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In-Depth Overview of the Aruba ACDX Certification

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What does ACDX stand for?

The Aruba Certified Design Expert or ACDX certification validates your ability to design multi-site and complicated Aruba mobile and switch systems. It demonstrates how your solutions might include ClearPass, mobile engagement, and network control. The certification also validates your ability to gather information, plan at a high level, and generate detailed designs. ACDX-certified individuals must demonstrate their ability to employ Aruba best practices for developing wireless networks in challenging RF environments, understand what a business requires, and design a solution to satisfy those requirements. Solutions for campus LAN and WLAN networks are prioritized.

Overview of ACDX Certification

This certification validates your master-level skills in designing multi-site, complicated Aruba mobile (wireless) and switch (wired) solutions that include ClearPass, mobile engagement, and network administration. 

You will also understand how to:

  • Gather facts and make comprehensive plans.
  • Create detailed designs for RF Planning, Redundant High-Density Campus Architecture, location services, Outdoor Stadium Very High Density, and Remote Access Branch Office.
  • For redundancy and high availability, use Aruba’s best practices when designing wireless networks in demanding RF environments.
  • Learn how to examine and analyze a company’s business requirements and build a solution that meets those criteria.
  • Concentrate on campus LAN and WLAN solutions, especially outdoor and high-density settings.

Exams for Aruba ACDX Certification

There are two paths to the ACDX certification: one for design professionals and one for mobility and switching candidates. Both approaches involve a written exam and a practical exam to achieve certification. To register for the exam, you must gain access to Hewlett Packard Enterprises’ Learning Center and obtain an HPE Learning ID. You must also set up a profile with Pearson VUE. The exams are held in training facilities. You can also see if you are eligible to upgrade your previous qualification.

Prerequisites for Aruba ACDX Certification

The Aruba ACDX certification is intended for seasoned networking experts. Candidates with three to five years of expertise in constructing complicated Mobile First Networks are preferred. It is critical to creating a precise bill of materials with Aruba goods. The exam prerequisites differ depending on whether you take the first or second path. The Aruba Certified Design Professional (ACDP) V1 is for the first path. To take the second path, you must be an Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP), and an Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP).

Training for Aruba ACDX Certification

In addition to the certification prerequisites, some courses are advised before taking the exam. The recommended courses are the same for both tracks, regardless of whether you are a design professional or a candidate for mobility and switching. Each class lasts five days and prepares you for written and practical tests. There are two types of training available: instructor-led and virtual instructor-led. You can enrol for the training at The

The Advantages of ACDX Certification

The Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX) V8 certification has several advantages for network professionals. This is the highest level of accreditation available from Aruba, establishing you as a true expert in your industry. It verifies that you possess master-level abilities that enable you to construct complex, multi-site Aruba networks. Network engineers who obtain this certification will be able to demonstrate that they have some of the most in-demand skills. When you take this certification, you can show that you are an expert in your industry.

Jobs and salaries for Aruba ACDX Certification

If you want to advance your career as a network engineer, Aruba ACDX certification is a fantastic choice. A certification that verifies your skills can be a significant asset for you, whether you want to show your present company what you’re capable of or looking for new work.

According to ZipRecruiter, senior network engineers earn an average of $110,719 annually. Salary ranges can be as high as $154,000 or as low as $55,500. Your qualifications and certifications can help you locate the right roles and earn the correct income for you. Consider contracting if you’re seeking new ways to make money.


Why should you get this certification?

  • Position yourself as a design expert in multi-site, complicated Aruba mobile (wireless) and switch (wired) systems that include ClearPass, mobile engagement, and network management.
  • Demonstrate your ability to gather information, plan at a high level, and generate comprehensive designs.
  • Improve your career and job happiness by becoming an Aruba Certified Design Expert, Aruba’s highest level certification.

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