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What is CompTIA Linux+ Certification and its Path?

CompTIA Linux+ | cover

CompTIA certification Linux is known as an open-source platform like Unix operating system. It enables a range of different devices. Almost every commercial platform runs on the Linux operating system, from banking apps to social networking sites.

Almost all supercomputers and cloud servers run Linux because of its open-source compatibility with other devices around your home and workplace, such as firewalls and routers. Since it is an open-source operating system, it becomes easy for other software developers to modify the source code, which will help achieve the desired software as per the requirements.

CompTIA Linux+ provides a step-by-step demonstration of the various commands, utilities, and configuration options that an IT professional needs to know before pursuing CompTIA certification.

CompTIA Linux+ validates the skills required of an early career administrator supporting Linux systems for various IT businesses worldwide.


Course Objectives

In this course, you will configure, manage, and troubleshoot Linux systems.

You will:

  1. Perform basic Linux tasks.
  2. Manage users and groups.
  3. Manage permissions and ownership.
  4. Manage storage.
  5. Manage files and directories.
  6. Manage kernel modules.
  7. Manage the Linux boot process.
  8. Manage system components.
  9. Manage devices.
  10. Manage networking.
  11. Manage packages and software.
  12. Secure Linux system.
  13. Write and run the bash shell script.
  14. Automatic work.
  15. Plan and perform a Linux installation.

Target Audience Profile for CompTIA Linux+

This course is designed for IT professionals whose primary job is managing servers and other devices running the Linux operating system. A typical student in this course should have at least nine months of Linux experience and at least one and a half years of IT experience in other computing environments. Objectives Students should be willing to expand their skills to support their careers with CompTIA certification in Linux systems administration and operations.

This course is also designed for students seeking the CompTIA Linux+ certification who want to prepare for the XK0-004 exam. The Linux+ certification verifies students’ understanding and skills in configuring, monitoring, and supporting Linux systems.

CompTIA Linux+ Prerequisites

To ensure your success in this course, you should have general system administration procedures, some hands-on exposure to one or more CompTIA Linux+ distributions, and knowledge of computing hardware, basic networking, and cybersecurity concepts.

You can gain this level of skills and knowledge by taking the following official CompTIA certification courses:

  1. Official CompTIA* A+* Core 1 and 2 Student Guide (Exams 220-1001 and 220-1002).
  2. Official CompTIA* Network+* Student Guide (Exam N10-007).
  3. Official CompTIA” Security+* Student Guide (Exam SY0-501).

What will you learn?

At Linux+, professionals learn in-depth about operating system development and its maintenance. CompTIA Linux+ includes multiple distributions and validation capabilities that help prevent platform lock-in and promote a more flexible approach to Linux system troubleshooting.

The latest CompTIA Linux+ certification requires only one exam. This comprehensive exam thoroughly assesses overall Linux knowledge while focusing on topics most relevant to IT professionals working in an enterprise environment.

What kind of work can you get?

CompTIA certification Linux continues to add to most IT infrastructures, proving itself as an economical and practical solution for every IT business. With growing business needs, there is a growing demand for skilled and competent Linux administrators. The CompTIA Linux+ certification is an outstanding certification that validates vendor-neutral skills as a Linux administrator.

The CompTIA Linux+ certification covers the skills needed to install and support Linux operating systems, including user administration, file authorization, software configuration, and critical management of CompTIA Linux+ systems. Linux+ certified professionals can work on the command line, complete daily Linux maintenance tasks, expertly support Linux users, and install and configure Linux workstations.

What is Competia Linux+ suitable for?

CompTIA Linux+ is suitable for professionals working with Linux-based systems. It covers everything needed to support IT infrastructure, including infrastructure management, cyber security and cloud management. It has been recently revised to focus on recent topics, such as:

  1. Kernel mode
  2. Storage and visualization
  3. security
  4. Networking and firewalls
  5. Git and Automation
  6. Enterprise-level device management
  7. Server-side and command line
  8. Server coverage
  9. SELinux

Is CompTIA Linux+ suitable for an IT career?

Nowadays, almost every computer, cloud server, mobile and other device use the CompTIA certification Linux operating system. Hence it is considered an ideal certification for every IT professional involved in functional system development.
According to the Linux Foundation, nearly 87 per cent of hiring leaders experience difficulty finding talent with open-source skills. At the same time, 83 per cent of IT employers say open-source talent is a priority. The CompTIA Linux+ certification exam focuses primarily on administration-related and essential functions. It is helpful for those who want to prove their skills and add more credentials to their career in CompTIA certification.


CompTIA Linux+ certification serves as proof of understanding of Linux operating system fundamentals and helps you assess your knowledge of Linux concepts as a test taker. The new version of Linux+ adds many improvements over previous versions, which will help the marketability and value of CompTIA Linux+ over time. However, until now, Linux+ is less well-known than comparable Red Hat certifications. Our position is that if you’re in the first few years of your career as it relates to Linux, CompTIA Linux+ is a certification you should seriously consider adding to your list of qualifications.

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