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What Is the Demand for CISA Certification Exam 2022?

CISA Certification Exam

One of the top IT qualifications available today is the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation. It evaluates a person’s aptitude for seeing threats and openings in information systems. The Knowledge Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) was founded in 1969 and has 145,000 members in 180 nations. a team of individuals who saw the need for a centralized repository of information and direction in the then-emerging field of electronic data processing audits. CISA Certification exam can carry a vital rule for future Career development.

Numerous professional certificates are available from ISACA, including the CISA, CRISC, CISM, CGEIT, CSX-P, and CDPSE. Each of these certificates gives practitioners of many information systems disciplines legitimacy, including:

The purpose and importance of the CISA certification will be discussed in this guide’s article. We will look at the requirements, costs, and benefits of the CISA, or Certified Information Systems Auditor, professional designation. The information in this handbook can help in establishing if a CISA is an ideal certification for a candidate’s desired career path and in evaluating the value of acquiring one.

CISA Certification Exam

Why Should You Become Certified?

There are various causes for you to earn your CISA certification, including:

  1. More than 1 million people are currently employed as CISAs worldwide.
  2. The demand for CISAs continues to rise.
  3. The average salary for a CISA is $80,000 per year.
  4. The job outlook for CISAs expects to grow by 20% between 2016 and 2020.
  5. The CISA certification exam recognizes internationally.
  6. It has been ranked among the top five certifications in the world by CertifyMe.
  7.  Allows individuals to work in various industries, such as healthcare, finance, insurance, government, education, and retail.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming CISA Certified?

In addition to the above benefits, they are becoming certified as a CISA offers other advantages:

  1. The CISA certification gives individuals an edge when applying for jobs.
  2. Makes individuals stand out from others who lack the same credentials.
  3. Demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.
  4. Shows employers that individuals possess the skills necessary to succeed in their current position and move up within their organization.
  5.  It allows individuals to work in various industries, including healthcare, finance, insurance and government.
  6. Enables individuals to advance their careers and earn higher salaries.
  7. Helps individuals build a stronger resume.

Steps to get CISA certified:

The test will be the initial stage in your certification procedure journey.

The four-hour CISA exam consists of multiple-choice questions. An in-depth understanding of the sector also carries 150 case study-based questions, both theoretically and practically.

English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, French, German, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin – Simplified, and Chinese Traditional are among the ten languages that it is accessible.

It tests your knowledge based on these work-related topics:

  1. Information Systems Audit Process
  2. IT Governance and Management
  3. Information Systems Acquisitions, Development, and Implementation
  4. Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
  5. Protection of Information Assets
  6. The gradation of the test occurs on a scale of 200-800. You must score 450 or above (56%) to pass the test.

CISA domains

Eligibility Criteria for CISA Certification Exam:

Applicants should have a minimum of five years of full-time work experience in Auditing, control, and monitoring. However, numerous substitutions can reduce the work experience required by a maximum of three years.

Substitutions and Waivers for Professional Experience Required for Certification:

  1. One year of Auditing, control, and monitoring experience in Information Systems can substitute for one year of full-time work experience.
  2. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an institute recognized by ISACA can substitute one year of full-time experience.
  3. A Master’s degree in Information security of Information technology from an ISACA-approved university can substitute for one year of full-time experience.
  4. Two years of University instructor in IT/IS-related fields can substitute for one year of full-time experience.

The ongoing professional education strategy of ISACA is one of the key reasons CISA distinguishes it from all IT certification degrees (CPE).

This policy guarantees that candidates for CISA Certification Exam have current and pertinent expertise in the security sector. It also complies with the norms for information systems auditing, such as the ISACA code of professional ethics.

These ensure that all certified applicants meet a certain level of competence and expertise.

Strategies for CISA Certification Exam Preparation:

According to industry figures, the passing rate could only be 50%. However, the exam might be viewed as complicated because it is application-based. You may prepare for the test by taking one of the many online courses that are available. Long-term results can be achieved with a few committed months. These platforms support you in maintaining your technical advantage over rivals. Practice is essential because the exam’s questions might be somewhat in-depth. You can select any time window within a 12-month period after registering on the ISACA website.

Jobs Following CISA Certification:

Companies want CISA certification for roles such as:

  • Security
  •  Consultant System Analyst 
  • Cybersecurity Professionals 
  • Senior IT Auditor 
  • IT Manager 
  • Internal Auditing Manager 
  • Informations System Auditor 
  • Internal Audit Director 
  • Audit Manager

CISA Salary range

Organizations often demand that applicants be able to manage numerous activities, whether they are audits or not. CISA accreditation is essential for the growing number of IT and data-driven processes in the financial sector. Additionally, it places you on the same global radar as other elite auditors.

What Does the Future Hold For CISA?

As technology continues to amplify, so does the need for cybersecurity professionals. With the rise of cloud computing, mobile devices, social media, and big data analytics, cyber security professionals will continue to face new challenges and opportunities.

  • The CISA Certification exam is an essential part of any cybersecurity professional’s career.

One of the most admired qualifications in the field is the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation. It demonstrates proficiency in governance, risk management, and compliance. This credential also gives individuals the knowledge to perform audits and assessments of IT systems and processes.

  • The CISA Certification exam helps you demonstrate your knowledge of cyber security.

The CISA Certification exam can design to test candidates’ ability to identify data storage and transmission risks, understand how to mitigate those risks, and evaluate the effectiveness of controls implemented to prevent breaches. To obtain the CISA certificate, candidates must pass both written and practical tests.


The number of CISAs hired has increased in the area of international IT security. Worldwide banks employ CISA auditors for projects like the Y2K audit. Top companies that hire people with CISA credentials include J.P. Morgan, Accenture, EY, American Express, Deloitte, and others.

Your cybersecurity career will benefit from the CISA certification if you want to expand your skill set and obtain an industry-recognized certificate to add to your resume.

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