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Project Management Certificate: Why do I need one?

Project Management Certificate

There are two parts to the answer to this question. The first part is the answer to “Why do I need project management to perform a project?”, and the second part is the answer to “Why do I need a project management certificate in order to manage a project?”

1Why do I need project management?

Nowadays, with the increasing scale of the project, more and more fields involved, and more and more complex internal relations of the project, the traditional management model can no longer meet the needs of running a project well. Many new high-tech enterprises do not have outstanding needs for project management at first, but with the complexity of products and the continuous improvement of delivery requirements, Engineering is becoming more and more complex. In this new situation, project management has a place to play.

The goal of project management is to improve project efficiency, effectively ensure quality and effectively control the cost. As the project manager is the manager of the project, he always pays attention to the overall quality, efficiency, and cost of the project. This will certainly improve the efficiency of the project and control the cost.

For example, if a new project does not implement project management, the design and supervision go their own way. Although everyone has completed their own tasks, the overall situation is chaotic, the department connection is chaotic, resulting in serious delay, and customer satisfaction is not high. In the later stage, the project management system is adopted, the project manager is set, and the professional project management system is launched to effectively control the project progress. Although the project management cost is increased, the overall efficiency and quality of the project are improved, the cost of the project is controlled, and the customer satisfaction is significantly improved.

Some people may jump out immediately and say:” But project management increases the cost of the project!”

This is a relatively shallow idea. Project management does cost, but the benefits generated by project management will be far greater than the cost of project management itself.

In fact, some foreign telecom equipment suppliers will specify in the contract that the project service fee includes the project management fee. It can be seen that although the project management costs a certain cost, as long as the project management is well managed, it may also become an income point of the company.

Secondly, project management will greatly improve customer satisfaction, which is related to the rapid development of each company.

For example, a company A purchased the equipment of company B. according to the prior planning, the project manager of company B carried out the project installation in an orderly manner. However, company A later purchased other equipment from company B. But due to company B’s weak project service awareness, they failed to be keenly aware of this trend, the work was left behind the project progress, which made company A dissatisfied. But if company B correct this error in time, quickly set up a multi product project team, and actively put forward suggestions to customers, then they will finally make customers very satisfied. This case clearly shows that project management makes it possible to focus on a wider range of services and greatly improve customer satisfaction.

2 Why do I need a project management certificate?

After we are clear of the question “Why do I need project management?”, then we can consider the question “Why do I need a project management certificate?”.

Since the introduction of project management certificate (PMP) by PMI in early 90s, the number of candidates has increased year by year. From little known at the beginning to hot pursuit now. The rapid development of project management qualification certification PMP is very obvious. And of course, this certificate has been praised by so many people because of its great value.

First, PMP certificate provided by American Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the initiated qualification certification for project management professionals has been certified in more than 200 countries and regions around the world by now. It is the highest gold certificate in the field of project management in the world. Anyone who pass PMP certification exam proves that their project management level has reached the international level and has the ability to engage in project management.

PMP mainly teaches you how to do a good job under a complex and changeable environment. Furthermore, the project level will be improved and recognized. And PMP has been reganized as a symbol of professional identity of project management, and as an important qualification. Anyone who obtained a PMP certificate indicates that the individual’s project operation level has been confirmed by PMI. It also means that they are having international professional project operation level and being qualified to engage in project operation. As a result, this will bring more opportunities and development space to workplace development of themselves. This is why so many people apply for PMP  certification. The reason is not only because of its authority, but also because of the changes it will bring to their work ability.

Currently, PMP certification has covered almost all industries such as electronics, communications, engineering, finance, real estate, petrochemical, data management, military industry and aerospace. Most of the references are project-based enterprises or project managers, technical backbone and project team members in enterprises. There are more and more people who applied PMP certification, and the market is becoming bigger and bigger. The industry gives PMP greater development space, naturally it is also the development space of PMP certificates.

General, reasons for applying PMP certificate are as follows:

  1. At present, the transformation of work focus, such as the transfer of technicians to management.
  2. Career encounters a bottleneck, which requires the improvement of one’s own ability and wider development.
  3. HR values PMP certification when looking for an employee.
  4. The industry highly recognizes PMP certification and thinks it is a necessary talent for party A in bidding.

In summary, today’s article introduces the importance of why do we need project management to perform a project, as well as why do we need a project management certificate when doing a job as project manager.

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