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Roadmap to clear TOGAF 9 Part I

TOGAF 9 l cover

TOGAF is an acronym that stands for The Open Group Architecture Framework. It is a framework for designing, planning, executing, and regulating a company’s information technology architecture at the enterprise level. TOGAF is often modelled across four levels of an enterprise’s architectural domains, namely Business, Application, Data, and Technology, due to its high-level approach to design.

Candidates seeking a TOGAF 9 certification must pass two exams: Level 1 for the TOGAF Foundation course and Level 2 for the TOGAF 9.1 certification. Candidates who intend to study with them should complete one Level at a time. However, training institutions have constructed their courses such that a candidate may look for and pass both of these Levels in a single session. Training in an institute typically lasts four days, while self-study takes two weeks.

There are no prerequisites for a TOGAF 9 Part I certification. To become an Enterprise Architect, a candidate must pass the tests of a recognized organization.

The pass percentage in Level Two is 60% or 24 points out of a possible 40. These are all multiple-choice questions with a single mark assigned to each. TOGAF 9.1 Level One and Two Combined Exam – The exam is divided into two parts.

Part one is the same as the Level One paper mentioned above, and part two is the same as the Level Two paper, but if the examinee fails any one section, he must retake the exam only that section. Only an Accredited Training Course provider can assist applicants in passing both Levels in a single sitting. To receive the TOGAF 9 Part I certification, a candidate must pass both levels (levels 1 and 2).

Worth of TOGAF 9 Part I

TOGAF 9.1 certification is a global standard for demonstrating the ability to properly carry out the tasks and duties of identifying, assessing, and implementing suitable organizational frameworks. Today, any firm seeking development and optimization requires business architects that can evaluate, analyze, and then build the best solutions for project success. Following the appropriate road plan will increase your chances of passing by 90%.

Command over important topics

The exam comprises eight scenarios that assess your knowledge of the subject as stated in the handbook. The guidebook is provided as a PDF for this open-book test. Taking notes for this test is more challenging because the course focuses on applying your knowledge. TOGAF 9 Part I is about understanding how to accomplish things, not just writing them down. TOGAF 9 Certification validates that the applicant can analyze and apply this knowledge in addition to TOGAF 9 Foundation knowledge and understanding.

The 11 topic areas covered by the TOGAF 9 Part 1 test are as follows:

·         Basic Concepts.

·         Core Concepts.

·         Introduction to the ADM.

·         The Enterprise Continuum and Tool.

·         ADM Phases.

·         ADM Guidelines and Techniques.

·         Architecture Governance

·         Architecture Views, Viewpoints, and Stakeholders

·         Building Blocks

·         ADM Deliverables

·         TOGAF Reference Models

Consider a good learning platform

TOGAF Certification is something that you can only complete in a single day. To pass the TOGAF 9 Part I test, applicants must have sufficient Certcollection and mentor. You may either prepare independently or undergo instruction at a recognized institute.

Candidates can register with authorized and reputed facilities and prepare the study material. However, for better preparation and Certcollection, most applicants take a training course with certified colleges. Aside from instruction, these institutions offer an examination cost with their course material, which may be paid on-site or with a voucher to a Prometric test centre.

Answer brief but right

Many people need help to handle the quantity of knowledge in each question, the answer options, and the book in their heads when taking the TOGAF Certification test. You’ll see that the scenario contains a lot of information, both important and irrelevant. Furthermore, each selection has a wealth of information.

Finally, when you return to the handbook for reference, you will find a wealth of information. For this exam, you’ll need to figure out how to harness the knowledge so that the answer jumps out at you. Because of the information overload, several applicants became confused throughout the exam and became mentally exhausted after two or three questions; this is when you must devise a mapping approach on the fly.

Make a map and follow.

Mapping the question implies that you must create a map or table of the data provided in the question. You can map the valuable facts in the question with enough practice. Begin by establishing a data table, mapping the data from each option in each column, and getting it correctly the first time. Concerning Certcollection, the companion material providing the learning outcomes beyond the Foundation level for TOGAF 9 Certified, is an excellent study guide.

Try to improve your vocabulary.

The TOGAF Specification is very generic and hence challenging to grasp. It takes multiple readings of each part to begin comprehending what they mean. The vocabulary is sometimes tough to understand at first, but as you go through it several times, you will find out what it means. When you know what the inquiry is asking, you will be able to respond more quickly.

Before you start the exam

Spend the last one or two weeks simply reviewing what you’ve learned. You can keep the notes you made handy and utilize them as the primary source while using the TOGAF specification as a reference throughout this period. You may also preserve your notes as mind maps by sketching several drawings with many nodes linking to each other.


Those seeking a successful career in enterprise architecture must obtain TOGAF certification to demonstrate their architectural competence. Contrary to popular belief, the TOGAF Certification test is not difficult. To clear it, you must be cautious in your approach and execution. Including the TOGAF 9 Foundation certification on your resume will undoubtedly catch the attention of your interviewer. Getting certified has become a vital element of life because every firm today requires certified professionals. This boosts their effectiveness and precision. Certified experts always have an advantage over other employees in any situation, whether it’s income or advancement.

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