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Palo Alto vs Cisco: Which Certification is More Employable?

Palo Alto vs Cisco

Two certificates appear to be equally credible on the surface. However, the comparison boils down to which is valid at first. This essay will cover the Palo Alto vs Cisco debate in depth.

Palo Alto has been ranked #1 in the world by Forbes magazine for several years now. It offers its employees many perks, including free food, onsite childcare, and even a gym. 

On the other hand, Cisco has recently named the best place to work in America by


palo alto vs cisco

Palo alto vs Cisco: Benefits of earning the certification 

An important thing in the field of comparing Pal Alto vs Cisco is that the two certifications deal with networks and are formal with the exam. It does not show much difference in benefits in this one placeThe Cisco certification has more job openings than the Palo Alto certification.

According to, there are currently 1,843 jobs available for Cisco certified professionals, while only 776 jobs are available for Palo Alto Network Certified Professionals. The Cisco certification is much more popular than the Palo Alto certification in finding new employment opportunities.

At Cisco, you will receive a competitive base pay plus an additional bonus based on performance. You can also access free food, gym memberships, and other perks. In addition, you will have opportunities to advance within the company and earn more money. On the other hand, Palo Alto offers its employees a generous compensation package and various benefits such as medical insurance, dental care, life insurance, 401(k) plans, and tuition reimbursement.

Palo Alto Certification opportunities


        1. Greater Authenticity

Professional credibility is essential in every field involving IT. Passing the Palo Alto Certification exam and obtaining the relevant certification will demonstrate to your organization and colleagues that you are dedicated. They will target someone involved in improving the way they work.

        2. Better flagrant and increased work scope

Passing the Palo Alto certification exam sets you apart from those who have not received any certification. Hiring managers take it as a way to decide who is qualified for their security automation engineer job. In this instance, having expertise in the Palo Alto network will give you an edge. Palo alto certification puts you ahead of others as you will be more noticeable and easily picked during recruitment.

        3. Exclusive Competitive Amenities

The current job market is very competitive. If you have basic skills, it is possible to pass during job placement. The skills you acquire, especially while studying for the PCNSE, PCNSA, and PCSAE exams, will set you apart from the pack. Besides getting a job, this Palo Alto certification will give you more opportunities for promotion when you get such an opportunity.

        4. Increase in payment potential

One apparent reason people want to earn a Palo Alto certification is the opportunity to get a job and a hefty salary. Investing your time and money in certification exam preparation is what it means. Being Palo Alto Networks certified will give you additional benefits as you can quickly pay better with your organization. Your certification will provide you with the confidence to do this.

        5. Door to enlarge your skills

Palo Alto certification design so you can always progress on the corresponding exam. After passing the PCNSE, PCNSA, PCNSC, and PCSAE exams and earning your Palo Alto certification, you can sharpen your skills. It will also enhance your career by opening up more opportunities for you. As you can see, the PCNSE exam is vital to help you advance professionally.


Cisco Certification opportunities

All certificates enhance the talents of people and their professional degrees. Because of the advantages, many attempts to become certified. Let’s examine the benefits of a certification associated with Cisco.

           1. Improves Knowledge

If we differentiate between Palo Alto vs Cisco certification, achieving both certifications has its benefits. First comes our Cisco First Associate Exam CCNA 200-301. CCNA certification course helps you increase your knowledge of Cisco networking and understand key concepts. It leads to up-to-date information and skills in the field of IT. Certifications and years of experience enhance your knowledge and introduce you to the latest developments and technological advancements in the IT industry.

         2. Acknowledgement

After getting CCNA certified, you are qualified and recognized as a certified IT professional. Also, Cisco CCNP Core and CCNP Concentration make you more professional. When applying for a job in the Cisco networking industry, you can include it on your resume. You must obtain a new certificate every three years because the current one is only good for three—your chances of landing a job at Cisco increase if you include this qualification on your resume.

      3. Enhanced salary packages

All employees who improve their knowledge and skills on the job get a better and faster evaluation. CISCO Professional Certification can double your bonuses and increments compared to your peers. This certification is globally recognized and stands well in the organizational structure. At the recruitment stage, certified persons can offer a good salary package.

      4. Leading Role in Your Team

Having a Cisco certification elevates your standing among coworkers and employees. It makes others take notice of you and appreciate you. This status gives you a commanding position within your company and opens up new career opportunities for you in the IT sector.

      5. Worldwide acceptance

Different countries around the world accept Cisco certification. CCNA-certified networking experts are in a better position to demand higher payments for their services than those who do not have a CCNA certification. Currently, there are a large number of jobs available for CCNA-certified individuals in the IT industry. And CCNA certification is a criterion for getting a job. But after that, you have an excellent opportunity to get many professional and specialist certifications like CCNP and CCIE.

Cisco can use the level of knowledge gained through this certification program to learn networking modules and cyber security courses that advance one’s career.

Cisco Certifications’ Career Advancement Benefits

Are you prepared to obtain your Cisco certification or increase your understanding of Cisco? While our knowledgeable team helps you get the most out of your certification money by optimizing crucial training pathways, our flexible training techniques enable IT professionals to pick their preferred learning style. A new method of IT training is required. Check here to find out about Cisco certification training.

People who receive formal training in Cisco technology are more productive, make fewer mistakes, and have a more comprehensive range of exceptional skills that are in demand by both employers and clients.

  • Cisco certificates attest to your product knowledge.
  • There is a great need for certified Cisco networking professionals.
  • Level 4 Computer Diploma (with Business Management)
  • Cisco Certification might demand a more significant wage from certified staff.
  • Certified Cisco networking professionals possess the skills necessary for success.

Palo alto vs Cisco Employee Ratings

  • Seven categories were better for Cisco Systems: Overall Rating, Work-Life Balance, CEO Approval, Senior Management, Culture & Values, Culture & Values, and% Recommend to a Friend.
  • Palo Alto Networks scored higher in 2 areas: Compensation & Benefits and Positive Business Outlook.
       What Employees Say
  • “Flexible work hours” was the most mentioned facility at Cisco Systems.
  • “Work from home.” Also, a significant facility of Cisco. 
  • “Great product” was the most cited benefit in the Palo Alto network.
  • “Palo alto networks” is another point. You don’t need to use any other network except Palo alto.

Palo alto vs Cisco Salaries Comparison

If you are looking for a higher-salary job, consider moving to Palo Alto. However, if you are interested in a career at Cisco, you should apply there first. Salary for similar work. Below are some examples of online and practical job circulars and employee reports.

palo alto


  • Software Engineers can get per annum. $127,857/yr.
  • Technical Leader can get per annum. $179,980/yr.
  • Product Manager can get per annum $173,764/yr.

Palo alto 

  • Software Engineers can get per annum $139,463.
  • Technical Support Engineer can get per annum $107,086.
  • The Product Manager can get per annum $167,354.

Palo vs Cisco Job Security

To find a good job, you need to make sure you apply to the right places. You will have to do not only well academically but also professionally. This expectation means you must work hard and show off your skills.

PA-Series next-generation network firewalls serve as a vital networking security foundation for us, providing a familiar yet sophisticated security management interface and unmatched security features to keep us fully secure in a dangerous environment. With this powerful technology, we can stop unexpected attacks, see and secure everything, even the Internet of Things, and reduce errors with automated policy recommendations. Palo Alto is now working on Nike’s latest series of Pa-series. Here the issue of job security is seen considering the work skills. No professional is afraid of losing his job.

Over time, Cisco has expanded the range of services it offers. So, professionalism and expertise are essential in this situation. Job security is pretty good, along with professional success. It won’t be wrong to say that Cisco Secure Firewall’s customer service is exceptional as it offers VPN remote access, which allows employees to work from home and even access the intranet. The crew can make of numerous gems that are always at hand to help us deal with our problems most calmly and efficiently possible.


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