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Why should I get my Aruba ACMA certification?

ACMA certification | Cover

The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate is an expert who is in charge of planning, establishing, and configuring a fundamental Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) with the aid of the most recent operating system architecture and features. The Freelance ACMA expert will need the knowledge and abilities to develop, deploy, and maintain the most recent Aruba Mobile First Platform solutions.

The Aruba ACMA is well-versed in the Aruba Mobile First Platform, based on the architecture of the Aruba Mobility Master and Controller. The expert will learn how to set up integrated firewalls and secure WLAN features. They should be able to describe and set up the communications between the controller and the AP. The expert will be familiar with the aspects of dynamic RF management.

Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA)

Why pursue ACMA Certification?

  1. To position yourself as a trusted team member who can contribute to the design, deployment and management of the latest Aruba Mobile First Platform solutions.
  2. To validate you understand the fundamentals of building an Aruba Mobile First Platform.
  3. To advance your career as a certified professional

ACMA Certification requirements and exam details

Typical candidates for this Aruba certification are networking IT professionals who deploy small-to-medium scale enterprise network solutions based on Aruba products and technologies.

Exam Details

Candidates must pass the Aruba Certified Mobility Associate certification exam on PearsonVUE.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Skill level: Associate

Length: 60 questions

Exam Code: HPE6-A70

Exam Details

This qualification proves your abilities to:

  1. Learn about the Aruba Mobility Master and Controller architecture, which forms the foundation of the Aruba Mobile First Platform.
  2. Set up secure WLAN options.
  3. Integrated firewall configuration.
  4. Describe and set up communications between the controller and the AP.
  5. List the characteristics of dynamic RF management.
  6. Implement guest networking techniques that are safe.

ACMA Certification Job Description and Responsibilities

The Aruba Certification professional must provide guest networking options that are secure. Configuration wizards, provisioning access points, authentication, encryption, firewall operation and rules, role-based access control, AP boot, and remote access point configuration are the critical areas of attention. The installation of a single Mobility Master with a single controller and AP Aruba WLAN is possible thanks to an ACMA-certified specialist’s technical knowledge and practical expertise.

The Aruba Certification Mobility Associate (ACMA) will be able to set up and develop a secure controller network with various SSIDs using Aruba hardware and ArubaOS. The expert will be well-versed in Aruba’s wireless networking technologies. The experts will concentrate on the foundations of RF principles, 802.11 Standards, and WLAN technology. The applicants will have the power to manage guest and employee WLAN access. Using Aruba Firewall Policies and Roles, they may manage secure access to the WLAN.

Aruba ARM and Client Match functionalities will be configured and optimized by authorized professionals. They will carry out network troubleshooting and monitoring tasks. The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate should be well-versed in the design of networking topologies, GUI and CLI interpretation, CLI configuration file segment interpretation, and GUI and CLI troubleshooting. Professionals will be familiar with the architecture, license types, and operating system distribution. They ought to have a solid understanding of Aruba’s identity-based firewall.


According to Indeed, an average Aruba Certified Mobility Associate’s salary ranges from approximately $35,409 per year for Assembly Technician to $114,333 per year for Resident Engineer.

The Benefits of Having an Aruba ACMA Certification

  1. The Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Certification distinguishes out from competitors. 
  2. Employers search for anything that sets one applicant apart from another when they receive applications for a position. 
  3. They could benefit from having an Aruba Certified Mobility Professional certification.
  4. Access to more essential and pertinent networks that support the advancement of professional goals is made possible by Aruba Certified Mobility Professional accreditation. 
  5. They have access to work chances that non-certified people frequently need help getting because of Aruba Certified Mobility Professional online.
  6. Since their skills are far more advanced than those of non-certified experts, Aruba Certified Mobility Experts will be more self-assured and stand out from the crowd.
  7. Compared to uncertified professionals, Aruba Certified Mobility Experts are more knowledgeable about using tools to do jobs swiftly and expertly.
  8. The Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Certification equips candidates with the practical knowledge necessary to succeed as corporate employees in all domains.
  9. Instead of spending years and having little experience, Aruba Certified Mobility Professional Accreditations enable people to acquire a job in which they are interested swiftly.

Benefits of Freelance Work in This Career

Freelance Aruba Certified Mobility Associates can choose projects by considering aspects like business model, payment method, and type of work. As they cope with various circumstances, independent contractors will have a broad range of exposure.


The Aruba certification Mobility Associate provides the candidates with the necessary networking skills and knowledge to take care of the primary Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). The certification teaches them how to install and manage the latest Aruba Mobile First Platform solutions. is the right place for telecom and network professionals looking for career growth. 

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