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The Best Professional Certifications Online to Boost Your Career (2022)

The Best Professional Certifications Online to Boost Your Career (2022)

Earning industry-recognized professional certifications are a great way to improve your skills and advance to the next stage of your ideal job or career. Explore the best professional certifications available online and from reputable organizations such as Google and IBM.

The Best Professional Certifications Online to Boost Your Career

Why Take a Professional Certifications Course? 

In a recent survey of 400,000 people worldwide, 76% of respondents reported getting a raise or promotion and feeling more fulfilled at work after earning an online certification. Multiple industries have found that employees who strive for professional certifications, especially in areas where employers need them most, see higher career earnings and the quality of the jobs assigned. Developing your skills through certification can help you become more confident as an employee, manager, or freelancer. The following professional certifications offer training for individuals wishing to expand their education and develop in-demand skills.

What Are the Best Professional Certifications That Pay Well?

Here are the best professional certifications courses that you can enroll in online:

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP)® is widely recognized as the leading certification in project management. Employers appreciate this certification because PMP®-trained employees typically have a more nuanced approach to managing projects from start to finish with a variety of methodologies. In fact, project managers with this certification reportedly earn an average of 22% more than those without. One of the great benefits of PMP® certification is that it is not limited to any particular industry or industry. Certifications can be applied in various industries such as IT, healthcare, construction, energy, and finance.

591Lab’s PMP® courses dump prepare you for certification through intensive theory and practice units. The training course will teach you how to:

  • Understand and apply project management terms and concepts
  • Applying the PMI® Global Project Management Standards to Real-World Situations to Achieve Success
  • Provide customers with the fast resolution, ensure compliance, reduce risk factors, and save time and money.
  • Ensure open communication between stakeholders and team members
  • Keep projects within budget and timelines
  • Try passing the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam for the first time
  • Lead and motivate your team to improve performance
  • Master PMBOK® – 5 Process Groups, 10 Knowledge Areas, Professional and Social Responsibility Areas

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certifications

Pursue a career in the high-growth field of digital marketing and e-commerce. This professional certification by Google works with tools and platforms such as Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, Twitter, and more. Prepare for this journey by teaching you how to use the. Learn from our subject matter experts and build your own portfolio of presentations, client personas, social media calendars, and other projects to showcase potential employers.

Program syllabus: 

  • Course 1: Foundations of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce
  • Course 2: Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing
  • Course 3: From Likes to Leads: Interact with Customers Online
  • Course 4: Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing
  • Course 5: Assess for Success: Marketing Analytics and Measurement
  • Course 6: Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores
  • Course 7: Satisfaction Guaranteed: Develop Customer Loyalty Online

No prior knowledge or knowledge of any specific tool is required to take this course. All it takes is curiosity about reaching and connecting with your customers online. The skills you acquire in this program can lead you to positions such as Digital Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, SEO Specialist, Search Engine Analyst, Media Planner, and E-Commerce Associate.

IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate 

Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand professions. A recent (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study estimated that an additional 4 million cybersecurity professionals are needed to protect organizations. This 8-course professional certification provides the technical skills to take on the role of a cybersecurity analyst. This program is suitable for career starters and young professionals. Lectures and exercises introduce concepts such as network security, endpoint protection, incident response, threat intelligence, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment. This professional certification is ideal for those who enjoy working with computers, are willing to develop new technical skills, and enjoy collaborating to solve problems and communicate solutions.

Program Syllabus:

  • Course 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks
  • Course 2: Cybersecurity Roles, Processes & Operating System Security
  • Course 3: Cybersecurity Compliance Framework & System Administration
  • Course 4: Network Security & Database Vulnerabilities
  • Course 5: Penetration Testing, Incident Response, and Forensics
  • Course 6: Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Course 7: Cybersecurity Capstone: Breach Response Case Studies
  • Course 8: IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Assessment

Related Job Roles:

Cyber ​​Security Analyst, Cyber ​​Security Specialist/Technician, Threat Monitoring Analyst, Cyber ​​Defense Analyst.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Quantitative Tools for Quality and Productivity

Lean Six Sigma is a popular process improvement method that helps organizations reduce waste, effectiveness, and results. edX’s Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a series of courses offered in collaboration with the TUM School of Management’s Executive Education Center and Chair of Production and Supply His Chain Management. This professional certification program requires you to learn both quantitative and qualitative methods related to Six Sigma and Lean, including:

  • Problem definition
  • Baseline performance measurement and process capability;
  • Measurement system analysis;
  • Root cause analysis;
  • Regression and correlation;
  • Design of experiments
  • Control charts implementation

Upon successful completion of this program, you will earn a TUM Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate. This proves that you have mastered the Lean Six Sigma theory at the Green Belt level. Overall, this certification helps you advance your career, increase your salary, and improve your organization by acquiring and applying productivity and quality skills.

CSM® Certification Training

In agile management, SCRUM is a framework that helps people, teams, and organizations create value through adaptive solutions to complex problems. A Certified ScrumMaster® is a professional designated by the Scrum Alliance as a Scrum practitioner who can successfully lead a project team. According to the Scrum Alliance, the Certified ScrumMaster® course helps increase the chances of overall project success through the proper application of Scrum principles and techniques. The CSM® certification is designed to increase your confidence in implementing the Scrum framework and set your project team up for success. In this certification course, you will:

  • Gain knowledge about Scrum terminology, different concepts, and the overall Scrum process.
  • Understand the different roles involved in Scrum and the scope of the Scrum Master’s role in Scrum.
  • Learn how to review and coordinate each Scrum event to increase the transparency and visibility of your team’s work.
  • Discover how we can help development teams, product owners, and organizations navigate change.
  • Learn how to help team members collaborate and keep track of all relevant Scrum processes.

A CSM® certification allows you to work for large companies such as IBM, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, and Intel in a variety of positions, including:

  • Scrum Master
  • Delivery Lead
  • Agile Scrum Master
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Agile Coach
  • Automation Engineer
  • Project Lead

Scrum masters are in demand across industries, as Scrum is the most popular agile framework for project management. If you work for a company where Agile is widespread, CSM is your first choice for professional certification.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate 

Thinking of starting a career in IT? Developed by Google, this Professional Certification offers an innovative curriculum designed to prepare you for entry-level IT support roles in approximately three to six months. It contains. This program combines video lectures, quizzes, hands-on exercises, and widgets to introduce you to troubleshooting, customer support, networking, operating systems, system administration, and security. Upon completion of the program, you can earn up to 12 college credits. This is equivalent to four associate degree-level courses. You can get this certificate in less than 6 months if you study for about 5 hours a week.

Did you know: You can also be dual-certified with CompTIA and Google by completing a Google certification and passing the CompTIA A+ certification exam?

Program syllabus: 

  • Course 1: Technical Support Fundamentals
  • Course 2: The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Course 3: Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  • Course 4: System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services 
  • Course 5: IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts 

Related Job Roles: IT support specialist, technical support engineer, desktop support engineer, IT support engineer, technical support specialist, IT desktop support

Blockchain for Business

According to TechCrunch, blockchain jobs are the fastest-growing job market today. edX’s Blockchain Certificate for Business is designed for business professionals who need to understand the potential (or threat) of blockchain to their business and industry. The program follows He is divided into two sections.

  1. Blockchain: Understanding its Uses and Implications 
  2. Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies 

The first part of the program is to learn what blockchain is and gain insight into its impact around the world by analyzing use cases and future trends in technology, business, enterprise products, and institutions. Part 2 of the program details Hyperledger, an open-source, multi-project collaborative initiative hosted by the Linux Foundation designed to advance blockchain technology across industries.

Commenting on the program, Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf said:

“It would be hard to argue that there is an industry that has not been touched by blockchain in some way, and a candidate certified through the edX Professional Certification Program would be a tremendous asset to any organization.”

Estimated time to complete course: 6 months, 2 – 3 hours a week investment.

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

The CBAP is a Level 3 Professional Certification for Business Analysts administered by the International Institute of Business Analytics (IIBA). This is the most coveted certification for business analysts looking to hone and validate their business analysis skills. Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) training includes an interactive question-and-answer review by an IIBA®-certified instructor, a discussion based on BABOK® Version 3.0, and a practice test to reinforce the learning process, ensuring that the CBAP® to help you achieve Qualification. In this training you will learn:

  • The knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective, results-oriented business analyst
  • Business Analysis Principles and Practices
  • To demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the profession through recertification requirements
  • Showcase your abilities and gain recognition from your peers and management
  • Follow established standards outlined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) version 3.0
  • Improve efficiency and consistency to achieve reliable, high-quality results
  • Develop skills, the metric of competence required to achieve CBAP® Level 3

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate 

This IBM Professional certification helps anyone interested in a career in data science or machine learning develop career-related skills and experience. It’s a myth that you need a Ph.D. to become a data scientist. Anyone with a passion for learning computers can earn this professional certification without prior knowledge of science or programming. Develop your skills, tools, and portfolio to gain a competitive edge in the job market as an entry-level data scientist. In this course you will learn:

  • Learn data science, the different jobs of a data scientist, and how to think and work like a data scientist
  • Use Python to import and clean datasets, analyze and visualize data, build and evaluate machine learning models and pipelines
  • Develop hands-on skills with the tools, languages, and libraries used by professional data scientists
  • Apply a variety of data science skills, techniques, and tools to complete projects and publish reports

Program Syllabus: 

  • Course 1: What is Data Science?
  • Course 2: Tools for Data Science
  • Course 3: Data Science Methodology 
  • Course 4: Python for Data Science and AI
  • Course 5: Databases and SQL for Data Science
  • Course 6: Data Analysis with Python 
  • Course 7: Data Visualization with Python
  • Course 8: Machine Learning with Python
  • Course 9: Applied Data Science Capstone 

Salesforce Administrator Certification 

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms available today, and many companies are specifically looking for Salesforce experience in their job descriptions. Your Salesforce knowledge and expertise will help you advance your career and build trust with your peers and management. It is designed to help you master the concepts of the Salesforce Admin Certification and pass the exam on your first attempt. This is one of the best professional certifications for new Salesforce admins who want to get the most out of Salesforce. This course is suitable for:

  • Professionals who want to make a career in Salesforce
  • System Administrators
  • IT professionals such as Product Managers

What you will learn:

  • All the responsibilities of a Salesforce administrator including configuring and managing Sales and Service Cloud
  • How to manage data and implement security
  • How to prepare for the certification

 Key features:

  • Comprehensive courseware
  • 20 PDUs and 20 SEUs
  • 10 hours of training (online training takes place over 5 days with 2-hour sessions per day, or classroom training takes place over 2 days with 5-hour sessions per day)
  • Experienced tutors


Thank you for visiting our list of the best professional certifications available. Hopefully, you have found a beneficial certification option in your particular area. Enrolling in an online certification course is a great way to expand your knowledge and skills through hands-on projects and activities, and often lectures that you can complete on your own schedule. is taught by top companies and universities, giving you access to training and tools that can help you advance your current career or start a new one. Have fun studying!

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