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What is The Learning Path for AWS Developer?

AWS Developer Cloud

A certification from Amazon may increase your earning potential. An Amazon subsidiary, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS Developer Certification is one of the best achievements for career advancement. Along with Amazon Simple Storage Services and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, it provides a wide range of computer services, including processing, storage, and networking. The market leader in the field of cloud computing is AWS. Even now, when the public cloud industry values $236 billion, AWS continues to outperform rivals like Google, IBM, and Microsoft. The AWS Developer Career Path covers in this blog.

AWS Developer

Certifications Offered by AWS

Professionals in cloud computing can get a variety of certifications from Amazon. The following is the range of the AWS Developer Career. The certification portfolio is very straightforward and includes the following three categories, which offer three associate and two professional levels:


 This certification is open to those who create and maintain AWS applications. The two levels of this degree are Associate Level and Professional Level. AWS Certified DevOps Engineers who hold the Professional level certification are entry-level professionals; the Associate level certification is for AWS Certified DevOps Engineers.


The AWS platform must be managed and optimized to enable Development and architecture. These certifications offer in two categories: associate and professional. The associate level certification is for system operators or SysOps, and because SysOps and DevOps are closely related, the higher-level Professional certificate is for AWS Certified DevOps Engineers.


This certification requires the professionals that implement and design distributed systems on the AWS platform. The certificate is offered in three levels, starting at the Associate level for AWS Certified Solution Architects and moving to the Professional level.

Regarding test type, each certification requires the candidate to pass a single exam that consists of multiple-choice questions. The professional level exam is 170 minutes long and costs $300 for all certificates, while the associate level exam costs $150 and lasts 80 minutes. Associate-level certification requires for each professional-level certification.

AWS Developer Career Path

AWS Developer Career

The demand for traditional IT infrastructure positions has increased due to the Development of cloud computing, and experts view it as one of the finest technologies for their IT careers. For those with the necessary abilities, the rapid expansion of cloud computing is leading to numerous AWS career prospects. In contrast to the number of qualified individuals, the number of positions for cloud computing specialists is growing, according to The following graph illustrates the market trend clearly and explains why job seekers’ interest is rising among aspirants:

As many businesses pour billions of dollars into cloud computing, career prospects are also increasing. AWS is the industry pioneer in cloud computing technologies. The market share held by AWS seen in the graph below:

Salary Offered to AWS Certified Professionals

Professionals in cloud computing can now choose from a variety of positions. A Forbes poll estimates that there are almost 4 million open positions in the US, 384,478 of which are reserved exclusively for IT specialists. The AWS Developer Roadmap can be helpful while you look for employment. For people with experience in cloud computing, the median yearly pay is over $100,000, or $90,950. The candidate’s expertise and credentials will determine the compensation. A survey analysis demonstrates that more than 18 million global jobs are available for seasoned cloud computing specialists.

Why Should You Choose AWS as a Career Option?

AWS certification indicates a higher degree of certification or qualification, and firms with AWS experts are more adept at using AWS-based applications. The success of this certification course is also greatly attributed to the paid survey IT skills report for Windows Pro and global knowledge. Learning this technology is essential for anyone who desires a bright future and competitive pay. You can also improve your understanding and salary by taking various AWS certification courses.

Prerequisites for all available AWS certifications

Developer/Sys Ops Admin

Entry-level AWS tech essential certification

For those already working in the AWS environment, this course will help them understand the concepts and base of various aspects of AWS. If you join any e-learning course for AWS certification, the virtual labs of these centres can help you learn several AWS concepts.

Intermediate Level Developer Associate 

The Development be working on its everything.

  1. Typically, regular assignments and low-risk activities where SLAs are not crucial.
  2. For example, working on documentation components, job monitoring, daily status reports, and other tasks will be part of a support project.
  3. Due to the 24-hour nature of support projects, you will undoubtedly need to work in shifts.
  4. Additionally, if there are tight deadlines and short timescales for development projects, you may need to work overnight or put in extra effort on weekends and holidays.
  5. The most excellent aspect of development initiatives at the beginning of your career is the opportunity to learn, although they typically include much job pressure.
  6. But ultimately, each project has distinct operating principles and methods that criteria must follow.
  7. Furthermore, the choice of your work assignment and the expectations placed on you by your boss or lead will be the deciding factors. And how they intend to use you. You can discuss your options and work to achieve your goals for learning and work.

Those candidates who want to have this certification require the following experiences:

  • More than one year of hands-on experience in designing and maintaining AWS applications
  • Knowledge of fundamental architecture, best practices, and AWS services.
  • Experience in designing, developing and deploying any cloud-based AWS solution.
  • Experience in the maintenance and Development of those applications develops using Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Workflow Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service and AWS cloud foundation.

Candidates who fulfil the following criteria can get this certification:

  • Those who have been working on AWS applications for more than a year
  • One who knows how to operate, maintain and provision AWS systems
  • The candidates must know to enlist the operation and deployment guidelines for AWS projects.

Expert Level – AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

Candidates fulfilling the following criteria only can apply for the expert-level certification:

  • Candidate must be an AWS Certified Developer or Associate or Certified SysOps Administrator with Associate credentials.
  • Must have more than two years of experience in provisioning, operations and AWS environment management.
  • Must have more than one year of experience in the programming language.
  • Candidates must be testing or automation programming experts.

AWS Solution Architect Certification

  • Entry Level – AWS Essential Certification

This course is best for AWS professionals, which can help you to perform a strong base and to understand various concepts and aspects of the AWS platform.

  • Intermediate Level AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate Level

Candidates who want to have this certification must fulfil the following criteria:

  • More than one year of experience in designing scalable, cost-efficient, and fault-tolerant distributed system
  • Must have in-depth knowledge of high-level programming language.
  • Must know to define and identify the AWS application requirements
  • Must have experience in deploying hybrid systems with AWS components and hybrid systems
  • Candidates must be able to provide and build a reliable and secure AWS application.
  • Expert Level – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Candidates for this certification must possess the following abilities:

  • Associate credentials of AWS certified solution architect
  • More than two years of experience in deploying and designing cloud architecture on AWS
  • Able to provide the best recommendations and methods for architectural design across various projects, industries, and applications.

Future Scope of AWS Developer 

The study route outlined in this blog post might assist you in comprehending the prerequisites and current market worth of an AWS certification. It can ensure your success and aid in your decision regarding whether or not to pursue this certification. To assist you in choosing your future as an AWS expert, we have supplied you with all the information about this certification. The future is promising for any potential opportunities as AWS developers, and they can even provide higher compensation.

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