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Is GCTI Certification Reliable for Career in 2022?

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Low to little or no unemployment and a decent salary are two key logistical advantages of a successful cybersecurity job. Plus, there will always be space for improvement if you go this route. You’ll constantly be acquiring new abilities and attempting to grasp new technology.

The GIAC Certification Examinations are all online and must be proctored. There are two types of proctoring services available. ProctorU (for remote proctoring) and PearsonVUE are two (for onsite proctoring).

Regarding GCTI Certification careers in 2022, those interested in cybersecurity have a promising future. Better career chances and certification dependability will be higher by GCTI Certification.

GCTI Certification Career Objectives and Statements

After your application has been granted and according to the conditions of your purchase, GIAC certification attempts will be authorized in your GIAC account. Upon payment, you will get delivery information along with your registration confirmation.

You will receive an email message when your certification attempt is activated in your account. You will have 120 days to finish your certification attempt after activation.

Some objectives and statements are:

  • Intelligence Analysis

The candidate will be able to demonstrate a grasp of data analysis methodologies. The applicant will also be aware of the challenges to adequate analysis, such as fallacies and prejudice, and how to detect and avoid them.

  • Attribution & Campaigns

The candidate will be able to recognize and profile intrusive traits and incorporate external intelligence into campaigns. The candidate will show they understand the importance of attribution and the elements that go into making a decision.

  • Data Set Collection and Storage

The contender must be able to gather and store data from various sources, including threat feeds, domains, TLS certificates, and internal sources.

  • Application of Intelligence

The applicant will demonstrate a comprehension of obtaining, analysing, and using intelligence in a practical setting. Furthermore, the candidate will show they understand how well-known cyber assaults might help cyber intelligence experts today.

  • Fundamentals of Intelligence

The candidate must define and comprehend basic cyber threat intelligence terminology and concepts. The candidate must also understand technologies that offer data to intelligence analysts, such as network signals, log repositories, and forensics tools.

  • The Kill Chain, the Diamond Model, and the Matrix of Actions

The applicant must explain how the Kill Chain, Diamond Model, & Courses of Actions Matrix are utilized to assess incursions.

  • Malware as a Source of Data

The Applicant will demonstrate a grasp of malware analysis tools and procedures to derive intelligence.

  • Pivoting

The applicant will be able to demonstrate knowledge of pivoting to extend intelligence, pivot analysis, link analysis tools, and domain analysis to increase intelligence collections.

  • Intelligence Sharing

The applicant will exhibit knowledge of intelligence storage techniques and procedures from multiple sources. The applicant will show an understanding of the procedures, methods, and tactics utilized in intelligence sharing.

By generating accurate and efficient reports and using competencies like assessments, the applicant will be aware of effectively communicating tactical intelligence with executives.

How does GCTI Certification help in a better opportunity?

Because of the significance of the work, quick speed of change, difficulty addressing problems, and numerous career options available, many experts regard cybersecurity as engaging and pleasant.

The GCTI certification will teach you and your team the tactical, operational, and strategic cyber threat intelligence skills and tradecraft needed to improve security teams, threat-hunting accuracy, incident response effectiveness, and organizational awareness of the changing threat landscape.

Strategic, operational, and tactical cyber threat intelligence and open-source intelligence and campaigns, intelligence applications, and intrusion analysis are all covered by the GCTI certification.

Earners of the GCTI have shown the capacity to comprehend and evaluate complex threat analysis scenarios; identify, construct, and validate intelligence needs using threat modelling; and apprehend a threat’s behavioural tradecraft using structured analytical approaches.

Reliability of GCTI Certification for career

Threat intelligence is critical in providing firms with the information to implement protective measures and maintain confidentiality. For cyber security enthusiasts, this makes it a tempting career route.

A threat intelligence analyst’s job entails researching and gathering data on threats. Vulnerabilities, assassination attempts, attackers, and anything related to them. It also entails analyzing the data to provide actionable intelligence; otherwise, businesses would wind up with a limitless amount of non-contextual and unproductive data. As a result, threat intelligence analysts are a valuable asset for any company that wants to maintain a consistent security posture.

However, training courses and credentials offered by various organizations are an excellent beginning point for a successful career as a threat intelligence analyst. Given how difficult it may be to choose the correct certificate, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 threat intelligence certificates that can help you advance your career.

GIAC certificates are unusual, according to SANS, since they “evaluate specific skills and knowledge areas rather than overall information security expertise.” As a result, a typical GIAC certification involves extensive preparation and practical experience.

Pen-test specialists who have earned the SANS GIAC certification can evaluate attack methodologies and approaches, advocate security best practices to prevent security incidents, and formulate plans to fight against security incidents.

In 2022, the GCTI Certification was highly dependable for a Cyber Security Career. As a result, the need for cybersecurity specialists has increased, making cybersecurity one of the fastest-growing industries in the labour market today. The GCTI Certification will be an excellent supplement to your current cyber security skills. You will have a better chance of being shortlisted for higher and better career prospects if you have a GCTI Certification than if you do not.


GCTI Certification is an excellent addition to your skillset and, ultimately, your career. The GCTI program, which GIAC, another cyber security certification leader, offers Certification for cybersecurity experts with technical and analytical skills.

Candidates are taught strategic, operational, and tactical cyber TI abilities, OSINT collection methodologies, Intelligence applications, and intrusion analysis. As a result, it gives applicants the capacity to conduct a thorough threat analysis.

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