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Is CIPP the Best Data Privacy Certification in 2024?

Is CIPP the Best Data Privacy Certification

Nowadays, protecting sensitive information is very important. Data privacy certifications allow professionals to show their expertise in protecting privacy. Among these certifications, the CIPP is the best certification. This guide will consider whether the CIPP remains the top choice for data privacy certification in 2024. By examining the certifications and their relevance, we will clarify the best options for providing data privacy.

What is Data Privacy

What is Data privacy and its needs

Data privacy means controlling your personal information and deciding who can see it. It’s about keeping your information private and only sharing it when you choose to. This concept is important because it’s your right to control your own data. Different places and cultures may view privacy in various ways, but the core idea is that you have the right to your privacy.

You should have control over your data and what data is shared. Data privacy is a human and fundamental right in many countries, and it’s very important for you to know.

Information Security vs. Data Security

Information security is about keeping a company’s data safe. This means making sure the data is kept secret, correct, and available when needed. Data privacy is about taking care of people’s personal information. This includes looking after it from the time we get it, use it, and all through its time with us.

So, what is the difference between these two terms? Fundamentally, in information security, we never worry about what data we collect or how much we collect. However, these are the foundational differences between information security and data privacy. Data privacy questions for every organization: Why are you collecting this data, and how will you use it? How long are you going to retain this data? All these questions are very fundamental to data privacy.

Another important question is: are they interrelated? Yes, obviously. Information security is considered one of the key factors for data privacy and protection. In a company, keeping personal information safe is vital. Information security involves a set of rules to protect the company’s data because it’s essential.

On the other hand, data privacy is a fundamental right everyone has. It’s based on laws that say how personal information should be treated. It is about empowering a data subject.

Certifications for Data Privacy

Data Privacy Certifications

IAPP is the leading institute that offers various data privacy certificates. IAPP offers any information security certifications that are in high demand in the market. Some of them include

  • CIPP IAPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional)
  • CIPM IAPP (Certified Information Privacy Manager)
  • CIPT IAPP (Certified Information Privacy Technologies)

We will explore each of these certifications one by one.


CIPP certification offers a detailed exploration of various data privacy laws through its four sub-variants.

The first variant, CIPP/E, focuses on Europe’s data protection regulations, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The second variant, CIPP/US, delves into data privacy laws within the USA. At the same time, the third and fourth variants cater to Canada and Asia, respectively. Each variant specializes in the data privacy regulations of its designated region.

CIPP/E, centered on European Data Protection Law, is esteemed as the gold standard. With GDPR representing just one iteration of a history spanning over 40 years, comprehensive knowledge of CIPP/E equips individuals to understand and adapt to various data privacy regulations worldwide. Understanding the intricacies of a particular law, such as GDPR, eliminates the need to fret over differing laws in other regions.

Approximately 80–90% of data privacy laws share common foundational principles, with only minor variations in terminologies and specific rights. Understanding the basics, like principles, data subject rights, and application methods, helps individuals handle different legal frameworks successfully.
Learning one law, particularly GDPR, is helpful because it is industry-wide recognized as the pinnacle of data privacy standards.


CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager) certification is the only course available for a leadership role in data privacy. If you want to improve your career and take on a managerial or leadership role. This course speaks about the day-to-day operations of data privacy professionals, such as:

  • How to build a data privacy program from scratch.
  • How do you start with the vision and mission statement?
  • How do you build the framework?
  • How do you build a privacy strategy?
  • How are we going to implement the policies and procedures?
  • How are you going to look into the controls for personal data protection?

All of them are covered here. The CIPM course is very important, especially when you pair it with CIPP/E. This combo is great if you want to be a data protection officer.

You need to understand the laws, figure out their meaning, and know the little details. Then, you can create a whole data privacy plan from the beginning. So, these two combinations are popular in the market because they are highly effective and in demand. If you search for a job in any leadership role on LinkedIn, you will find these two courses as the most wanted or the most required combination. Even IAPP recognizes this. If you complete these two certifications, you are considered DPO-ready, which means data protection officer-ready. This is why it is essential to do these two certifications together.


Anyone who wants to pursue a technology role in the data privacy domain and understands the technology aspects may take CIPT (Certified Information Privacy Technologist) certification. It discusses ensuring data privacy is part of everything from the start. It shows how to keep personal data safe all the way through, how to lock it up, like making it anonymous or semi-anonymous, and the dangers to personal data and technology. If you are into technology and want to focus on adding data privacy to tech solutions, CIPT is the perfect choice for you.

So, if you finish two of these three certifications, you will be eligible to become a FIP (Fellow of Information Privacy). It’s an accreditation by IAPP. You’ll earn a unique title if you have three years of experience, have finished two of these courses, and have some people who can vouch for your work. This title is highly valuable in data privacy, and many people seek it.


Benefits of CIPP-E. Best Data Privacy Certification

CIPP is a well-known certification. For anyone looking to get into data privacy, this certificate shows they know the main ideas, understand privacy information, and are familiar with how things work in Europe. So, it’s a must-have certification to pursue a data protection officer career. You will join a group of knowledgeable and capable data privacy professionals. The combination of CIPM and CIPP makes you DPO-ready. It’s wise for both job seekers and employers to know this field well. There’s a lot at risk, but there’s also a big chance for those in private roles to have the right training and education.

CIPP/E Course Details

So, starting with what this course is about and what the certification exam is about, this exam has around 90 questions regarding CIPP/E, out of which you need to score 75. You will join a group of skilled data privacy professionals. Any freshmen right out of college can go for the certification. You don’t need to wait or have any special past work or schooling to start this certification course. So, nothing’s holding you back from taking this exam. You can take the exam either online or offline. Once you have purchased this exam voucher, you have one year of validity to take this course.

When writing this course, you must pay $550, which is the certification exam cost. Upon passing this exam, you must pay a fee of $250 to become officially certified. For any certification exam, you need to pay the cost, which is $550, in the case of any variant of the IAPP exam. Once you clear the certification, you have two options.

  1. You can pay $250 to validate the certification with certification maintenance fees
  2. $275 to become a member.

The cycle to pay the certification maintenance fee is two years, and you do not get any benefits compared to a membership.

For example, membership gives you access to many wonderful articles, useful materials, and templates for your data privacy day-to-day work. And that is available only when you become a member. So you have both options. Either you can pursue a membership fee, which is $275, or a certification maintenance fee, which is $250.

Wrapping Up

CIPP/E, or the European Data Protection Law, is the best in data privacy. With over 40 years of history, understanding CIPP/E helps adapt to other regulations, as most data privacy laws have a common crux. It focuses on data privacy in tech solutions, highlighting methods for securing personal data and potential threats. Taking this course can be an opportunity for you to become CPO-ready.


Is CIPP worth it?

Yes, the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) certification is worth it for professionals looking to specialize in privacy laws, regulations, and frameworks. It’s recognized globally and can significantly improve privacy and data protection career opportunities.

What is the difference between CIPP and CIPM?

CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional) focuses on understanding privacy laws and regulations, whereas CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager) focuses on managing and implementing enterprise privacy programs. CIPP provides legal and compliance knowledge, whereas CIPM emphasizes the operational aspects of privacy.

Is the CIPP US exam hard?

The difficulty of the CIPP/US exam can vary depending on your background in privacy laws and regulations. It requires a solid understanding of U.S. privacy laws and practices, making it challenging for those new to the field but manageable with adequate preparation.

How many hours do you need to study for the CIPP US exam?

The International Association of Privacy Professionals recommends at least 30 hours of CIPP/US exam preparation. This standard guideline for their certification exams provides sufficient time to understand the material thoroughly.

What are the benefits of CIPP?

The benefits of earning a CIPP certification include enhanced knowledge of privacy regulations, improved job prospects in privacy and data protection, recognition as a privacy professional, and the ability to help organizations navigate complex privacy challenges. It’s a valuable credential for advancing in the privacy profession.

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