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Network+is an IT certification offered by CompTIA Certification. This company strives for communication and integration within the global technology community. It offers several certifications to computer technology professionals as part of its efforts to contribute to the industry’s growth.

CompTIA Network+ is awarded to individuals who are interested in advancing their careers in the IT industry as computer network specialists. These professionals manage almost everything network-related: from traffic and performance to security. A skilled IT specialist who earns this sought-after badge can diagnose the cause of network problems, test and protect network privacy, and maintain industry protocols and standards.

Is the CompTIA Network+ worth it?

CompTIA Network+ has value because of all IT certifications; it does not test you on hardware or software. Network+ tests you on skills needed to configure and manage networks. Other certifications test you in one technology area, but Network+ is worth it because it covers all networks and technologies.

How much does the CompTIA Network+ cost?

Network+ certification from CompTIA costs $338. The certification exam N10-008 is a 90-question, 90-minute exam with a passing score of 720 and costs $338. There are no prerequisites for Network+, so you can take it whenever you feel ready. The total cost is $338 plus any training or courses you choose to take.

How should I study for Network+?

It would help if you studied for Network+ with high-quality content that explains networking concepts clearly and gives you plenty of opportunities to practice tested skills. CompTIA Certification Network+ focuses on the real-world skills and responsibilities a network administrator should have. The best way to study for Network+ is to practice those skills in a virtual environment or a virtual lab.

Course Objectives

  1. How to install, configure and differentiate between standard network devices
  2. routing protocols, computer forensics practices, and addressing and cloud computing technologies
  3. All about WAN/LAN technology, DHCP, OSI model and TCP/IP model and handling services like Domain Name Services (DNS)
  4. How to implement a primary wireless network and wireless security
  5. How to manage network monitoring and perform network performance optimisation
  6. Prepare to take and pass the CompTIA Certification Network+ certification exam (N10-007).

Course Curriculum

1-Network architecture

Network infrastructure implementation, routing concepts and protocols, cloud and virtualisation.

The Network operations

Monitoring tools, network segmentation, configuration management

Network security

Network vulnerabilities and threats, risk management, network access control models


Network and security troubleshooting, common problems with fibre cable, copper wire and WAN

Industry standards, practices and network theory

OSI model, wired connections, network principles and procedures

Do you need CompTIA Network+ certification?

Before making the final decision to pursue CompTIA Certification Network+, you should first find out if this certification can be of any benefit to you. Below we’ve highlighted some essential things you should consider before committing your time, effort, and resources to Network+ certification.

Your Job Title: CompTIA Network+ is designed to help IT professionals pursue well-paying positions by proving their knowledge and skills. It is most valuable for those who want to increase their salary or job options. If satisfied with your current paycheck or job title, you need not apply for this certificate immediately.

Your Career Path: This certification is ideal for individuals who primarily build and maintain computer networks. This badge is suitable for you if this is your primary field of activity. However, if you are interested in pursuing a career in the IT field, you can consider going for various CompTIA Certifications.

Your Experience Level: Another thing you should consider before fully committing yourself to CompTIA Network+ is your experience level. Before sitting the CompTIA Certification N10-007 exam, you must have nine or more months of practical experience. If you are new to IT, you may need some time to gain more technical expertise and apply for this certification.

Network+ certification Job Opportunities

According to CompTIA, the Network+ certification is ideal for establishing a career deploying and supporting network infrastructure. Professionals who hold the Network+ certification commonly hold positions that include:

  1. Junior Network Administrator
  2. Computer Technician
  3. Network Field Technician
  4. Help Desk Technician
  5. Junior System Engineer
  6. System Engineer
  7. IS Consultant
  8. Network Support Specialist
  9. Network Field Engineer
  10. Network Analyst

Benefits of CompTIA Network+ Certification?

So, why would anyone want to become CompTIA Network+ certified? Well, many benefits come with this certification. The certification will benefit you in your general pursuit of success in the IT industry, especially in the network field:

  1. It gives you more opportunities to further your education
  2. Strengthening your resume
  3. Increase your credibility in the field


CompTIA Network+ certification can provide many benefits for your professional and personal life. Whether you want to advance in the workplace, start a new job, or grow as an IT professional, this CompTIA Certification is worth pursuing.

Different vendors offer many IT certifications so that you can start with those relevant to your career goals. And CompTIA Network + is, in most cases, the perfect choice for professionals in various sectors.

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