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One of the industry’s most cutting-edge cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms is Salesforce. Salesforce is used by businesses of various kinds to manage their operations and customer relationships, from small startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. The need for certified Salesforce developers is, therefore, extremely high. Are you looking to advance your career and demonstrate your Salesforce expertise? If so, earning your Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1 (PD1) certification is the best move for you.

What is Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1 Exam?

The Salesforce Certified platform developer 1 certification verifies the abilities and expertise needed by experts to create bespoke Salesforce applications effectively. With this certification, you will gain recognition as a highly competent Salesforce developer with experience in coding and modifying Salesforce applications. You must complete a certification exam that assesses your understanding of the Salesforce development platform, including Apex and Visualforce code, to become a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1. With this certification, you can show you have the knowledge and expertise to design, create, test, and deploy bespoke apps on the Salesforce platform.

Structure of Certified Platform Developer 1 Exam

You have 105 minutes to complete 60 multiple-choice questions on the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1 Exam. The exam includes several subjects that are crucial for a Salesforce developer, such as:

  1. Sales and Service Cloud
  2. Apex Code Development
  3. Querying and manipulating data
  4. Testing and Debugging
  5.  Integration and APIs
  6. Basic Lightning Component development

Use the 591labs Hands-On Exercises and Mock Exams to prepare.

Practising with 591lab platform developer 1 Exam practical tasks and mock exams would be best to solidify your learning and gain experience. You can use the Developer Edition, a thoroughly working Salesforce org that is free for testing and development. The Developer Console and the Test Runner should be used to test any custom objects, fields, workflows, triggers, visual force pages, or other components you design. The Salesforce Trailhead Playground, a virtual environment where you can test new features and technologies, should also be utilized. Finally, it would be best if you took the practice tests offered by 591lab to discover your weak areas and imitate the actual exam conditions.

591lab Online Training Material Includes-

– 80 hours of content.
– Real exam-like simulator.
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– Instructions and corrections from experts should you find errors in our training materials.

Certified Platform Developer 1 Exam Prep Training Portal Features

– On-demand access to the materials
– Logical content organization
– Chat functionality
– Built-in practice platform developer 1 Exam exams

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