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Is Fortinet NSE8 certification worth it?

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The world is heading toward digitization, with practically all online operations. Network security is the safety net, the protective barrier that keeps our data, information, and networks safe online. It has become relevant and is now a highly regarded job path.

Network security is a method for safeguarding the integrity of our data, information, and networks that includes developing a set of rules and regulations. It employs software and hardware technologies to construct many layers of defenses to protect our data, information, and networks from fraudsters attempting to gain illegal access.


Why get Fortinet NSE8 certification?

Everyone wants to attain more important things. Therefore, global competition is expanding and becoming more severe. Healthy rivalry in the workplace may be beneficial because it motivates employees to work harder and smarter to meet their objectives within a specific time frame.

If you enjoy playing with sophisticated networks and cybersecurity, why not pursue the highest-paying job after passing the NSE 8 practical test and be paid to do what you want?

Also, nowadays, a significant portion of a company’s staff works from home. Due to social isolation and travel constraints, even the non-tech-aware elder age has been compelled to go online to satisfy basic needs.

This highlights the critical necessity to safeguard our necessary data, information, and networks against malicious activity and illegal access. Hence Home and business networks both require the most significant level of network security.


How to get Fortinet NSE8 certification?

The written test for the Fortinet NSE8 certification has no prerequisites. Before taking the Fortinet NSE 8 practical test, you must first pass the NSE 8 written exam. The written test is not sufficient for certification. To acquire NSE 8 certification, you must pass both the written and practical exams.

It will be better for your career is get the NSE 4 to NSE 7 training sessions and have extensive experience using Fortinet products in a production environment to prepare for the exams. The courses are entirely optional.

You must pass both the written and practical NSE 8 exams to be certified. You must schedule the practical test within two years of completing the written exam to be eligible to take it.

If your certification has not yet expired, you may renew it with the current NSE 8 written exam at a Pearson VUE test location.

When you acquire NSE8 certification, it immediately renews all of your prior NSE certification levels, whether they have expired.

You must repeat both the written and practical tests to recertify if your NSE 8 certification has expired.


Career for Fortinet NSE8 certification holder

If you enjoy cybersecurity and networking problems, you may be wondering what employment offers the most pay after passing the NSE 8 practical test. The NSE 8 Fortinet Network Security Expert certification honors your in-depth understanding of advanced network security architecture, setup, and troubleshooting. You must have the prior industry experience to take the test. Network security specialists’ primary role is to protect online data and the network from becoming compromised.

In the case of a mishap, there should also be a system in place to restore normalcy quickly. Job openings include Network Security Engineer, Information Security Manager, Application Security Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer, and more for professionals interested in a career in the fast-growing and constantly expanding Network Security area. For two years, the NSE8 certification is valid.

Fortinet Network Security Expert is the highest-paying career or highest-ranking in the NSE 8 practical test ladder. Fortinet Network Security Expert is an eight-level training curriculum that helps you study and comprehend complicated networks, cybersecurity systems, and other associated responsibilities. Not only that, but Fortinet Network Security Expert also comes with certification, ensuring its legitimacy.


Perks of having Fortinet NSE 8 certification

The Fortinet NSE8 certification honors your in-depth understanding of advanced network security architecture, setup, and troubleshooting.

Fortinet placed a strong emphasis on assisting individuals and businesses in becoming more familiar with their products and encouraging engineers to obtain NSE certification. You can accept the NSE8 as a personal challenge once you’ve completed the NSE7.

This certification enables you to solve the challenges of network security. And get a broader perspective of how things are interconnected to ensure safety over the network.

Studying for the NSE8 will significantly assist you in improving your knowledge of Fortinet products. After obtaining the certification, you will find that your abilities and expertise develop faster. Having the most significant degree of certification implies you’ll be assigned the most difficult challenges, and you’ll be the one to solve them.

This can be intimidating initially, and it may take some time to adjust to this new reality after earning the certification. However, you will gain trust in the Fortinet product suite and the industry over time.


Worth of Fortinet NSE 8 certification

The Fortinet Network Security Expert – NSE8 certification is indeed the highest and most respected level of technical certification available from Fortinet. It denotes a complete knowledge of Fortinet appliances, including installation, operation, advanced features, and troubleshooting. The Fortinet NSE 8 certification reflects best practices in using Fortinet devices and sophisticated networking and security solutions.

You cannot emphasize the importance of having an NSE 8 Certified Engineer onboard for any firm using Fortinet security. It boasts a company’s market position by increasing its self-sufficiency. Having a Fortinet NSE8 certification in today’s IT industry is priceless when seeking work.

Being a member of Fortinet’s exclusive group will make you an enticing asset to any firm that uses its solutions. The rationale behind the exclusivity of NSE 8 certification is extremely difficult to obtain, as it should be for any elite certification.



Experts in network security and Fortinet security products should take the Fortinet NSE 8 tests. The test preparation procedure can be costly and time-consuming. Candidates should have expertise with a range of sophisticated networks and tackle complex security challenges in addition to formal training.

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