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Is PMP Worth the Time and Cost?

is PMP certification worth

I have been a project manager for more than 15 years. The companies I worked for include the top 500 foreign enterprises with high efficiency and standardization. Also worked with the Internet start-ups with savage growth. In this article, I will share some of my experience with PMP certification. And discuss the topic of is  PMP certification worth the time or cost or not.


PMP strongly recommends to everyone

I recommend it not only to full-time project managers or friends who want to go to the “professional manager” position but also to everyone.

I was a PMP student in 2006, and I have been admitted to PDU three or five times in the later years. My teacher was a Korean, and it is said that he was the first generation of PMI lecturers in China. Because Chinese people are good at examinations and other reasons, the gold content of PMP certificates is decreasing year by year. But I deeply realize that the systematic learning of PMI has a great effect on my future career, and it is definitely the most important certification in my career.

Project management is a discipline that starts, plans, executes, controls, and ends a team’s work to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary effort to produce a unique product, service, or result with a clear beginning and end. In this sense, including a picnic, you can also use the knowledge and skills of project management, which is very practical for everyone’s work and life.

The cost of PMP certification is not so high

  1. The examination fee of PMP is obviously not deductible.
  2. There is the possibility of success in the self-taught examination without taking part in the training class.

Project management is a practical science. If you have practical experience, you will wake up and start to learn the theory by yourself. I was in a company which is a top 500 European communication technology company who I sent for PMP certification pre-examination training class and paid full reimbursement. However, I only listened to one day of class and prepared for my own examination, and passed it. The Korean lecturer spoke very well, but unfortunately, I was too busy that year – the first generation project manager of the company. All of the employees were in the war to save the products independently developed by China, in order not to replaced by European products, and I couldn’t take the whole time to attend the training.

professional certificate and PMP Certcollection
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During this period, I spent about one month preparing for the exam and successfully obtained the PMP certificate.

If it’s just for passing the exam and gaining the certification, it’s not so difficult. In fact, a few years ago, many of our team’s operation and maintenance engineers who lacked project management experience, also took the self-taught examination. After the first failure, they asked me for advice, and the second time they passed the examination smoothly.

Here are my personal suggestions for taking the PMP examination:

Read the original English version of the PMP book as much as possible in first, with a smooth compilation and exquisite language. The other language versions of the textbook are tasteless and sleepy. You can buy it as a dictionary. If you don’t have a high level of English, don’t worry. From the perspective of other languages, high school level English is enough. That means if you can read this article right now, you can read and understand the English PMBOK.

Before the exam, do more real online questions and practice with competitions. Where to search the real topic? Let’s try to search by ourselves. On the Internet, there is even software for preparing real questions. I don’t sell glasses, I don’t sell materials.

The value of PMP is very high

PMP certificate is valuable. But what is more valuable is the promotion of your “project management” professionalism.

What’s the future of project management in the world?

I have a deep feeling that project management has a lot of essential qualities that are difficult to quantify and can’t be clearly marked on the paper. But that’s the professionalism of a project manager. For example, professional artists are difficult to quantify and price.

Because project management is both a science and an art. Therefore, the project manager is a very professional position. If only two names can be carved on a monument, it must be the owner (usually the king or the sponsor) and the project manager who’s in charge of building it.

On the other hand, I would like to emphasize that, the theory is very good. But we should learn and use it flexibly in practice!

After all, it is a concept borrowed from the west, and post survival is deeply affected by the national conditions and industry background.

To tell you the truth, I have dealt with more than 20 western countries. Even if it is such a classic theory as PMP, in the west, even in the United States, it is still a different thing to play practical! The theory is the theory, practice is practice, and the combination of theory and practice is the hard truth.

The content above is very much valid and seems to be more “Versailles”. But it’s really my 20-year career experience.

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