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Is F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist a promising career?

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BIG-IP Application Security Manager is abbreviated as ASM. It is a firewall for web applications. It is a security firewall to protect applications in conventional, private, and virtual cloud environments. 

Obtaining F5 ASM certification can help you in your profession. BIG-IP ASM is a critical component of F5 application delivery firewall systems. It is used by businesses to manage traffic, network firewalls, SSL inspection, DDoS protection, application access, and DNS security.

Regarding the F5 certification ASM course, networking professionals have the opportunity to learn and develop experience on how to use the F5 certification ASM module to guard against the top ten risks and assure zero-day assaults. This incredible Certcollection assists F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialists in acquiring all the information required to stand out in the competition.

Perks of being an F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist

F5 Network Certification’s concentration is on large networked settings. F5 certification-related jobs include network engineer, network expert, network administrator, systems engineer, architect, and consultant. A quick search of job sites such as SimplyHired, Indeed, and LinkedIn reveals between 2,000 and 3,000 opportunities in the United States for F5-certified individuals, depending on the job board, with high compensation potential. 

Salaries at F5 Network Certification are also said to be extremely good. A Software Engineer may earn around $116,000 per year, according to SimplyHired. Glassdoor would list Network Engineer wages of $122,000 and F5 Pre-Sales Engineer earnings of $160,000.

Worth of F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist

Test 303 – BIG-IP ASM Specialist is the Exam need to obtain the F5 certification ASM. F5 Network Certification is a certificate that certifies your ability to design, develop, install, and manage BIG-IP ASM technology with advanced features. It is tough to pass this test without excellent instruction from an institute and sufficient certcollection. 

On average, top schools’ F5 ASM Certification Exam Fees can range from $135 to $135 without taxes. So, make sure you’re financially prepared before enrolling in the ASM certification course. However, the good news is that the money you spend will be repaid by the extra revenue you will receive due to this certification.

Duties of F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist

F5 certification BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) is a web application firewall that guards against known and undiscovered security threats, vulnerabilities, and bots. BIG-IP ASM is a robust web application firewall that defends against sophisticated attacks while improving app performance using SSL offloading. 

BIG-IP ASM Specialists can quickly set up, tune, and run BIG-IP ASM to protect their applications against HTTP-based assaults. It provides out-of-the-box protection for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office Share Point, and Oracle e-business financials.

How F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialists have a better career

The F5 Network Certification involves passing the 303-ASM Specialist test. The BIG-IP Administrator certification is the foundation for the ASM Technology Specialist certification. The F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist certification ensures that the applicant is fully ready to develop, implement, and manage ASM, including advanced features, for future companies.

Candidates must be able to define and explain how applications operate and ASM interacts with web apps, as well as create, implement, manage, and debug the complete functionality of ASM product features to improve an Application Delivery Network’s security. They must also grasp ASM’s basic concepts and be able to use that knowledge to integrate ASM with other platforms and products.

Candidates must have obtained the F5-CA Certification to be eligible for this certification. Besides this, the F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist has command over the following junctions:

1. F5-303 A Big-IP ASM Specialist can explain how BIG-IP ASM interacts with web applications.

2. F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialists can design, deploy, manage, and debug BIG-IP ASM products while ensuring network security and application delivery.

3. Learn about web application firewalls with the F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist.

4. They understand how ASM safeguards online applications by protecting URLs, file types, and parameters.

5. They are aware of attack signatures and why they are significant.

6. How to use the automated policy builder to install ASM.

7. F5-303 Big-IP ASM specialists understand how to accomplish compliance cost-effectively.

8. How BIG-IP ASM goes above and beyond to safeguard web applications.

9. Ways to improve the speed of web apps

10 They understand how to install ASM flexibly

Better career growth and opportunity

To become a competent F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist and obtain skills that will help you in future projects, you might consider focusing on your education and learning. Professional F5 certification examinations can help you improve your efficiency and raise your chances of landing a job in the IT industry.

You might pass one of the well-known F5 certification F5-303 examinations to acquire a high-paying job. Suppose you want to give the F5 certification F5-303 Exam on the first try and become a recognised professional. In that case, you must consider discovering the most efficient resource that will assist you in clearing various accreditation examinations.

High pay occupation 

According to Indeed Compensation, the typical F5 Certified BIG-IP ASM salary ranges from around $60,111 per year for a Training Developer to $108,682 per year for F5 certification Engineer. The work prospects appear promising, and freelancers will be available. Professionals interested in freelancing might explore opportunities. The money spent on materials and fees for the F5-303 Big-IP ASM test is good.


Obtaining F5 certification ASM Training is an excellent way to advance your profession. Taking the course from a trustworthy training source is critical. Before enrolling in any institute, research their past and learn about faculty and management personnel. You may assess your readiness for the F5 Networks 303 mock test and Certcollection tests before the Final Exam. 

Your Certcollection defines how much you are ready to beat in a crowded field of competitors. To summarise, obtaining F5 Network Certification benefits your career and professional development. F5-303 Big-IP ASM Specialist earns a solid living and has a high reputation in the certification market.

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