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Why do you need to get AWS SAP-C01?

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The Exam for AWS Solutions Architect Professional is considered one of the most complex to pass today. To give, the student must have a wealth of technical knowledge spanning various subjects relevant to architecture best practices inside AWS. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (SAP-C01) exam replaces the prior Solution Architect – Professional certification, issued in 2018 and will be updated this year (2022).

According to recent data, companies will move about 83% of business workloads to the cloud by 2020. As we all know, AWS is the industry leader in cloud service providers. As a result, the benefits of AWS certification might assist you in preparing for forthcoming trends in the IT professional job market. 

AWS controls over 31% of the market and is increasing revenue. More than 75% of firms said AWS Training and Certification assist their employees in achieving operational efficiencies for their clients. The bulk of businesses will want AWS-certified professionals. An AWS certification course might boost your attractiveness as a job applicant.

What do you learn in AWS SAP-C01?

The test is challenging to pass since you must conduct an additional study on the topics in the course outline and use approved resources. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (SAP-C01) exam confirms your understanding of the following:

  • Creating and launching an AWS application according to requirements.
  • Complex data may migrate multi-tier systems to AWS.
  • On AWS, build and deploy enterprise-wide scale processes.
  • Implement cost-cutting measures.

Based on these learning outcomes, more than 75% of respondents said that having AWS-trained, and AWS Certified workers boosted their organisation’s capacity to innovate and compete.

AWS SAP-C01 Validates your knowledge

More than 400,000 people had current AWS Certifications as of August 2020, an increase of more than 85% from August 2019 to August 2020. Despite this, firms continue to seek cloud talent: according to 451 Research, 90% of IT decision-makers cite cloud skills shortages. Before you appear for the test, AWS SAP-C01 assesses the following competencies:

  • Experience building and delivering cloud architecture on AWS for at least two years.
  • Capability to analyse cloud application needs and give architectural suggestions for AWS application implementation, deployment, and provisioning.
  • AWS CLI, AWS APIs, AWS Cloud Formation templates, the AWS Billing Console, and the AWS Management Console are all required.
  • Explain and apply the five AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars.
  • Create a hybrid architecture leveraging essential AWS technologies such as VPN, AWS Direct Connect, etc.
  • Capability to deliver best practice assistance on architectural design across numerous corporate apps and projects.
  • Also required is familiarity with a scripting language.
  • Furthermore, familiarity with the Windows and Linux platforms is required.
  • Connect business goals to application/architecture needs.
  • Create a process for continuous integration and deployment.

The AWS SAP-C01 Certcollection provides knowledge in areas of this position that an average-level person cannot have. As a result, with AWS SAP-C01, you can stand out from the crowd.

Worth holding AWS SAP-C01 certified

AWS certification will significantly advance your cloud application development and hybrid architecture design career. Earning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional certification demonstrates your ability to develop, implement, and evaluate applications on AWS while working with varied and challenging requirements. 

The exam failure percentage is higher than 72%. This indicates that roughly 28% of those taking the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam pass. This shows how challenging the AWS Solutions Architect Professional test is.

Don’t see the cost; see the worth.

The exam costs 300 USD, and the entire length to finish the exam is 180 minutes. There will be 75 questions, either multiple-choice or multiple responses. The exam scores range between 100 and 1000, with a minimum passing score of 750-75%. AWS recommended that you have at least two years of hands-on experience building and delivering cloud architectures on AWS or a Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification. 

If English is not your first language, you can enrol for an additional 30 minutes, giving you 220 minutes to finish the exam. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam is one of IT business most rigorous and arduous tests. So, be sure to prepare adequately and boost your confidence level. However, if you’ve passed the AWS SAP-C01 exam and acquired your credential, you may be the next Steve Jobs.

How AWS SAP-C01 helps in standing out

The exam’s Certcollection and curriculum are extensive, with complicated, cryptic, and esoteric AWS platform topics. To obtain AWS Certification, the applicant must have a solid understanding of theoretical and practical AWS topics. Through limited Certcollection, no one can cover the applicable portion of the test. 

Consider creating cheat papers that cover the most important theoretical ideas required for the exam. However, to get practical expertise, you must first register a free-tier account on the AWS platform and practice contacting and managing each of the hundreds of different services available on the AWS platform. The advantages of AWS SAP-C0 certifications might assist prospective persons who work as solutions architects identify the hidden prospects in an AWS career.


Every IT enthusiast wants to study AWS because this industry pays well and is predicted to expand more quicker. The competition is increasing at the same rate as the industry. You’ll have to put in much extra effort to grab the spotlight. And if you want to advance your career in this industry, the AWS Solutions Architect Professional (SAP-C01) Exam is the best option. 

The increasing competition in this sector and its allied exams make it challenging to crack certifications. You can easily pass the test with suitable materials and plans. There are several resources available for AWS SAP-C01 Certcollection preparation.

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