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What is CompTIA Security+ Certification and its benefits?

Security+ Certification | eBook

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a global certification exam used to verify the base skills needed to perform essential security functions and build a security career in information technology. Security+ certification specialises in hands-on practical skills that ensure security professionals are prepared to solve various problems.

This is the first security certification I.T. Earnings professionals should establish the core knowledge required for any cybersecurity role to provide a launching pad for mid-level cybersecurity jobs. Cybersecurity professionals with this certification will know how to deal with security incidents, not just detect them.

CompTIA Security+ Certification is an internationally recognized certification demonstrating the baseline skills of individuals seeking a career in IT. Security industry. By achieving this CompTIA certification, people can verify their skills in the following areas based on the exam objectives:

  1. Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities – Identifying various types of compromises and having knowledge in vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.
  2. Tools and Technologies – Assessing and troubleshooting issues that support operational and information security technologies in deploying various network components.
  3. Architecture and Design – How to implement cloud computing, a secure network, system design and virtualization technologies.
  4. Identity and Access Management – Implementation of Access Control, Identity Management, Access Services and Management Control.
  5. Cryptography and PKI – Installing and configuring settings for wireless security and implementing critical public infrastructure (PKI).
  6. Risk Management – ​​Understanding risk management and data security best practices and their business impact.

Security+ Certification Course Objectives

  1. Perform network design security, risk calculations, penetration testing, and risk management.
  2. Implement device security, wireless security, static environment security, secure authentication methods, and authorization models.
  3. Manage attack types, malware mitigation, discovery tools and security governance policies.
  4. Develop the skills needed for a career as an IA technician, security consultant, information security analyst, or forensic analyst.
  5. Brush up or build on your existing IT knowledge by exploring computer and network security concepts.
  6. Prepare to pass CompTIA certification Security+ exam SY0-601 successfully.

What does the test cover?

CompTIA Security+ Certification ranks as the most popular certification for cybersecurity professionals. It focuses on hands-on, practical security skills in six core domains. Preparing for the exam gives you broad knowledge and skills to handle real-world security situations.

  1. Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities: These include social engineering attacks, new denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and vulnerabilities found in the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded devices.
  2. Architecture and Design: Expect a focus on enterprise, cloud and hybrid environments.
  3. Implementation: This domain includes identity and access management, cryptography, end-to-end security, and critical public infrastructure (PKI)
  4. Operations and Incident Response: This section tests your knowledge of incident response procedures, including threat detection, security controls, risk mitigation and digital forensics.
  5. Governance, Risk and Compliance: Ensure understanding of critical risk and compliance regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, NIST, CCPA, FISMA and PCI-DSS.

CompTIA Security+ Certification exam details

You must pass a certification exam to earn your Security+ Certification. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this exam till June 2022.

Job Recruitment for Security+ Certification

Many jobs in the information security field use the skills and knowledge tested by Security+. Check out some of the job titles available on LinkedIn or requiring this certification, along with their average US salaries from Glassdoor (as of June 2022):

  1. SOC Analyst: $68,356.
  2. System Administrator: $69,946.
  3. Vulnerability Analyst: $83,830.
  4. Database Administrator: $80,149.
  5. Cyber ​​security consultant: $80,906.
  6. Information security analyst: $82,424.
  7. Information systems architect: $100,844.
  8. Cyber ​​Threat Hunter: $111,216.

Benefits of CompTIA Security+ Certification

Among all security certifications, CompTIA Security+ stands out as a well-respected and globally recognized certification in the industry. Many professionals starting in the field of security are now pursuing this certification due to its many benefits. If you consider getting this CompTIA certification, the benefits listed below will help you make the right decision.

  1. Vendor-Neutral Certification
  2. Prerequisites and required experience
  3. Globally recognized certification
  4. High career opportunities
  5. Larger pay scale
  6. Chance to help government work
  7. Opportunities to learn and develop
  8. Opportunity to work anywhere in the world


CompTIA Security+ certification is the path to a career in cybersecurity. Earning this certification is anent idea if you are just starting in the industry. With all the points raised above, it is not surprising to see that CompTIA certification is very popular among security professionals in the IT field. A variety of benefits and opportunities come with pursuing certification. Of course, before you get your CompTIA certification, you will be expected to go through the process of writing the exam. Although the exam requires hard work and intensive study, earning the rewards is worth every investment you make.

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