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New features in AWS SAA-C03 Updates

SAA-C03 Certification

AWS updates its certification examinations regularly to keep up with the development rate of new features and services. AWS recently declared that the SAA-C03 exam would replace the SAA-C02 Certification for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

The third-highest paid IT Certification this year is the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test. According to a recent PCMag poll for 2022. The average annual earnings for AWS Certified Solutions Architects are $159,033. This information can be ascribed to the quick and ongoing transition of small- and medium-sized enterprises and major organizations to cloud computing.

AWS Associate

The Value of SAA-C03 Certifications

You’ll note that advertised opportunities expressly demand IT credentials from public service providers if you explore,, and other employment sites (AWS, Azure and GCP). For instance, having at least an AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is a recommended qualification for this Solutions Architect position at Amazon Web Services.

Although not necessary, an AWS certification in your curriculum vitae might offer your application the much-needed edge over similarly qualified competitors. Some seasoned IT professionals typically roll their eyes at the thought of IT certifications and only rely on their considerable expertise to secure their employment in the future. No one can argue that obtaining these credentials will assist a person in recruiting, or at the very least be shortlisted, for the position they seek, despite the argument that experience is superior to merely certificates.

AWS also offers rewards to businesses who urge their staff to get Certification. Each new AWS Certification that a team member affiliated with an APN Partner Central account earns them significant AWS Promotional Credit. They also make $500 in AWS credits for each Professional or Specialty Certification test and $300 for up to two AWS Associate Certific

The value of Other IT Certifications

Additionally, hiring managers are becoming more selective when deciding which applicants to recruit, a natural tendency in the sector. Anyone may falsify their resumes to claim they have the expertise the organization needs. Before making an offer, managers consider the applicant’s relevant technical experience and industry qualifications. Recruiters are becoming increasingly careful in their search for individuals to recommend to their customers.

In this cutthroat IT industry, having a long career seldom guarantees you’ll find another job swiftly. If you compete to work for a company that depended on outdated technologies for several years, your skill set would be lacking. Indeed, having the proper IT qualifications might give you a competitive advantage while looking for a job. You might be able to future-proof your profession by ensuring a current grasp of the most in-demand technologies.

Will the test include laboratories or hands-on exercises?

AWS Certified’s most recent iteration, SysOps Administrator Associate certification, added practical questions that required you to perform several operations using the AWS Management Console. Some people anticipated exam labs in the future iterations of other certifications. The revised exam guide for the SAA-C03 does not mention test labs. Hence, there will only be multiple choice and multiple response questions.

Exists a beta test exist?

Unusually, there is no beta available for the new test, and there is no overlap between the SAA-C02 and SAA-C03 exams. As a result, you must either pass the SAA-C02 test by August 29th 2022 or prepare for the SAA-C03 exam and schedule your exam for August 30th 2022.

Describe the SAA-C03 Certification Exam

The Associate certification test for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect design for IT professionals with several years of hands-on experience building scalable, fault-tolerant, and economically viable distributed systems.

The new exam code for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is SAA-C03. It will be accessible on August 30th, 2022. Given that the current SAA-C02 version phased out on August 29th, 2022, you must be aware of the distinctions between these two versions. You must take the test by August 29th if you currently possess an SAA certification and wish to renew it. Alternatively, you might hold off until the updated SAA-C03 version is published.

Scenario-based questions, which might be multiple-choice or multiple-response in type, make up this test. While the second type of question offers two or more correct answers out of five or more alternatives, the first type only has one right response and three erroneous ones. You may take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam on-site at a testing facility or online from the convenience of your home using PSI or Pearson Vue.

This set of bullet points makes it simple to read the specifics of the SAA-C03 exam:

  • Exam Code: SAA-C03
  • Release Date: August 30th, 2022
  • Prerequisites: None
  • No. of Questions: 65
  • Score Range: 100/1000
  • Cost: 150 USD (Practice exam: 20 USD)
  • Passing Score: 720/1000
  • Time Limit: 2 hr. 10 minutes (130 minutes)
  • Format: Scenario-based. Multiple choice/multiple answers.
  • Delivery Method: Testing centre or online proctored exam

The New SAA-C03 Exam Differs From the Old SAA-C02 Exam in What Ways?

Our definitive source for an answer to this question is the official Exam Guide for each of the two exam versions. The following exam domains and coverage are provided, according to the most recent SAA-C02 Test Guide:

SAA-C03 Cert
  • Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures 30%
  • Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures 28%
  • Domain 3: Secure Design Applications and Architectures 24%
  • Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures 18%

The upcoming SAA-C03 exam’s test domains are identical to the SAA-C02 exams (as indicated below). Four other domain names are associated with it, three of which have the same name as the previous version. Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures has been replaced by “Domain 3: Secure Design Architectures.” Another contrast is the percentage distribution of these certification exam domains.

  • Domain 1: Design Secure Architectures 30%
  • Domain 2: Design Resilient Architectures 26%
  • Domain 3: Design High-Performing Architectures 24%
  • Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures 20%

Do you plan to update the courses on 591Lab?

Yes, but not until after the new exam release. It would be perplexing for students studying for the present exam because many topics are outside the purview of the SAA-C02 exam. Around August 2022, a new course edition covering the SAA-C03 subjects will be available. You will receive free upgrades for the video course, practice test course, and cheat sheets if enrolled in our platform’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate training courses.

How Do I Study for the SAA-C03 Test?

Take this free AWS Cloud Practitioner Essential course provided by AWS if you are new to the service. This Certification provides the relevant knowledge of cloud computing that you want to comprehend AWS’s underpinning technology.

To assist you on your AWS journey, Tutorials Dojo also offers a top-notch video course and practice test reviews. Your performance on the practice exams reveals whether or not you are indeed preparing for the examination.

Never let your career depend on luck! Improve your abilities right away to secure your future employment with AWS!

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