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Recertification AWS, CISCO: Why You Need it for Compliance Training

Recertification AWS, CISCO: Why You Need it for Compliance Training Recertify your certifications

Compliance training is very important for each organization. It reduces the chance of non-compliance by making certain your staff are up thus far on the laws and rules that are essential to their job and trade. With today’s workforce being busier than ever, it is smart that the death penalty a compliance educational program through a learning management system (LMS) is as simple and stress-free as attainable. Though managing compliance certification through associate LMS is usually mentioned, the advantages of recertification are less centered on. during this post, we’ll make a case for why you would like recertification for compliance training, and the way LearnUpon’s LMS makes it straightforward.

What is recertification?

Certification is a vital element of eLearning, and generally essential in compliance training. But what about recertification? Collins English directly defines recertification and its relation to compliance training as “ the act or process of recertifying someone or commodity”. Principally, recertification is the process of certification renewal. It encourages the ongoing professional development of compliance training learners and demonstrates their commitment to maintaining faculty.

From an employer’s perspective, recertification ensures your learners’ skills and knowledge are over-to-date and defended. In substance, recertification ensures that your business is always biddable. In some cases, the significance of recertification can’t be understated. There can be serious consequences when your workers aren’t certified or recertified. For illustration, forklift truck motorists aren’t fairly permitted to use their ministry if they’re not certified or come recertified, in the applicable compliance courses.

How to Recertify or Renew AWS Certification?

AWS Recertification Rules: 

For maintaining AWS- certified status, you’re needed formerly in a while to establish your continued proficiency on the AWS platform through what’s known as “ recertification.” This process helps strengthen the absolute value of the AWS certification by demonstrating to employers and guests that you’re fortified with the rearmost AWS skills, knowledge, and stylish practices.

AWS Certifications are valid 3 times. AWS officers bear you to periodically demonstrate your uninterrupted moxie through a process called recertification to maintain your AWS Pukka status. Recertification helps strengthen the overall value of your AWS Certifications and shows individualities and employers that your credential covers the rearmost AWS knowledge, skills, and stylish practices.

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Recertification for the Foundational-level certification: 

Take the Cloud Practitioner exam

You could regain the current AWS Certified Cloud Guru exam to recertify your foundational- position of certification. You can use your 50 reduction testimonial from the Benefits section of your AWS Certification account to recertify or apply it to any unborn certification test you wish to pursue.

Earn an Associate-level or Professional-level certification

You can also satisfy the recertification requirement bypassing any Associate-level or Professional-level certification.

Recertification for the Associate-level certification:

Take the Associate exam

You can take the Associate- position test for the certification you formerly have. For illustration, if you’re an AWS Certified Results Mastermind – Associate, you can regain the current AWS Certified Results Mastermind – Associate test to recertify. You can use your 50 reduction testimonial from the Benefits section of your AWS Certification account to recertify or apply it to any unborn Certification test you wish to pursue.

Earn a Professional-level certification

You can also satisfy the recertification demand bypassing moreover the AWS Certified Results Mastermind – Professional test for the Mastermind path or AWS Certified DevOps Mastermind – Professional test for the Inventor or Operations path. For illustration, if you pass the AWS Certified Results Mastermind – Professional test, this will satisfy your AWS Certified Results Mastermind – Associate recertification demand.

Recertification for the Professional-level certification:

Take the Current Professional-level exam

You can take the current Professional- position test for the certification you formerly have. For illustration, if you would be an AWS Certified Results Architect – Professional, you could regain the current AWS Certified Results Mastermind – Professional test to recertify. You can use your 50 testimonials from the Benefits section of your AWS Certification account to recertify or apply them to any unborn certification test you wish to pursue.

Recertification for the Specialty certification:

Take the Current Specialty exam

You can take the current Specialty test for the certification you formerly have. For illustration, suppose if you’re an AWS Certified Security – Specialist, you could regain the current AWS Certified Security – Specialty test to recertify. You can use your 50 reduction testimonial from the Benefits section of your AWS Certification account to recertify or apply it to any unborn certification test you wish to pursue.

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Without a mistrustfulness, Cisco certification and specializations are among the most popular seller certification in the IT assiduity, and earning them doesn’t come readily. Anyone who’s achieved a Cisco certification would be well apprehensive of the innumerous hours needed to cover the necessary class, practice labs, and prepare for their Cisco test. Numerous would agree that one of the biggest headaches after achieving a Cisco certification is renewing it. Renewing or maintaining a Cisco certification generally requires the seeker to sit for an equal-position test or push forward and aim for an advanced- position test. While this might not be a problem for numerous professionals, numerous find it a big struggle. A significant quantum of professionals decides not to renew their certification because of the time and commitment needed or because they’ve decided to concentrate on other merchandisers.

In this composition, you’ll discover how you can fluently renew any Cisco certification or specialization without sitting for a single test! We’ll explain the different recertification paths, show how to elect a recertification path, submit a claim, track the recertification process, open a support ticket, and more!

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Recertifying Cisco Certifications without Exams – How it Works
  • How Many Cisco Learning Credits Do I Need?
  • Planning Your Cisco Recertification Strategy
  • Claiming Cisco Education Credits
  • Certmetrics: Tracking – Verifying the Recertification Progress
  • Cisco Associate, Professional, and Specialist Certs Successfully Renewed!
  • Summary


It’s indeed possible to renew any Cisco certification without sitting for the dreaded examinations, and it’s called the Cisco Continuing Education Program, and we’ll explain how it works.
The Cisco Continuing Education Program allows Cisco certified masterminds to earn Continuing Education Credits (CE) that are also applied towards recertification. CEs can be earned via the following conditioning:

  • Educator- Led Training
  • Cisco Digital Learning
  • Cisco Live! Training Sessions (BRK, LTR, TEC, DEVWks)
  • Cisco Network Academy Training
  • Other Conditioning similar as shops, boot camps, etc

The quantum of CE credits earned will depend on the type of exertion and its duration. For illustration, you can earn 12 CE credits for a sitting through a 14-hour Cisco course delivered via the Cisco Digital Learning platform or earn a generous 40 to 65 credits for attending a 5- day Cisco Educator- Led training course offered by authorized Cisco Learning Training Mates.
Once the training course or exertion is complete, you submit a claim to earn the CE Credits. When you’ve gathered enough CE credits, you’re automatically recertified.


The quantum of Cisco Learning Credits needed for your certification renewal depends on the position of recertification. For illustration, Associate position recertification, similar to the CCNA, requires a minimum of 30 CE credits. In discrepancy, the Professional position (CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Data Center, etc.) requires 80 CE credits, and the CCIE position an emotional 120 Continuing Education credits. The table below shows all available certification situations, duration, needed Continuing Education credits, but also the capability to combine examinations with Continuing Education credits to achieve recertification.

cisco recertification requirements


When planning your recertification path, it’s pivotal to have a strategy to help you achieve your thing the fastest way, thus understanding how to search and browse through Cisco’s list of conditioning is veritably important.
You can browse through Cisco’s lists of conditioning by visiting the Cisco Continuing Education Program website and opting Ite

m Roster from the menu as shown below

cisco recertification

From here, you can search for a course name and use the various filters to find a suitable course. An easy way to look at your available options is to select the Category and Type of training, then click on Search to list all available training for the selected filters.

We’ve selected CCNP/CCDP Training (1) and Instructor-Led training (2) in the example below. This returned several different courses, delivery methods (Item type), and credits each course earns:

cisco certification renew

By clicking on the View Details link on the right, we can gain fresh information about the course, where and when it’s delivered, and further sludge our selection grounded on time- zone, dates, and more. Spending 15 twinkles browsing through the Item Roster list and using the colorful pollutants helps you better understand how to search for the course or exertion that stylishly suits you.


After opting and completing an exertion, you must register or claim the exertion so that the Educational Credits are awarded to your account. To help illustrate how to claim your Educational Credits, we’ll use a real illustration below. In this case, the seeker has attended two Educator- Led courses delivered by an authorized Cisco Training mate:

  • Course 1 Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE)3.0, 40 Credits- Claimed
  • Course 2 Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR)1.0, 64 Credits – Unclaimed
  • Note We’ll cover below the complete process of claiming credits using Course 2 as an illustration.

Upon logging into Cisco’s Continuing Education Program website, the dashboard displays the first course (SISE3.0), which was completed and successfully claimed, furnishing an aggregate of 40 Credits.

continue education program for cisco recertification

Now it’s time to claim the second course, SCOR (1.0).

To begin, click on the Submit Items menu and enter the course details. When ready, click the Submit button:

renew cisco certification

The Cisco course attended was Enforcing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR)1.0, delivered via Educator Led Training system by an authorized Cisco Training mate.
As soon as the course details are submitted, and evidence window appears. Double-check all details and click on Yes to submit the item

submit cisco certification

After a few minutes, we received an email confirmation containing the item and details that were submitted:

email confirmation

Viewing the main dashboard on the Cisco Continuing Education point, you’ll notice the recently submitted item is listed and in a Pending state. The course is eligible for 64 credits.

renew process for cisco

Cisco next reaches out to the provider to corroborate the claim. Once this process is complete, Cisco approves the claim, credits are added to the account, and dispatch evidence is transferred informing us of the outgrowth. The time needed to reuse a claim is generally fast – one to two business days. Still, if no response is entered or the outgrowth isn’t the asked one, it’s largely judicious to open a case using the Help menu item on the top right corner of the runner.


Certmetric helps Cisco professionals to keep track of their certification progress, testing history, reiterations, download digital colophons, and more. Under the certification menu option, you’ll find all active and expired certifications. Elect the certification for which you’re recertifying, this is generally the loftiest certification as this automatically renews all others below it. In this illustration, we named ( clicked) the CCNP Enterprise.

cisco active certification list

The coming window shows all paths for the CCNP Enterprise recertification. This maps to the recertification path options shown on the morning of the composition.

  • Option 1 Satisfy one of the listed particulars between1.1.1 –1.1.2 or two particulars under1.1.3.
  • Option 2 Satisfy one item under1.2.1 and1.2.2 (40 CE credits).
  • Option 3 Satisfy one item under1.3 (80 CE credits).

cisco recertification completed


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