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Which Azure Certification is Best for Beginners?

Azure Certification

Before beginning the certification process, there are a few things you must do if you are new to studying Azure. Get a fundamental grasp of the capabilities and services offered by the platform by first downloading the free Microsoft Azure Essentials e-book. Check out Microsoft Learn, which also provides training on various Azure subjects.

Once you feel confident with Azure’s fundamentals, you should begin preparing for the test. Joining 591Lab for the finest Azure training is the most significant way to train.

How to Study for Azure Certification?

You may start preparing for Azure Certification by doing a variety of activities. Learn Azure’s fundamentals and its various services to get started. There are several online training programs and resources accessible.

You can also gain experience with Azure by creating your cloud environment. It will help you understand how to use Azure services and how they work together.

Finally, ensure you keep up with the latest Azure news and advancements. Reading this article, you may better comprehend the platform’s upgrades and modifications.

Azure Certification

Best Azure Certification for Beginners

Azure certification can help freshers step into cloud computing. Microsoft offers various Azure certification paths for beginners. The Azure DevOps Online Training Service Provider 591Lab is the most popular Azure certification path for beginners. This certification confirms your ability to develop, configure, and administer Azure systems. You must complete tests on creating and implementing cloud platforms to obtain this certification.

Azure Solution Architect Course Offers:
  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training
  • Webinars
  • Assignments
  • Projects

Other Microsoft Azure Certifications are given bellow


  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

MCSA is an entry-level certification that tests your ability to work with Windows Server operating systems and applications. It also covers some aspects of cloud computing. You can earn MCSA by passing two exams: 70-640 and 70-642.

  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

MCSD is a more advanced certification than MCSA. It focuses on building solutions using Azure services and technologies. To earn MCSD, you must pass three exams: 70-741, 70-742, and 70-743.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

If you’re looking for an entry-level certification, then MCSA might be your best choice. This certification is specifically for people new to cloud computing and Azure. You will learn how to use Azure services such as SQL Database, Storage, Virtual Machines, Networking, and Security.

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

MCTS is a more advanced certification than MCSA. It requires students to pass three exams with a passing score of 70% or higher. Students must also complete at least 12 months of hands-on training and earn a minimum of 60 contact hours.

  • Microsoft Certified Application Security Expert (MCASE)

The MCASE test may be the most acceptable option if you want to become an expert in cloud security. Network security, application security, identity management, and data protection are all covered in this test.

Microsoft Azure Certification Paths 

The demand for knowledge in the management of virtual desktops is on the rise as virtual work spreads worldwide. Azure is a top cloud computing option for commercial environments that are now targeting small companies. You might want to consider specializing in Azure as a more lucrative choice if you’re not as happy with your new networking employment as you had planned.

You won’t need to worry about taking time off from work or returning to school. You may now study to become an Azure Professional using the knowledge you’ll gain from the self-paced courses in the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Administration and Security certification bundle.

          ✔  You may learn how to establish virtual networking, internal stresses connection, web apps, traffic control, and more in “Microsoft Azure Administrator               Associate (AZ-104).” Additionally, the course shows students how to manage virtual machines, Azure storage, and other fundamental duties.

        ✔  The “Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204)” course covers how to optimize apps to operate in a virtual environment with numerous sessions if you have familiarity with Azure technology. It covers every aspect of how to organize, carry out, and oversee remote app and virtual desktop experiences.

        ✔  The lessons taught in “Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) (Updated 2021)” have thrilled the students. They gave the course 4.57 stars out of 5. It teaches you how to set up and maintain proper security measures, govern internal user access and identity, safeguard networks and data, and more.

     ✔  “Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)” is a part of the package for businesses that must decide whether to purchase or offer cloud-based solutions. This course can also help anyone who needs to assess their understanding of essential cloud services.


Best Online Practice With Microsoft Azure Certification?

If you want to test out Microsoft Azure, you have a few options at your disposal.

  • Enrolling in an Azure certification course is one alternative. Although these programs might be pricey, they provide much practical training.
  • Discovering a free online course is a second choice. Although these classes often don’t offer as much exercise as certification courses, they might still be a great place to start.
  • Finding a demo or free trial account is a third choice. New users of Azure may sign up for free trial accounts that let them explore the platform and understand how it functions.
  • 591lab can be the best companion for your certification career

Is Azure Certification Easier Than AWS certification?

Whether Azure certification is more accessible to administer than AWS certification is a difficult question to answer. Since each platform has distinct advantages and disadvantages, it is challenging to determine which is superior. However, from the standpoint of a novice, obtaining an Azure certification can be slightly more straightforward.

Because the Azure platform is more recent than AWS, more online resources are accessible to individuals trying to learn how to utilize it, which has led to some misunderstandings. Microsoft has also worked hard to promote Azure in recent years, which has led to a sizable number of qualified professionals using this platform.

Career Benefits of Learning Azure DevOps Certification

More career chances are associated with a DevOps certification. DevOps is still a pretty young concept in the IT industry. With DevOps training and certification in Chennai, you’ll be able to apply for various employment with organizations looking for Azure DevOps specialists. These folks are in demand compared to the number of DevOps professionals.

You can benefit from this opportunity to obtain outstanding roles in a recognized organization. Also, the certification shows that certificate holders have good skills in Azure and DevOps, making them more likely to get a job.

Additionally, certifications in DevOps and Azure might aid in the job search. A worker with a DevOps certification can work in service management, operations, or the development of IT. You can work as a DevOps engineer, consultant, infrastructure architect, or automation architect.

There are several career options available to those with a DevOps certification. Many companies seek someone with dual expertise in DevOps and open source.

Azure Certification Jobs for Freshers in Cloud

As a cloud novice, it is conceivable to land Azure employment. To demonstrate your knowledge, you must have at least a basic level of Azure certification. Additionally, it might be advantageous to have prior expertise dealing with other clouds, such as AWS.

There is undoubtedly a need for those with the necessary qualifications, as many employers are looking for people with Azure experience. If you’re new to the cloud, start by studying the basics of Azure before pursuing certification. You’ll be able to discover Azure jobs that match your skill set and interests.


As a result, a novice should think about various Azure certifications. Given that it covers a wide range of Azure topics, the Azure Administrator certification is a beautiful place to start. A developer or architect certification may be more appropriate if you wish to specialize in a particular area of Azure. Regardless of the certificate you select, be sure to study and get ready for the test!

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