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Top 06 PMI Certification Will Further Enrich Your Goal

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a non-profit organization actively involved in professional assessment, conducting research, and providing access to information and resources. It also promotes professional and career development and offers various certifications. It was founded in 1969; it is the world’s leading advocate of the project management industry and has creatively formulated industry standards. PMI created many global project management standards, relevant professional certificates, and corresponding examinations for these standards, such as PMP, ACP, RMP, PgMP, PBA, CAPM, and so forth.

What is PMI?

PMI stands for Project Management Institute. PMI is the world’s leading professional body for a growing global community of millions of project professionals and conversion makers worldwide.

As the world’s leading authority in project management, PMI empowers people to turn ideas into reality. Through global advocacy, networking, collaboration, research, and education, PMI prepares organizations and individuals at every stage of their careers to work smarter so that they can succeed in a changing world.

In this article, we will introduce the 6 powerful certificates and examinations provided by PMI and explain how they would boost your career path in project management.

Top 06 powerful certificates provided by PMI

Based on a proud legacy of 1969, PMI is a “purposeful” organization capable of advancing careers, strengthening organizational success, and maximizing transformational skills and influence in almost every country globally. PMI offers globally recognized standards, certifications, online courses, thought leadership, tools, digital publishing, and communities.


1. PMP Certification

Project Management Professional, PMI offers PMP.

Currently, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guideline written by PMI has become the most authoritative textbook on project management and is known as the “Bible” of project management. PMI has become a global project management knowledge and thinks tank centre.

PMI has more than 1 million members and certificate holders in more than 185 countries worldwide. It is a global professional organization consisting of researchers, scholars, consultants, and managers in project management. The Association Launched Project Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) has become a globally standardized certification that many prefer.

PMI is committed to research work in project management. In 1976, PMI put forward the idea of ​​formulating standards for project management. After nearly ten years of effort, they launched the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) in 1987. This was another milestone in project management. Therefore, project management experts refer to the pre-1980s as “traditional project management” and the post-1980s as “new project management”. This knowledge organization categorizes project management into nine branches: opportunity management, schedule management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, risk management, collection management, communications management, and integrated management. The PMBOK ® system was revised seven times in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2018, and 2022 to make it more mature and complete.

PMP is the world’s leading project management certification. With a predictable, agile, and hybrid approach, PMP demonstrates project leadership experience and skills in any work. It supercharges careers for project leaders across the industry and helps companies find the people they need to do their innovative work and perform better.

PMP Career Opportunities :

PMP Career | Post

There is no doubt that PMP-certified project managers earn more than non-certified project managers, but a salary increase is possible only after passing the test.

Must pass the exam before salary increase. You may ask whether it is worth the effort, effort, and money, Given that PMP testing is costly and very difficult.

Let’s look at investment costs and salary benefits to analyze the value of PMP.

Cost of the exam :

Cost ComponentApprox. CostNotes
Exam Fee$550Total fees with PMI membership
Training Fee$300-$2000Price for an excellent online course.
Practice Tests$60-$300Cost of a fantastic online simulator.

Overall, the cost of PMP certification can range from 910- $ 2850. No doubt, this is a considerable expense. However, this is only the first part of the equation. Let’s look at the other part of the equation, the potential gains that can be made by investing money.

The salary of a project manager varies from country to country. However, there is a complete similarity across the country. The salary of a PMP holder is usually much higher than that of a NonPMP-certified professional.

Let’s take a few examples :

CountryMean Salary% Difference in Salary
 PMP CertifiedNon-PMP 

2. ACP Certification

From the people who brought you the PMP, the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) formally recognizes your knowledge of agile principles and your skill with agile techniques. Show your peers, employers, and stakeholders that your agile knowledge runs deep.

PMI-ACP certification was created by agility for agility. Organizations that are highly agile and responsive to market dynamics complete more of their projects successfully than their slower-moving counterparts—75 per cent versus 56 per cent—as shown in PMI’s 2015 Pulse of the Profession® report.

The PMI-ACP spans many approaches to agile such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development (TDD.) So it will increase your versatility wherever your projects may take you.

Your talents are in demand if you’re experienced in using agile approaches, have good collaboration skills, eagerly embrace complexity, and thrive on rapid response times.

PMI-ACP Certification Career carriers are created by agile management. It is one of the few certifications that overcome procedural hurdles and does not focus on just one strategy (usually Scrum). On the other hand, Clever is a comprehensive framework comprising methods like Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, Crystal Clear, DSDM, etc. Most companies use multiple or a combination of these methods, so PMI-ACP certification provides comprehensive coverage of these tools, skills, and knowledge areas. PMI-ACP Certification extends your market reach as a fast-certified professional. Also, it allows you to network with a vibrant community of agile professionals, collaborators, and experts worldwide.

PMI-ACP Salary in Various Job Roles

An Agile Certified Professional can work in various job roles based on their skills and experience. The table below shows the PMI-ACP salary for the top Agile Certified Professional roles.

Job Role

Salary Per Annum (in USD)

Project Manager

59,000 – 87,000

Senior Project Manager

65,000 – 115,000
Agile Coach

88,000 – 133,000

Scrum Master

75,000 – 110,000

Project Manager, Software Development

65,000 – 106,000

3. CAPM Certification

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management.

Whether you work as a project manager or not, and regardless of your career path, a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is an asset that will differentiate you in the job market and increase your credibility and effectiveness – or with – the project team.

Companies with quality practice achieve better results, as shown in PMI’s 2015 Pulse of the Profession report. As CAPM recognizes your knowledge of the outstanding global standards of your profession, you will stand up to employers and be ready to move forward.

Project management is a fast-growing profession. The study indicates that employers must fill approximately 2.2 million new project-based roles annually by 2027. With CAPM, you’ll be on the fast track to opportunity.

Although the 7th edition of the PMBOK Guide is now available, the CAPM test is based on the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide. Please continue to use the PMBOK Guide – 6th Edition as your exam preparation tool. More information can be found in the CAPM Handbook. Stay tuned for news and updates on upcoming CAPM exam changes in 2022. PMI will give you six months’ notice before changing the test. 

CAPM Career Opportunities :

CAPM career opportunities equip professionals to work in a better position to determine their career and job prospects. Obtaining your CAPM certificate is an important career step in project management because it can recognize you from other candidates when entering the workforce. Certified Associate in Project Management, or CAPM, is the most sought-after certification in Project Management. So let’s take a look at CAPM’s career path.


Years of ExperienceSalary (USD)

Project Coordinator

1-553,000 – 70,000

Business Analyst

5-768,000 – 93,000
Associate Project Manager7-10

87,000 – 102,000

Project Manager, Information Technology9-12

95,000 – 120,000

Sr. Project Manager12+

105,000 – 126,000

4. PBA Certification

PBA stands for Professional Business Analysis.

Business analysis has become a competency of critical importance to project management. Becoming certified as a business analysis (BA) expert can move your career in a fresh direction while opportunities for BAs are on the rise.

Inaccurate requirements gathering consistently ranks in the top three causes of project failure. Yet, according to PMI’s Pulse of the Profession research, only half of the organizations have the resources to perform this function properly.

It’s time to become the certified expert your organization needs. If you work with stakeholders in defining requirements, shaping project outputs, and driving intended business outcomes, the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® will spotlight your valuable skills.

PBA Career Opportunities :

A PMI-PBA certification almost always ensures many leads related to your career progression. It also opens the door to various opportunities. Testimonials by PMI present you with a practitioner who can provide understanding and efficiency in the project management process. With this certification, you will become valuable to the organization that chooses to hire you. And hiring managers will always aspire to join their organization.

Job Role

Salary Per Annum (in USD)

Business Analyst

35,000 – 70,000

Sr Business Analyst

60,000 – 100,000

Product Consultant

88,000 – 133,000

Business Systems Analyst

75,000 – 110,000

Project Manager, Software Development

65,000 – 106,000

5. RMP Certification

RMP stands for Risk Management Professional.

With your advanced skills in risk management, you perform a particular function that is compatible with the needs of a project environment that is increasingly global, virtual, and complex.

The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) project highlights your ability to identify and evaluate risks, mitigate threats, and capitalize on opportunities. In this capacity, you develop and protect the needs of your organization.

Achieving distinction as a PMI-RMP sets you apart from other professionals and brings you credit for your organization. 83% of organizations that have high performers in project management often practice risk management, while only 49% of low performers do so. The practice contributes to a handsome return: higher performers meet their targets about 2.5 times more and waste 13 times less money than lower performers, as found in PMI’s 2015 Pulse of Profession report.

If you are ready for further recognition, the PMI-RMP will test your unique skills and help you stand out in front of employers, stakeholders, and peers.

RMP Career Opportunities :

The PMI-RMP credential behind your name gives way to many benefits. In addition to apparent benefits such as having the edge in your job search over those without the PMI-RMP certificate, it may permit you to negotiate a higher salary and get your resume noticed earlier. Many employers seeking risk management employees prefer highly specialized professionals, especially those with credentials. As a PMI member, you have entry to PMI publications, training opportunities, networking, and other perks to help escalate your risk management career. As the need for skilled project risk managers is critically high, practitioners who hold the PMI-RMP certification are well-

PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) salary Approximate :
Job Title Range Average
Program Manager, Engineering $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $130,000
Senior Project Engineer $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $128,451
Risk Manager $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $125,000
Operations Manager $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $85,000
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $118,000
Program Manager, Aviation / Aerospace $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $150,993
Senior Technical Analyst $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $91,000

6. PgMP Certification

PgMP stands for Program Management Professional.

As a program manager, you’re a senior-level practitioner at the forefront of advancing your organization’s strategic goals.

You manage multiple related projects in a coordinated way, achieving benefits that could not occur if the projects were handled separately.

Your leadership is instrumental. With program management maturity, an organization’s projects are far more successful than without them — 76 per cent compared to 54 per cent, according to PMI’s 2015 Pulse of the Profession report. The Program Management Professional (PgMP) is a visible sign of your advanced experience and skill and gives you a distinct advantage in employment and promotion.

PBA Career Opportunities :

The PgMP Certificate recognizes advanced experience, expertise, and performance in overseeing multiple related projects and their resources associated with an organizational objective. PgMP Certificate holders overlook the success of a program – a way to group various associated tasks that can achieve benefits that are not realized when projects are managed individually. The experience demonstrates these skills that project managers acquire as they advance their careers in managing multiple related projects and deciding to pursue strategic and business objectives. As employers demand program managers who can support the organization’s strategic goals, PgMP certificate holders will have a distinct advantage over their peers in employment and promotion opportunities.

Project Management Professional (PMI-PgMP) salary Approximate :
Job Title Range Average
Program Manager, IT $98k – $154k $123,387
Government Program Manager $55k – $134k $109,697
Program Manager, Engineering $80k – $178k $112,435
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) $82k – $107k $95,000
Director of Program Management, Information Technology (IT) $146k – $160k $149,641
Program Manager (Unspecified Type / General) $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $96,497
Information Technology (IT) Director $0 – $0 (Estimated *) $165,000

In summary, this article introduces the 06 primary certificates provided by PMI and discusses how they can enrich your goal in your project management career.

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