wind vane will dance with the wind because of its own emotional problems, and the team members will see it clearly. A good project manager can stabilize his mood as soon as possible, while a bad project manager is like a headless fly, which not only reduces the prestige of the project manager in the team but also may lead to the resignation of team members.

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